11 Small Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself – 2024 DIY Guide

We are already close to the beginning of the summer and the holidays have also arrived for many. This is the perfect time to do some maintenance and repair activities at home since there is more time to do them and we can have the help of the whole family in these tasks.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some repairs and maintenance tasks JTS PM Company advises you can easily carry out in your home, without the need to invest a lot of money or buy expensive tools or hire a professional, which we are sure will make you enjoy even more of your home this summer.

For additional ways on how you can improve your home, Home Viable is a great resource with several DIY ideas you can try throughout your house! Come and meet these ideas that we have for you!

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Taking care of your home

It may happen that you are sitting on the sofa, look down at the floor and see a stain on the carpet. This should not alarm you. There are some more serious problems than others. But, each detail of these has a solution, there are certain tricks and instructions that you must follow. You should also have some basic tools to help you.

Remember that no home is perfect, but you don’t have to let these little accidents or problems permanently ruin the appearance of your home. They are projects that you must carry out yourself to improve your house and are part of the annual maintenance of your house.

1. Floor grouting

If you have a tile or ceramic floor inside your house, it is most likely to have a grout. They are the lines that separate each piece from the floor, which can sometimes be mistreated or dirty. You can easily repair this by buying a trimming machine from your trusted hardware store or flooring dealer, filling in any cracks that may appear in these joints.

2. Changing the color of the chairs

If you have wooden chairs and benches, rustic or with a simple finish, you can choose to buy special paint for this material and change the color of this furniture, for a more ad hoc tone to the time and that can give you a little more energy to the room.

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3. Check electrical installations and change bulbs

This is an excellent time to change bulbs in all the luminaires and lamps in the house, checking that none are burned out or out of order. If you do not have energy-saving light bulbs in any of the lamps, it is advisable to make the change. It is also a good time to check all the installations and electrical contacts, since the solution may be a simple change of fuses. Also, we must emphasize that you should not risk with electricity. It’s not a thing that allows mistakes. If you have any doubt, call an electrician, like Ongill, who will do the job quickly and safely.

4. Adjust and seal hydraulic installations

Another simple repair that can be carried out as maintenance is to adjust all the faucets and water taps. A pair of tweezers, Teflon tape and a little sealant, is what is required to avoid any leakage or stop the annoying dripping of a faucet or pipe either in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

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5. Change the pots

The pots deteriorate over time, presenting cracks or wear due to the use and watering of the plants themselves. Summer is ideal for changing pots, which you can buy in the market, giving a new face to the interior and exterior areas of your home with simple addition.

6. Recycle objects

Why get rid of that pair of old chairs that you have tucked up in the patio? Better paint them thoroughly and you can reuse them as a decoration object inside your house, giving a modern and chic touch to any room, without the need to throw them away. A very practical and sensational idea, don’t you think?

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7. Level coat racks and frames

Almost always the coat hooks, paintings and paintings that we have as ornaments and accessories at home, tend to get a little crooked over time, due to the use of them or they are poorly accommodated when shaking and cleaning them. This is easily solved by purchasing a level from the nearest hardware store, so you can straighten clothes racks and frames that are uneven, perhaps needing one more nail here and there.

8. Against the water

The summer time is also the rainy season in many parts of our country, so it is advisable to give a new waterproofing to the ceilings, something that can be done by yourself since there are products on the market that are easy to apply. And if you have wooden platforms or furniture of this material for outdoors, it is very advisable to give them maintenance with a sealant so that they resist the rains and continue to look wonderful.

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9. Oil doors

Tired of the creaking of the closet or bedroom doors? This is easily fixed with a little oil on the hinges and on the closing systems, which will stop the annoying sound when opening and closing the door, as well as making it much easier to swing them down.

10. Paint retouching

Another simple repair inside the home is to give a coat of paint to walls that show discoloration or peeling, to prevent them from deteriorating. It is always good to keep a sample or the code of the paint color used so that it can be the same when you need to do a touch-up or give a complete hand to one of the walls.

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11. Deep cleaning

A simple activity that is not really a repair within the home, but that is very important, is the cleaning of each of the spaces and rooms of our home, which allows us to enjoy a much more comfortable and comfortable environment. This can be easily accomplished with the help of all the inhabitants of the house, delegating tasks to each one and ending in a two by three.


There are some basic tools you will need and there are many others available. It will all depend on your level of experience and willingness to learn more about the topic of home repairs. There are many things at home that you can do yourself if you are looking for information and tutorials on the subject.