5 Tips and Tricks on How to Speed Up Your Woocommerce Website

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There are close to 4 million WooCommerce websites and almost 100 thousand of them are considered to be some of the top websites all over the world. As you can see the competition is enormous and you need to make sure that you offer the best you can to your customers. If your site is not on the top-level then people are just going to open the next best site and they are going to put their money there. It all starts with the speed of your platform, and if you’ve noticed that it is getting slower, then you should use this article. Here, we are going to list some tips and tricks on how to speed up your WooCommerce website.

1. Get rid of plugins that you don’t need

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When we create a new WooCommerce platform, we want to have it all. The market is filled with amazing plugins and they are helpful and can help you boost your sales. Nevertheless, not all plugins are going to be useful for you, and even though you may enjoy them at the beginning, after a while you will start using just a handful of them.

Keep in mind that even if these plugins are free, and even if you don’t spend any money on them, ultimately, they take a lot of space on your site. They are making it slower and they are making it more difficult for users to find what they need.

Make a list of all the tools that you actually use, and remove the rest. In case you don’t know which ones are active, and in case you don’t know which ones you can delete, you can just talk to your provider and ask them to remove plugins that are not crucial and that have not been used.

2. Get a better theme

One thing that we think does not affect the speed is the theme. We believe that the theme we choose has nothing to do with the performance and that no matter what we opt for, the speed is not going to be affected.

This is completely wrong, and you should know that there are some themes that are made for WooCommerce sites, while others are just going to make things worse for you. Check to see if the theme you have chosen is compatible with a WooCommerce site, and limit your options.

When you check the selection, you will see that originally, there are almost a million themes you can go with, but when you limit your search to only what your platform is about, you will make the selection shorter and far more adequate.

3. Use the right toolkit

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As you already know, there are a lot of different tools that you can use to speed up the site that you have, and you need to start utilizing them. Keep in mind that the market is filled with different apps that can help you out with this, but not everything is going to help you in the long run. Some platforms may do good at the beginning, but then they can make things even worse.

When you use the right Booster, you will be able to avoid the dozes of plugins that you already have, you will minimize your expenses, and you will get all that you need in one place. You won’t have to go through plugins manually, and you will have access to everything from the same place.

4. Do you need all the extensions?

Similar to plugins, you don’t need all the extensions that you added initially. When we look for extensions, we don’t usually stay with just the original platform, for example, WordPress, and we roam the internet to find something better and more interesting.

Once again, in the beginning, this all works perfectly, and those extensions and additions you add are going to be good for you, but after a while, they will start lagging and they are going to create issues for your platform.

Get rid of most of them and keep in mind that unless something is helping you make profits, you don’t need it. No matter the tool you’ve chosen, it has to have a real purpose on your site.

5. Update it

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Finally, you need to update things. Some of the biggest issues arise when your theme, platform, and plugins are not updated. As you already know, there are fixes for everything because no extension, theme, or plugin is perfect, and there are developers who work on making them better.

If you want to get those improvements, then you need to stay on top of notifications. If you see that there is a new system update; if there are notifications about your apps and widgets, and if you can see that some of them are no longer in the store, you need to do something about it.

Most of these updates don’t require a professional to install them, and you can do it all on your own, just keep in mind that you have to always have backup when doing any changes on the backend.

Go through everything that you have installed on the platform, see what’s out of date and see if there are any new versions that you need to get. When things are running at their full capacity, your site is also going to run more smoothly and it is going to be faster.

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You should also block bots, optimize the images that you have, choose the right hosting provider, and collaborate with professional services that know how to make your site work faster. All these things will not cost you a lot, and some of them are even free. Even if you have to pay for better services, that is a much smarter option than leaving your site be, and ending up with customers that are not happy, and that is going to go somewhere else to do their business. One small change is going to make a huge difference, so make sure you check the speed of your site, and if you notice any issues, react as soon as possible.