6 Best Time Tracking Software for Construction Industry

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Construction contractors have various responsibilities to handle in and out of the jobsite, and managing both field labor and construction logistics can be a real hassle. Fortunately, we’ve made significant advances in the tools we have available to monitor employee hours and map team performance to ensure smooth project progress.

New advances in technology and automation have led to the development of software solutions that allow for time tracking. This method of time management allows for structured, detailed monitoring of the time spent on tasks by each individual worker, and its an indispensable tool for contractors and labor managers. Time tracking solutions greatly help improve staff scheduling and allow managers to record billable hours based on future projects.

Let’s dive deep into some of the best construction labor solutions to make the job of construction contractors easier, with SmartBarrel coming in at #1.

1. SmartBarrel

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The SmartBarrel device enables contractors to acquire accurate and real-time field information. This advanced solution comes with a biometric timekeeping feature, with facial verification to confirm a worker’s identity and track their check-in and check-out times.

The device is designed to efficiently manage construction projects and collect accurate data, streamlining the payroll process as part of its solution. It’s solar-powered, magnetic, weatherproof, and LTE-connected.

This top-notch construction labor solution makes it easy for users to track employee productivity. Assigning employee time as per the job’s cost codes is easy with the SmartBarrel device. You can easily install it on any job site, and it even allows automation of daily logs, with work summaries and headcount.

SmartBarrel’s dashboard allows contractors to access crucial information (including job activity, weather, safety incidents, labor hours, and reports) from a single platform. It provides unparalleled 24/7 customer support through phone and online chat.

The best part? The device easily integrates with other software solutions so that you can improve your construction operations two-fold.

2. TSheets/QuickBooks Time

TSheets, now known as QuickBooks Time, is used for labor estimates and project tracking. Detailed timesheets, accurate payroll, and workforce visibility are its main features. The software is compliant with DCAA and DOL standards.

It functions as an advanced construction site attendance and construction time tracking software that can provide a team’s clock-in and clock-out data. TSheets also allows you to preset permissions for employees and managers.

Additionally, this software facilitates users with Geofence and GPS time tracking. Its monthly paid packages range from $20 to $40 per user.

3. Zoho Projects

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This cloud-based construction project management software helps users track work, plan projects, and collaborate with teams. The tool integrates with other Zoho, Google, and Microsoft apps.

Zoho Projects allows contractors to create invoices, create real-time work reports, and record work hours. The software’s task management feature allows tasks to be managed efficiently by breaking down the projects into subtasks and milestones. Users can also create timesheet reports and charts for various jobs and issues related to a construction project.

Task automation, user administration, and team collaboration are other core features of Zoho Projects. Paid plans are priced at $5 to $10 monthly per user.

4. Time Analytics Software

Created for contractors, architects, and engineers, Time Analytics Software is cost and time tracking software for contractors and other professionals, which can be organized per project, client, or working task.

The software enables contractors to deliver projects within a given budget by keeping track of time utilization in various project-related tasks. Its advanced features allow users to control key performance indicators like non-billable and billable hours, work time utilization per project, time consumption structure for different work activities, client profitability, invoicing accuracy, and worker productivity rate.

Its paid plans range from $4.99 to $12.99 per user per month.

5. Hubstaff

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Hubstaff is a contractor time tracking software that runs on mobile devices. The software allows contractors to record a worker’s check-in and check-out time at the job site.

Once the software is downloaded on a device, it runs in the background. Though it’s fully featured time clock software, it might not be cost-effective for small construction contractors.

Its significant features include GPS location tracking, automatic time cards, payroll processing, worksite budgeting, geofencing, and sending client invoices. Monthly pricing starts at $7 per user.

6. ClockShark

ClockShark is a construction timesheet software that facilitates job management, scheduling, quoting, team communication, invoicing, and more.

This software works on Android and iOS devices, allowing contractors to track a worker’s check-in and out time. Users can also add photos and files directly to timesheets for various jobs.

ClockShark is also capable of tracking GPS locations, creating invoices, and scheduling payments. It can be integrated with Zapier, Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage.

The software’s monthly pricing starts from $3 per user to $12 per user.

Time tracking software as a better solution

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The traditional practice of manual time management has become increasingly inefficient as we continue to develop our technologies and practices. Manual time tracking is simply no longer an effective or feasible solution in the construction industry. With the onset of the pandemic, this has never been clearer, as social distancing measures and restrictions have created unprecedented challenges for foremen and managers looking to remain productive and meet their deadlines. Another #1 app for contractors Joist which provides estimate, invoice, collect payments, and manage projects from anywhere, at anytime.

Automated time tracking software offers a simple and effective solution to the problem, utilizing new, advanced technology to ultimately save time and money. Perhaps the single most significant advantage these tools have over manual tracking is the streamlining of tasks, as well as how they virtually eliminate any chance of errors or inconsistencies in data entry. This on its own is already a large enough benefit to make time tracking software worth the investment.

All of the above-listed time tracking solutions are designed to advance construction contractors’ working conditions and productivity. The right choice for you will depend on your business, industry climate, and individual needs for your workplace and situation. With so many unique features and tools offered across each platform, it makes sense to do some research into which product will suit your needs the most.