Spice Your Home Decor With Proper Tiles

Tiles are excellent home décor components that can turn a messy home into a royal adobe. Tiles add extra spice to the modern home decoration. It does not only enhance the appearance of your home, but it also provides some unique advantages we rarely notice. Tiles now are not an element of luxury. It is an essential item like a regular product. They are cheap and easy to maintain and clean. Even they help to keep room temperature and brightness in balance. In today’s post, we will share how tiles can spice your home décor if applied correctly. Let’s go ahead.

What should you notice before buying tiles?

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This is the first step you have to consider before buying tiles for home décor. Tiles should suit your home design and lifestyle. Before you purchase, check out the brochure of the tile provider and imagine how it will look on the wall and floor.


Size matters for tile selection. It can change the entire atmosphere of the room. Since tiles are available in different sizes and shapes, choose them based on the usage and purpose. For small areas like kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, choose small size tiles. When it goes to bigger areas like the bedroom and dining, use larger tiles.

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Using floor tiles on the wall will make it look solid. But, applying wall tiles on the floor may not be a smart idea. Tiles have variations and particular usage. Floor tiles usually are harder and more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, wall tiles are glossy and have some visual shades that make the room look bigger. Note this point if you want to avoid the wrong tiles for your home.


Forget every other thing when you are looking for tiles. Some users are only fond of color rather than quality. Color is extremely crucial since it can entirely change your home appearance. What do you prefer? Do you need a relaxing color, or prefer a moody atmosphere? Pick the color wisely. Your money will be wasted unless you place the right color tiles on your wall and floor.

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Texture and pattern

Wrapping walls and floors with tiles is a long time investment. You need to be conscious of the further tile issues. This is why we pick the right texture and pattern based on your requirement. Though you like natural terracotta tiles, glazed tiles will make cleaning easier.


Does your room get sufficient natural light? One of the common reasons to buy tiles is to make the living room brighter and cleaner. If your room remains dark even in the day time, use high reflecting tiles to make it colourful. If you get sufficient natural light, you can consider darker tiles.

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Using the right tile in common places

Though you can place tiles anywhere in your home, most people tend to use tiles in some familiar places. We are discussing some ideas for that accordingly.


The bedroom is the place we should consider comfort and cleanliness. Though many people ignore using tiles in the bedroom, they can bring you several benefits. Tiles are a durable element for home decoration that will serve you for years. It feels good under feet and helps to control room temperature. Using high quality and elegantly designed tiles also represents your sense of style. This can be confusing for users to distinguish between ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. Theoretically, all tiles are made of clay. But, each of them has a different manufacturing process and usage.

If you need the highest defense against crack and scratch, porcelain is the best option. Ceramic made tiles are very common, which works well for color and wear resistance. Hobbyist users can pick stolen tiles, which come with natural beauty, temperature control, and easy cleaning facilities. If your bedroom lacks sufficient natural light, using white, cream and sand-colored tiles will make it brighter. Each type of tile is a great option for bedroom flooring that will provide you with an elegant contact.

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Tiles are a must home décor component while we talk about the kitchen. Since the kitchen tends to become dirty easily, you have to choose tiles for that wisely. You can make your kitchen look astonishing using different types of tiles. You need to note that tiles for the kitchen wall and floor should be different. The kitchen wall can be decorated with glossy tiles. On the other hand, the kitchen floor must be wrapped with tiles, and you can walk safely. Cooking is a hassle for many people. If you choose kitchen tiles smartly, it can provide you with pleasure and comfort too. The best material for kitchen tiles can be stone, cork, ceramic, porcelain, and glass. Vinyl and bamboo tiles are a good option for kitchen flooring. In opposite, glass tiles will make your kitchen wall look good. Tiles in the kitchen need to be cleaned a few often. You should always go for scratch-resistant tiles for this reason.

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Buying bathroom tiles need extra precaution. You have to consider good appearance as well as safety because it gets slippery very fast. Additionally, bathroom tiles must be waterproof and easy to clean. Natural stone and terracotta are a good option for wrapping your bathroom floor. But they have advantages and disadvantages. Natural stones often get slippery. On the other hand, terracotta tiles tend to absorb moisture. Glass, mosaic, and cement tiles are also widely used as bathroom flooring. Whatever you use, always consider safety first rather than appearance. You can talk to someone experienced who can assist you in choosing the best bathroom tiles.

In case of any confusion, you should discuss with a professional who can suggest the best design and material of tiles for your home. Since it is a long time purchase, take your time to consider home design, preference, budget, and longevity. You can either buy readymade tiles from any store or check custom printed tiles from www.uniquetiles.uk. Printed tiles are excellent for personalized home decoration that will make your residence unique.