5 Reasons Why Static Code Analysis Is Important for Your Business

Modern technologies come in all sorts of ways, shapes, and forms. Its implementation depends on the kind of work you do and the kind of business you run. In terms of analysis, a fan-favorite new trend revolves around static code analysis. If you are wondering how you can improve your operation and become more successful, you will want this system implemented. And if you know nothing about it do not worry. We are here to help.

In case you were wondering what static code analysis even is as well as why you would want to have is as a part of your business, make sure to read through the rest of this article carefully. You will have the pleasure of learning all there is about this new form of analysis and learn how it can help you. If you want to learn additional information on the topic, we advise you also check out codescan.io.

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What is it?

In the world of information and technology, the term static code analysis refers to the method of debugging through source code examination before the program is actually run. There is a whole set of code to be analyzed against strict coding rules and guidelines. Static code analysis and static analysis are usually used at the same time together with source code analysis to maximize the efficiency and precision of the whole process.

This approach is used to correct the potential errors and weaknesses in the source doe that could cause the software at hand to be vulnerable or faulty. While older methods like manual code reviewing is still used today, automated tools such as static code analysis are much more efficient and make more sense in a world dominate by new tech trends.

When it comes to exact scenarios in which it is used, those would be specific phases of development for specific purposes, depending on the project. In most cases however, it is performed in the earliest of development stages well before the software can or should be tested. Static code analysis therefore takes place during the phase known to programmers and developers as the “create” phase.

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Benefits and Reasons to Use It

Since you now know more about it and that it can be of help, let us determine in which ways exactly can it be a positive for your business.

1. More Speed

Manually checking and reviewing long strings of code both to find the existing mistake or fault and to check if there are some in the first place is very time consuming. It can take hours and even then the people in charge may miss something. With static code analysis and its analyzers, the process is automated and therefore very fast. Your code will be checked early on and multiple times and you will get the pinpointed location of every single thing that needs revision. Like with other things, finding problems earlier will result in less time and resources spent on fixing them.

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2. Accuracy

Humans are prone to making errors after spending hours doing intellectual and physical work. When the time comes to check for mistakes the lack of focus and the tiredness kick in, resulting in a failed effort to pinpoint things worth revising and correcting. This is always the problem with manual reviews and analysis. When these processes are automated, everything is scanned and there is no line of code left unchecked. If there is a problem to be found, the static analysis process will find it and present it to you clearly. Quality is always the most critical part of programming so making sure it has been written correctly is prevalent to your business’s success. To know more about this topic check this website.

3. Depth

When testing finally comes, you should know that not every path and level of the code can be tested. By this phase there will have already been numerous things that could have gone wrong. With the introduction of a quality static code analyzer, you will ensure that all is ready and correct and that the testing phase can commence. The code will be constantly checked on all levels as you work and build it further, so by the time the initial tests roll in all will be ready. There can be no problems waiting for you then and there since the analysis made sure of it way before.

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4. Help with Security

If you think about it, the worst problem that could happen to your code is a security breach, or the lack of proper protection against attacks. Getting the source code means getting control of the app, the server, the platform, or whatever else you are dealing with. To increase the security, or rather, to make sure you can react the right way when there is a potential way of it being breached, you should seriously consider investing in a static code analysis for your business. This approach will help you in the long term by introducing an additional layer of security to protect you against the coders’ potential mistakes as well as warn you about liabilities and shortcomings of the whole code.

5. Change will always Happen

With something that changes and advances so much as technology, it is very hard for us humans to keep up, constantly learn, and adapt. Therefore, to eliminate the need to be in front and always try to change and modernize how you do things, you can opt to introduce a system that will analyze and track everything for you no matter the new introductions and additions to the market. As they say, change is the only constant, and despite it being a paradox it is more than true in the world of information technologies and programming.

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The tools and approaches are updated on a regular bases so to eliminate the need to learn new and better ways, let the analyzer do it for you and update on its own when it needs to. Youi will have far more time on your hands for other things where the human touch beats technology and automation, like coming up with new ideas and caring to your customers and partners.