Staffing Agencies: All You Need To Know


The job market is flooded with skilled personnel looking to secure a better job. But, on the other hand, the jobs in the market aren’t as easy to bag. Especially nowadays a more common option that many employers use is to hire Staffing Agencies to find them the best candidate. This saves plenty of time and makes the hiring process swift and easy. So if you are a business looking into hiring staffing agencies, then read on to know what they are and how they work.


What are staffing agencies?

A staffing agency is known by many names, like recruitment agencies, recruitment centers, and the like, but they all mean the same thing. Recruitment agencies like Brunel are simply organizations that hire you for an organization you contact to get a job. They are a mediator for both employers and job seekers to ensure an efficient process on both ends. It’s a great way to hire the most talented individuals and not spend hours filtering through CVs.

Why are staffing agencies significant in today’s time?

Staffing agencies are a great one-stop solution for job offerers and seekers; it is a common platform that saves the hassle from both ends. It makes the hiring process more efficient; it also saves time and money for both parties. Many staffing agencies work round the clock to offer their services to both businesses and candidates. The introduction of such a third-party platform has greatly reduced the workloads of businesses.


How do staffing agencies work?

Staffing agencies work in a very organized manner to ensure that their work is of top-notch quality. They take multiple steps and provide the best candidate for their business partners. Let’s look at the simple plan of a recruitment agency to recruit the perfect candidate for a company.


The first step in the road map of hiring a candidate is a collaboration between the staffing agency and the enterprise. Many enterprises all around the world take part and collaborate with many well known staffing agencies to lower the hiring workload. They inform the staffing agencies about the position they want to fill and the candidate they are looking for.

All details are provided to the staffing agency to find the perfect fit. Many companies also decide on the mode of payment for the agency per post. Some companies have long-term contracts, and payments are made annually too.


Advertisement release

After the enterprise has informed the staffing agencies of the job they are offering, the staffing agency gets to work. At this point, the staffing agency comes up with a job description, and an advertisement is released through its vast network that reaches far more candidates than the company would have reached on its own. The job description contains the post, the required duties of the candidate, qualification experience, and the like. It also contains the average pay scale for the post and the process of applying.

Filtering and sorting

The next step for the staffing agencies includes reviewing the applications. This step involves a lot of rigorous hours of sorting for the most eligible candidates. But, first, the candidates are distributed into three piles, the ones that are completely ineligible for the post since they do not meet the requirements.

Secondly, the candidates who meet the criteria and lastly the candidates who have additional experience and qualifications are placed in the preferred pile. This makes conducting interviews easier for them. Staffing agencies distribute the applicants on other bases too, but this method is the most common.



The next step, after the candidates are filtered, is to call them for interviews. Some firms only want the staffing agency to sort out the candidate, and the original company conducts the interviews. However, most companies leave the interviewing for the staffing agencies too.

Staffing agencies contact the most preferred candidates according to the company’s requirements and interview them. They are given scores by professionals who conduct these interviews as representatives of their partner company after which the final list of candidates is prepared to be sent to the company.


This step is simply the forwarding of that list to the company that made the collaboration. Afterward, the company can either hold a final interview or go along with the chosen candidates of the staffing agencies. This saves the hassle of releasing an advertisement, filtering, and interviewing candidates, and they get to see quicker results.



Another task of staffing agencies is to document the whole procedure on behalf of the company. All the legal work, including the documents, pays, appointment letters, duration, terms, and conditions, will be written by the staffing agencies. These documents are then forwarded to both parties, and the process is complete. A staffing company is dealing with a plethora of such processes simultaneously to ensure hundreds of job releases and hiring every month all around the globe.

How much do staffing agencies cost you?

Staffing agencies take a commission from both parties; the rates differ depending on the state, the post, and the partnering company. As a rule of thumb, staffing agencies ask the candidates to pay some portion or all of their first pay as their charges; they may also have a fixed rate that will be made clear to you upon applying for the post.

Companies can also expect to pay the job description’s estimated salary or wages to the company for the hiring process. So it isn’t a bad bargain to ensure that the perfect candidate meets the perfect company in a short period while saving the hassle for both.


Final thoughts

Recruitment agencies or staffing agencies are enterprises that are simply the matchmakers of the employment sector. They help companies find the perfect candidates according to the role they want. They also make the process of hiring and applying easy for both parties, it may seem like they cost a bit, but in the long run, it’s a very cost-efficient option to find a job through them or find the perfect candidate for your enterprise.