New Sofas Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

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The sofa takes a central place in the living room, so you need to pay attention when shopping for a new model. New sofa designs are released now and then, but that doesn’t mean you need to change your sofa every time some new trend pops up. That is why it is better to invest in timeless pieces of furniture that you can decorate with covers and pillows to keep up with the modern styles.

But this also doesn’t mean that you need to buy one sofa and keep it for a lifetime. When it comes to the right time for a change, you need to check the current trends so you can choose the most fashionable sofa that will make your living room look stylish. See what Furco offers to find the best pieces of furniture that suits your home. You can even choose unusual shapes and materials if that aligns with the taste and style of your home.

Why is the sofa the most important piece in your living room?

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Probably because it’s the most used thing in your home. You, your family members, your guests, and even your pets love the sofa. It’s also an anchor piece of furniture because, without it, every living room looks empty and incomplete. It is also the most comfortable spot in every home, it’s the largest part of the room and maybe the most expensive there.

We all love to sit on our comfortable sofa, take a nap, or cuddle with our partner. We can say it also has a sentimental value and that is why it’s always hard to replace it, and many people decide to fix the old sofa.

But, if you’re not sentimental for your old one and you really want to replace it, here are the recent trends we can see in sofas in 2024:

1. Corner sofa

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As the name speaks for itself, this type takes one corner of your room. They look like the letter “L”. It also can be referred to as a sectional sofa or sectional couch, because it’s formed from two or three sections. They are good when you have more guests. Corner sofas are ideal for big rooms, because they fill up space, without having to bring more chairs as an addition.

2. Small-space sofa

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These sofas are small, tiny, and save a lot of space in your living room. This is a great choice for smaller apartments and rooms. If you buy an oversized sofa for your tiny room, it may take the whole space, without leaving any spots for other furniture pieces.

3. Velvet sofa

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Velvet is the ultimate furniture textile that never gets old. When you choose the right color, your living room will be elegant and opulent. It’s a perfect cover for every model that comes to your mind. You can add some pillows and cushions for a more stylish touch. A lot of people prefer blue and green shades when they choose velvet sofas.

4. Sofa bed

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During the day you have a sofa, but at night it turns to a big double bed. People who live in smaller apartments also use their convertible sofa as a sleeping bed. Sometimes it’s great when your guests decide to stay overnight at yours. The next morning, you fold it back and you have your sitting couch again.

5. Curvy models

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Curvy models give a modern and retro look to your room, that resembles the 70s and 80s. You can also choose a vintage color, such as brown, mustard yellow, or olive green. But, if you want a retro design with a modern touch, choose some of the classic colors like black, gray, or dark blue.

6. Leather recliner sofa

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The recliner sofa is a practical piece of furniture that you can easily turn into a comfortable bed, by lowering the back and raising the front part. You can adjust the height or which side to be changed. It also extends a lot, and people find it very comfortable and relaxing. If you want to keep everything stylish, choose a leather recliner sofa for your remodeled living room.

7. Sofas with wooden frames

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Soft sofa with wooden frames is a very stylish piece, that also never gets old. The combination of wood and textile always look great with any model you can choose in the furniture store. You can choose between different types of wood, textile, and patterns, so you can find the best sofa for your living room for 2024.

8. A little extravaganza

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People who are brave to accept the extravagant interior style can choose unusual shapes and designs of sofa for their room. It can be shell-shaped, old-fashioned-looking, or even a piece that reminds of the Victorian era. It’s on you to choose the shape and color that will be a beautiful example of your not so ordinary way of living.

What are the trendiest colors for 2024?

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This year is all about modern classics and that includes the colors too. So, if you have a chance to order a custom sofa for you, and you don’t know what color to choose, we recommend pastel green and blue tones, different shades of gray, olive and sage green, and powdery pink. Also, you can never get wrong with black and camel tones. If you want vibrant colors, choose emerald green, purple, navy blue, red wine color, orange or mustard yellow.

The ultimate sofa trend for 2024

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If we need to choose what is the ultimate sofa trend for 2024 is absolutely the navy blue velvet sofa. It’s a great example of synergy between colors, texture, and patterns that fit great to every stylish home this year. So, if you want to add something new and refreshing to your living room, give a chance to this nice looking combination of modern color and soft texture.

When you want to redecorate at home, you need to see every possible aspect and decide what is your goal. That will help you choose the best furniture and give your rooms a timeless look, and enjoy in their warmth and comfortability for years.