Smart Showers vs Digital Showers: Which One Should You Get?


Taking a bath and showering are not the same, and even though taking a hot relaxing bath after a tough day at work is great, that’s reserved for specific situations when we have more time. All this means that picking the best shower is actually a much more important decision than some might think, and today, with digital and smart showers, we really have some amazing options.

Why choose any of them?

Since we live in times when technology is improving every day, we are used to doing some things in a much simpler way than our parents and grandparents needed to do. Good old showers were the perfect invention as we could use them and rinse the shampoo much easier than without them, but it could be a little challenging to set the perfect water temperature, especially when we do not use the shower that we are used to and prefer. Because of that, digital and smart ones are a much better choice, and if we decide to use any of them, we will have complete control over various things, and temperature is one of them, which can be pretty important. It means that regardless of where we go, we will set the temperature just like we are at home and not lose time trying to set the water flow, as it can also be done much simpler than on old mechanisms.

Even though some might believe that there isn’t that big of a difference between digital and smart ones, or entirely confuse these two, in reality, they differ a lot. Overall, both provide a unique showering experience, but in order to know how to pick the perfect one for you, you need to know the details, which is what we will further focus on, as we will try to make your decision much easier.

Smart showers


Most of us know what smartphones are and what we can do with these small devices, and when it comes to people who love to enjoy their bath time, smart showers can make it even more pleasant. They can do a lot of things, and we do not need to worry about the temperature of the water, its flow, or anything else, as everything can be set even by using our phones, thanks to the simple Wi-Fi connection. Smart homes are nothing new, and most people are already well aware of how they work, the benefits, and what’s needed in order to get an entirely smart home.


In this case, if more people use the same bathroom, we can adjust settings for each of them, keep our elders and kids much safer, and not worry that their water will be too cold or too hot. If we want to teach them how to use it on their own but are still afraid that they will be wrong and set too high a temperature, we can also limit it and set the maximum one.

Another great option is the voice control, which makes them even easier to use, and what’s even more important, regardless of how old someone is, they can easily learn how the entire system works. That is a huge benefit for people who are not good at using new technologies. They also offer us control over the water consumption, so we can always know how much we have spent and how much it will cost. Of course, these are some of the specifics, but it’s precisely those specifics and extras that make the biggest difference between smart and digital showers and also what separates them from everything else you can find currently on the market.

Voice control


Yes, this is yet another thing that separates these two types of showers, as with smart ones, we can adjust, modify, and set everything with just our voice. Of course, some will say that this is not essential, but just think about the last time it was raining, and you came back from work all wet and muddy. You surely thought it would be great if you could just put the dirty clothes away and get into the shower without having to set and adjust everything. That’s what separates smart appliances from the rest, as all the things one might need are easily accessible, and in this case, sometimes all you need to get a perfect shower is your voice.

Digital showers

For those more fond of traditional showers with a bit of modern tech, digital showers are the way to go, as they have all the features one might need. Overall, unlike smart ones, they provide complete control over the temperature, meaning that you can set a preferred temperature even for your kids and not have to worry about whether it will get too cold or hot due to some other factors. The temperature regulator will keep the water at the same temperature until you are done showering, as the entire system regularly checks (up to 15 times per second) the temperature and regulates it.

Besides regulating temperature, another great feature is the water flow, as, with digital showers, you will not have to worry about whether the water will stop, increase or decrease. Of course, we cannot forget about the design, as the entire system is separated into two parts, the electronic one (usually hidden) and the one with a touchscreen. As for the design, well, it varies but the fact that there are so many models and types to choose from surely grants that you will easily find the right one. Above all, digital showers are also much easier to install, which is yet another thing that makes them so popular today.


How to pick the best one?

It all starts by finding a reliable manufacturer or distributor who can guarantee that your new shower will work properly. Like with every new technology, many try to copy and sell it for a lower price, which might seem tempting, but no one can guarantee it will work. Finding a reliable manufacturer can be pretty time-consuming, so if you are in a hurry to improve your bathroom, visit gethai and choose the model which suits your needs the most.