7 Most Popular Sporting Events You Can Bet On

You can bet on sports almost every day, because there is always some match that is attractive to the bettors, and they decide to test their luck and put some money on it. Also, some bettors prefer to play on huge sports events, like tournaments, or leagues, because they are more important, and bigger teams are trying to win, and become champions.

No matter where you are based in the world, you can bet on almost every sports game, even when it’s held on the other side of the globe. The betting places and bookmakers will always provide all the needed information about the game, the quotes, and the odds, so you can choose the best one tip for you, and create a winning ticket. Also, people enjoy this activity because they can gather with the family or with a few friends, to watch the match on TV or online, and hope for the best outcome – getting all the tips correctly.

Many bettors avoid betting on popular sports events because they believe it’s a bit of bad luck for experienced gamblers to have a large number of people doing the same. On the other side are those who think that the hype brings a lot of luck, and they enjoy betting on popular sports events, no matter if they visit the best places or use websites like betsonhand.com/hu to place their tips.

So, if you are interested to find out what are those events, we recommend you to stay tuned because our list is coming soon:

1. The FIFA World Cup for the clubs

Source: Marketplace.org

Everyone was disappointed when the 2024 FIFA World Cup was postponed for later, due to the COVID-19 situation this year. It was scheduled for this summer, then postponed to December 2024, but as the situation goes by, no one is really sure if it will be held in February 2024, as it’s planned. Anyway, you can bet on your favorite club, and hope to win some prize.

2. 2024 FIFA World Cup for national teams

Source: The SportsRush

The FIFA World Cup is all about the representations and national teams, and it will be held in Qatar in 2024. Since it is very hot, FIFA decided to organize the event in November and December 2024. People enjoyed betting on their national team, or the team they dislike, or highly like (depending on personal strategies and invented systems), and the World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in sports history. People in the USA prefer many other tournaments instead of the World Club Cup or World Cup, and we will soon see what they want instead.

3. NFL Super Bowl

Source: Bleeding Green Nation

This is the event Americans love the most. Millions of people are watching it, and the interested audience is growing every year. According to some sources, and American Gaming Association too, people spend an average amount of $7 billion to bet on the NFL’s final game. They bet on everything, including who will start the game, who will lead at halftime, who will win in the end, who will sing the national anthem, who will have a performance at halftime, and many other tips.

4. NBA Finals

Source: Sports Illustrated

When we talk about betting, most of us think it’s about football (or soccer), but the truth is many people enjoy betting on basketball, especially NBA games, qualifications, and finals. As you can imagine, the finals are more interesting, and no one can ever estimate how much money Americans are spending on NBA bets. Also, people around the world have this option, and we can say that the number is really big, knowing that there are more than 20 million active watchers every year.

5. UEFA European Championship

Source: Deutsche Welle

This is a popular event for the people in Europe, but surely it has fans all around the world. Europe’s national teams are first playing qualification matches, and they then play the official championship. The last one was hosted by France in 2016. The official UEFA Euro 2024 event was also postponed, because of the pandemic, and it’s expected that it will be held next year while keeping the same title. There will be two debuts in the summer of 2024, Finland, and North Macedonia, and the bettors and bookmakers are expecting many bets on them because they are interesting national teams to follow.

6. NCAA Basketball tournament

Source: NBC News

This tournament is also mostly dedicated to USA citizens, but that doesn’t mean that bettors around the world won’t test their luck on this event. Only last year people in the USA spent approximately $8.5 billion on tips and bets. That’s a huge money turnaround, and sometimes the people who will have the right tip at halftime put their money on the final result, and win again. It’s a great way to make money on betting because the game is dynamic, but this is only for the experienced bettors who know how to predict the patterns of the game.

7. Premier League

Source: Premium Times Nigeria

This is a whole-year championship and the highest play in the English football league. The premium English clubs are playing at weekends, and since their teams are well-known all around the world, it’s understandable that people who love gambling will put their bets on teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and so on.

When we talk about big events, we need to mention the Olympics, different types of qualifications for tournaments and championships, local matches, lower leagues, and so on. Guessing the right result is never easy, even for the most experienced gamblers. Also, it’s not impossible, since all of the events we mentioned above may last really long, and if you watch the games passionately, you will be able to recognize the pattern and try to guess who will win next time.

As with every gambling activity, sports betting is addictive too, so you must be careful and dose your betting activity properly, in order to avoid losing huge amounts of money. And, once again, we wish you luck with this.