Is Steam Cleaning the Best Way to Clean Carpets?


Cleaning carpet is not an easy task to do, especially when you don’t know its different cleaning methods. If you find the best way to cleanse your carpets, you have probably arrived at the right platform. In this article, we will be discussing steam cleaning and various other methods that you can opt for.

Many homeowners believe that shampooing is not the best way to clean the rugs, so the question arises: which way is the better choice to remove dirt and stains from those rugs? Well, let us break this for you. Steam cleaning is considered one of the best methods to remove debris and bacteria from the mats. It helps in the 90 per cent removal of the bacteria and the dirt particles from the rugs.



Steam cleaners are valuable for disinfecting hard and delicate surfaces. However, they’re an especially incredible way to clean rugs. With steam temperatures coming to up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and low pressing factors up to 150 psi, these cleaners are powerful at eliminating developed dirt, soil, stains, microorganisms that spread infections and various other diseases. Check out Carpet Cleaning Dublin clean4u if you are looking for such service providers to help you with this task.

During this process, steam fumes enter profoundly into floor mats and encompass their strands to help relax and extricate soil and shift old stains. Then, the vacuum part of the steam cleaner applies strain to lift away the dampness alongside the microorganisms and soil.



Most of the time, we have seen people mostly confused between two methods of cleansing the rugs: dry and steam cleaning. But we have always suggested people go for the steam one to get the best outcome. Below are given some of the reasons why you should opt for this method.

It without any doubts give superior outcomes:


Your floor rug resembles a monster channel. It helps trap dust particles, residue, allergens and microorganisms and further develops indoor air quality by preventing these particles from spreading any airborne diseases. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners are only helpful in eliminating the upper layer of dirt from the floor. Therefore, if you want to eliminate bacteria, none other way is better than steam cleaning.

Heated water extraction infuses an impact of high temp water into the rug heap and afterwards separates it alongside all the soil and garbage. This strategy for cleaning utilizes both warmth and pull to wash and eliminate dirt. It is similar to soaking your garments or hair and gives a vastly improved outcome than the other methods.

Most floor covering producers suggest high temp water extraction over cleaning, and truth be told, a few guarantees demand it.

The carpet does not take much time to dry after using this method:


Even though this is a wet method, an insignificant measure of fluid remains in the different portions of the rug. The unique extraction of the machine sucks the more significant part of the arrangement and leaves the covering somewhat sodden. With other wet treatments, the drying can require a day or even a couple of days.

In any case, after heated water extraction, the drying is restricted to a couple of hours, contingent upon the kind of the carpet, the dampness, and the temperature. A climate control system can diminish the drying time in chilly seasons, or you can leave the windows open in warm months so the room can circulate air.

It protects the rugs:

There is an explanation the majority of the rug producers suggest Hot water extraction as the best strategy for eliminating debris from the rugs. Indeed, even carpets of the best quality get destroyed quickly if grating particles and residue are set profoundly into the filaments. Not at all like most cleaning techniques, this method treats the surface as well as developed soil.

Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that this method doesn’t fit certain kinds of floor coverings. Traditional carpets, just as those produced using all-regular filaments like silk and fleece, can contract because of the significant temperature.

It does not contain chemicals:

We generally expect to utilize methods that are harmless to the ecosystem. When we do our last flush after steam cleaning, we add corrosive vinegar to the wash water. This caustic wash eliminates all hints of substance buildup. Do this to stop quick re ruining and eliminate the cleaning cleanser from the rug to guarantee nothing remains behind.




Encapsulation cleaning strategy has surpassed cover shampooing innovation as the previous uses less water during cleaning, which results in more limited drying time contrasted with the rug shampooing. This method has gotten approval by the people who promoted utilizing agreeable natural items because there is less compound buildup abandoned in the wake of cleaning contrasted with rug shampooing.

Bonnet cleaning:

This process primarily includes cleaning the top piece of the rug fibre utilizing a hardcore mechanized machine with a turning cushion drenched with some solution for assimilating soil from the rug surface.

Bonneting is well known in lodgings. It can give a handy solution to clean rugs in substantial rush hour gridlock public regions that expect floor covering to be washed absent a lot of dampness and can dry rapidly to forestall, making trouble for visitors.



Removing debris and bacteria from the carpets is not an easy task to do. Sometimes you may even require some professional help to do this, but if you want to do it yourself, then it would be better to understand the various methods and pick the one suitable for your requirements.

Steam cleaners help eliminate the dirt particles and microorganisms from the depth, which is why many manufacturers consider it one of the best ways to eliminate unwanted residues from the rugs.