How To Obtain Six Sigma Green Belt


What does the Six Sigma Green Belt do?

Six Sigma Green Belts are trained to analyse and solve quality problems. In addition to their Green Belt training, these employees need at least some experience in the Six Sigma Green Belt knowledge base and at least three years of work experience.

To be certified, an employee must demonstrate that he or she knows how to use Six Sigma tools and processes. No need to run the project. This task is performed by the Black Belt or Chief Black Belt. Let’s know how to obtain a six-sigma green belt.

Why should professionals take the LSSGB certification?

Quality is an important and distinctive feature of products and services in today’s competitive industry. Creating a structure within the organization that promotes quality and eliminates mistakes brings the desired competitive advantage. Moreover, as a methodology that considers the organization as a whole system, Six Sigma can be successful in the long run. Many people have taken professional Six Sigma training because of the success of Six Sigma.


But how will this part of education benefit your career?

The benefits to your professional and business knowledge, in general, are enormous. Six Sigma Green Belt (part of the Six Sigma technique) serves to improve the quality of manufacturing organizations and process management. In addition, earning a Six Sigma Green Belt certification offers many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Added value for your employer
  • Present improvement projects during training
  • Professional development benefits
  • Improve business processes and support quality improvement
  • Increase your value across the industry
  • Management position change
  • The expectation of a higher salary
  • Increase your sales

How should the preparation begin?

To prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Expert (LSSGB) exam, follow the instructions. In addition, the following steps will help you prepare:

The exam syllabus is the most important aspect of any exam. So be sure to read the Six Sigma Green Belt exam syllabus. Plan your usual course of study to prepare for the exam, taking into account your free time and the time remaining until the exam.

Every area of ​​Six Sigma covered in the study guide should be studied in depth. Scenario-based logic questions are included in the Six Sigma exam. As you prepare for the exam, try to apply each topic to a real business problem. This will not only help you solve problems more effectively, but will also help you improve your knowledge.


Things to know about Green Belts:

There are many things green belts need to know in order to perform the functions expected of them as efficiently as possible. Best of all, the more experienced Green Belt professionals are always willing to share the extensive experience and knowledge they have gained while running their projects. Some of the lesser-known facts about the Six Sigma Green Belt that most newly certified candidates or professionals should know are:

  • Green belt training at Six Sigma is how professionals will regularly conduct business in the future.
  • Greenbelts can highlight and explain the importance and usefulness of formulas in day-to-day business operations.
  • For belts seeking promotion within a business organization, applying the power of Six Sigma and generating business profits could be the ticket.
  • The Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt are different. While Black Belts focus on cross-functional projects within the company, Green Belts strive to deliver the best in their own functional areas.
  • Specialists trained in this belt are only appointed to the company with the approval of the entire management team.
  • For each project assigned to this belt, the time allotted is 10 to 15 days, while the duration for black belts is longer.
  • The Six Sigma instructions and tools provided for Green Belts are limited compared to Black Belts
  • The green belt’s job is to define and explain Kano’s diagrammatic relationships with the company’s customers.
  • There is a lot of other valuable information shared by Green Belt professionals on the internet. Browsing the internet can be very informative.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professional Preparation Guide

Exam preparation is a real task. Consistency and determination are the two most important keys to unlocking your certification. But it’s also important to be prepared with the right resources and on the right track. We present our preparation guide to get important information about the exam. It will also highlight some expert resources to include in your preparation journey.

  • Step 1 – Start with the exam objectives

Now you have gone through all the details about the exam. It’s time to make sure you’re up to date on course overviews. The course overview is the most important part of the exam. Of course, since this forms the syllabus of the exam, all questions come from this particular domain list. Therefore, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the purpose of the exam. You should also align your study plan with these goals in order to pass the exam with honours.

  • Step 2 – Books are your best friend

Books are an important part of any exam preparation. They provide comprehensive information about audit concepts and help you to clarify them. So, books are definitely your best friend when preparing for exams. We recommend that you include the following books in your preparation.

  • Step 3 – Find your learning resources

Passing the certification exam will be difficult if the selected resources are not suitable. You have to be very careful when choosing resources because they really determine how well you pass the exam. Many resources can be used to prepare. This makes it difficult to make the right choice.

  • Step 4 – Self Assessment Practice

Finally, we come to the final step for the preparation guide. Also, this final step will give the candidate a precise idea of ​​the subjects he or she missed. So, make sure you take the practice test after you finish the whole syllabus. Most importantly, all practice tests are designed to engage with the real exam environment around you. Taking practice tests will help you discover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. They let you understand the areas you missed and work on them. Taking some practice tests will also boost your confidence. Now let’s self-assess your preparation with a practical test of six sigma certification online in India!