What Is The Difference Between Spoon Bread And Cornbread

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Spoonbread and cornbread are an integral part of our tables. They take us back to our childhood and are some of our favorite dishes. We all love when the house smells like this dough – and the question is, what is the difference between spoon bread and cornbread?

Dishes That Have A Long History And That We Love Even Today

In the past, we knew exactly what we would eat – depending on the day of the week or the season. Before World War II, the big, thick CookBook, full of old recipes, was like a Bible for housewives. It was given to girls who were preparing to marry – and it was kept for daughters as part of the inheritance. In almost all houses, the menu was similar.

There were no refrigerators and freezers, and not so many choices. Many dishes from the past are still present on our tables today, but according to some new and modified recipes. However, some delicious recipes that were once a favorite, are now almost forgotten.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not have contemporary kitchen appliances – nor products for making various meals. For example, in the period when the first pancakes were made (which are today one of the favorites) – our ancestors used only milk, flour, and eggs, without any additional things. Therefore, the former pancakes were kind of a mixture of today’s omelet and pancakes.

Below we will introduce you to two traditional dishes that are still popular today – but we often mix them and take them for the same thing. These are spoonbread and cornbread.

Cornbread: Southern Food We All Love

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When we say Cornbread, we have to admit that we can already smell it. The very name of this bread entices us to take one crunchy piece that just melts in our mouth. This bread with a crispy crust, golden-yellow color, buttery soft texture, and rich taste- is considered a side dish that can be served with various types of meals.

However, some people can eat it alone, because its taste is exceptional and rich. It is considered a Southern specialty that dates back to indigenous Indian tribes – such as the Iroquois, who are believed to have made one of the first versions of this bread. However, it is interesting that cornbread under other names can be found in other international cuisines – sometimes it just has a different name. However, the principles of making are more or less the same – and only small details can differ.

What Exactly Is Cornbread And How Is It Made?

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Cornbread is, as its name says – a bread made from cornmeal. Cornmeal is obtained by grinding dried corn – which is considered an extremely nutritious and healthy food in the diet. What cornbread is actually known for, is the fact that you don’t have to put yeast in it – and you will still get a dough that rises quickly and is very tasty in the end.

According to spoonbreadbistro, although cornbread is a traditional dish, you can find it in many bistros and restaurants – because it is considered one of the favorite meals in many cultures. In its simplest version, we make it by using cornflour, eggs, oil, and baking powder. However, today, many people add other ingredients to the cornbread during the preparation – such as, for example, honey, sugar, etc.

Since we also add baking powder, this bread grows quickly, even though we don’t add yeast into it. It is extremely tasty, with a crispy crust -and yet, soft in the middle. It can be served as an appetizer – but also with the main dish, most often with a stew, ragu, etc.

What Is Spoon Bread And Why Do We Often Mix It With Cornbread?

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Spoonbread, as its name suggests, is a variant that can be eaten with a spoon. Although essentially the same ingredients are used as with the cornbread (corn flour, eggs, butter, and milk) – its final texture is not crispy, but on the contrary, more like pudding.

Logically, you can eat such a meal only with a spoon – so that justifies its name spoon bread. Although spoon bread is essentially considered a legacy of the American Indians – some believe that it is the heir to the famous English Yorkshire pudding.

Of course, the soft texture and the way we consume it are similar. However, we can say that each of these dishes has its characteristics. Of course, spoon bread is very often eaten, even today – although with some modifications in the basic recipe. Today’s upgraded versions of spoon bread sometimes involve the use of polenta or Grits. Of course, in this case, just like with cornbread, we use baking powder to make the dough rise.

Cornbread And Spoon Bread: The Difference

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So, the basic difference between cornbread and spoon bread is their consistency. For those who are fans of something more like bread or even a cake – the right choice will be cornbread. On the other hand, for those who prefer a soft texture that simply melts in your mouth – the choice will fall on spoon bread.

The fact is that whatever option you choose, you can’t go wrong. This simple dish is so delicious and so quick to make – no wonder it is a favorite in many homes. Contemporary housewives, women who work and do not have too much time to waste in the kitchen, say that this dish is an almost perfect solution. Everyone loves it, and you don’t need too much time to make it – and there are no complicated preparations.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that it is best to try both of them. We are sure you will like it, but maybe in the choice between cornbread and spoon bread, you will find your favorite. What is perhaps most important in this entire story is that in addition to the exceptional taste, this dish is also very healthy.

Rich in cereals and fiber, it will be a real boon for your body – with a rich and irresistible smell and taste.