Which Software Developers Make the Most Entertaining Online Casino Games?

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The fundamental attraction of a casino game is that it offers a chance to win money while you are at home, or you are at some boring meeting, or even while traveling to work. Of course, the downside is that there is also a fair good chance that you lose money. The inherent risk is part of the draw and the reason that casinos are popular all over the world.

Online casino games were popular forever, and we all know that because most of us played at least one virtual gambling game on Facebook or other internet platforms that offer that type of service. So, it was expected that one day we will be able to simply download our personal casino on our phones, and gamble, without even having to leave the home.

However, there is an argument to be made that casino games can be entertaining in and of themselves. Take the element of money out of it, and some people still enjoy, for example, playing poker or blackjack. Many people claim they enjoy this activity without even minding the money. They invest some small amount and play lower bets, just to see how things would go. But, it resulted in huge interest and need for further development too.

And yet, with the evolution of online casinos, you can sense that certain software developers are starting to put entertainment first. Yes, the raison d’être of the casino games, i.e., winning and losing cash, still exists. In fact, it is infused with the idea of entertainment.
Many developers have chosen to go down this route, creating online casino games that almost feel like video games. We can speculate on the reasons, but surely the excess time during the pandemic and the high demand are among the main ones. While traditional casino games – blackjack, roulette, and so on – remain popular, there are changing trends.

Millennials, for instance, might be more attracted to opening loot boxes in video games or betting on esports than playing a round of poker. But, every generation has their preferences, and we all have a chance to enjoy the things we really like, without even paying attention to what the others are doing.

Technology has given developers free rein to be creative

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Another reason for making online casino games more entertaining is simply that they can. By that, we mean the gaming technology available means they can create more sophisticated and compelling games. The online casino industry is around 25 years old now, and it might surprise you to see how much some of the games have evolved.

But do we know who stays behind all these exceptional games? Which developers make games the most entertaining games? A number of names spring to mind, including NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play. All create fantastic titles, with a heavy emphasis on entertainment. Playtech, for example, has a license for DC Super Heroes games, which tie in with movies in the DC Comics Extended Universe.

Blueprint has become the last word in casino entertainment

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However, the name that stands out above all others is Blueprint Gaming, a company founded in 2011. Blueprint is a premium developer, creating some of the best games for top sites like MrGreen casino online. And, we would argue the games created in Blueprint’s UK studio are the most entertaining of all online casino games.

So, what does Blueprint do that’s so revolutionary? Essentially, it packs its games, particularly slots, with loads of bonuses and fun features that excite players like no other. We can break it all down with an example, Blueprint’s Goonies Never Say Die slot.

As you might expect, the game is based on the hugely popular 1980s movie, The Goonies. It is officially licensed to use material from that Richard Donner film, so lots of the action from the movie is spliced through the gameplay. For instance, Sloth can appear on screen with his signature call, “Hey You Guys”, or Chunk might do his “Truffle Shuffle” for another feature.

If you think about standard spin and win slots, the Goonies are a world away from that. There are six main bonuses, including the top game that, like the film, aims to uncover One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure. There are also special features in the main game, all helped by characters from the film.

But Goonies, like some other Blueprint games, goes even further. There is a mystique about elements of the game. If you check on YouTube or Twitch, you will see casino fans talking about a “Red Key”. It’s an elusive bonus feature that can suddenly appear, albeit rarely, to unlock even greater rewards and new features.

Goonies is not the only game from Blueprint that packs in loads of features for entertainment. A quick rundown of some of the studio’s popular games includes Ted, Count Duckula, Top Cat, and Rick & Morty. You’ll notice that they are based on fun tv shows and movies, and Blueprint incorporates that into its games. For example, Rick & Morty is just as madcap as you would expect from a game featuring the cult cartoon characters.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that these games do pack a punch when it comes to prizes. You can win 1000s of times your stake on any of the games listed above. And, of course, you might lose a packet too. But even if you were playing in demo mode, which some casinos offer, look for the Blueprint tag if you want some entertainment on-screen.

The current pandemic as an ongoing inspiration

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Let’s be real. If there wasn’t this pandemic we still face, a lot of people wouldn’t even take the chance to gamble from their homes. But, as the demand was growing, the developers and their companies took that chance, and they are developing new features and updates every day. The situation with the coronavirus is frightening, but a lot of people decided to look for the light in the darkness, and use the chance to make something good of it. A lot of industry sectors collapsed under the pandemic, but the gambling industry didn’t. We can even say they grew even bigger, and it’s not just about the casinos – the whole gaming industry lives the best time ever. They incorporate cryptocurrencies in the games, which is another trend we need to pay attention to since the crypto market was also highly influenced by the crisis the virus caused, but it’s still very strong and doesn’t give up.

It’s unfortunate that plenty of people suffered during this pandemic, they lost their jobs, their earnings were cut, and sadly, a lot of families lost at least one family member. It’s pretty bizarre to live in a time when all this suffering can bring some benefits if we know how to use the time we have.

Software developers had enough time to be creative and offer the best online casino games ever, inspiring a lot of people to join that trend, no matter if they want to become a part of it, or just prefer to play it occasionally, just to see how the things are going.