Should There Be a Stigma Around Watching Adult Movies


As we get older we begin to get fed up or simply are uninterested in the porn industry. People are nowadays quite busy, or more-so focused on finding love than on watching adult movies. However, what about younger generations? How do they feel when it comes to watching these types of movies or even discussing that with their friends or their partner? Is there a stigma when it comes to talking about porn movies? Keep on reading as we discuss it down below!

Top 5 key facts that you should know


1. Women secretly love porn

Did you know that the more choice women had over the pornography they watched, the more easily aroused they became? This allows women to get in tune and in touch with their emotional, sexual, as well as lust-driven sides. Women are also more likely to climax once they are aware of their body, as well as what turns them on & off. You’d think that they are in full control and that they can easily admit that adult movies are what they fancy? Unfortunately, that is not the case.

2. Women tend to feel guilt and disgust

Did you know that women who freely chose their own erotica also experience more disgust, guilt, and embarrassment in comparison to women who were given limited or no choice over their viewing material? This is because women are such emotional beings, it is way easier to get to them and their feelings and to pressure them into feeling negative about a choice that they’ve made. Also, we’ve accepted through time that porn is only for men, and that has made an issue and a burden down the line for society.


3. High standards

Actors act and directors direct. When watching porn, all of this can get pretty direct, masculine, or unrealistic. Women have set such high standards for themselves after watching a movie or a two when it came to their actual performance, which led to them feeling insecure, as well as negative or in the phase of denial on the topic of the porn industry. A lot of women have definitely thought about switching up a pose or two, but have felt embarrassed about explaining where they’ve seen that move. Also, most of them have felt even more so awkward and negative about re-watching something or giving it a second choice just because of fear of being judged.

4. What do the stats say

Just how many people view porn is hard to say. It is also impossible to understand everyone’s emotions & attachment for this genre. However, one study has shown that people ages 18 to 35 found that 98 percent of men and 73 percent of women engaged with internet porn within the previous six months. This also just shows you that guys feel a lot less guilt and that they love to indulge in such erotic experiences more frequently than women.


5. Your past experiences might cause guilt

Part of the problem with research on pornography is that many people are still reluctant to talk about it for fear of being judged. With different past experiences, you will get different results. Some studies have shown that higher use of sexually explicit material was associated with:

On the other hand, people tend to watch a lot more porn if they are not sexually active, using this as their stress-reliever restart move on a daily.

Top 3 reasons why you should watch porn

1. You get to know your true desires

Humans come with a wide variety of desires, as well as a wide range of sexual preferences. However, when you watch adult movies, you get to realize what awakens you and brings out that fire that’s within you. It will also make your communication with your partner a lot more personal + you will work on any insecurity, pose, or dilemma that you’ve been having. You will feel like you are finally in full control of your mind, body & sexual appetite, so why not give it a go?


2. Discover something fun & new

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one who doesn’t know what a certain sexual position or idea is? On the other side, have you ever thought that your certain fetish is a kinky one, and you felt bad about sharing it with anyone else? College is certainly a time of learning and exploration, which is why a lot of younger adults explore their sexuality during this period. Here is a list of reasons why you might want to watch adult movies:

  • Out of curiosity
  • In order to improve sexual skills and knowledge
  • To learn more about anatomy & body in general
  • To increase sexual enjoyment
  • For fun & giggles: even to commentate about something when watching it with your friends

There’s no shame no matter the reasoning behind it!

3. Validate your sexuality

Are you not too sure about your preference and sexuality? Did you know that pornography can be helpful for people who want to explore their sexuality or better understand their sexual identity? As we grow old our habits & preference changes, which is a common thing to happen to a lot of people. Something that you used to find hot or sensual might not be your current path, and there’s nothing shameful about it!


Where to have some shame-free and guilt-free fun?

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