5 Ways to Simplify Your Digital Life – 2024 Guide

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Living in the digital era has its advantages and disadvantages. Logically, the number of benefits that the worldwide population got is bigger. The influence of technology is visible in all aspects of life. People now have the chance to easily connect with people around the world. Despite that, purchasing things from the comfort of your room is another benefit. 

Still, this doesn’t mean that everything associated with digital life is easy. More precisely, many people will tell you that the digital world is a time-consuming place. Indeed, there are many interesting things you can find out there. For instance, there are some perfect places where you can improve your knowledge. However, we spend too much time out there on things that do not improve our lives in any way. 

Fortunately for you, this article is the right place to discover ways to simplify your digital life. There are so many tricks, tips, and tools you should apply daily to make digital life more comfortable. Let’s find them out together! 

1. Disable All Notifications

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The first move that will be helpful is not tough at all. Every Internet user visits many websites daily. However, it happens often that we all to different websites to send push notifications. In this way, these sites want to inform their subscribers when new content is published. 

It is okay if you give this permission to websites or channels that you support the most. However, it can be quite annoying when you are active on a huge number of websites. In some cases, we might miss the most important ones because of that. Despite that, it can be a source of distraction when we are doing something important.

Well, accomplishing this task is not difficult at all. You just need to setup settings in the browser you are using. If you struggle to complete that, there are many tutorials on YouTube. They will give you clear explanations on how to disable all notifications. 

2. Use Video Cutter for Videos 

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Videos became unskippable part of our daily routine. However, watching videos on YouTube or Instagram is not a big problem. On the other hand, working with them can be quite complex. There is always something that we would like to improve or cut. Fortunately for you, there are many programs like Joyoshare Video Cutter that can make your digital life easier. This video splitter allows people to trim audio and video files. More precisely, the program supports different file formats like MP4, MP3, WMA, M4R, etc. 

In short terms, there are some main functions you should know about. It allows users to cut audios and videos in lossless quality at 60X fast speed. Despite that, the program contains a built-in editor as well. Thanks to this feature, you can watermark, subtitle, apply effects, and crop videos. 

Joyoshare Video Cutter and similar programs can be good for two purposes. Indeed, some businesses want to promote themselves through video ads on social media. They are the most eye-catching method of promotion. Despite that, many people are now recording videos on Instagram and Tik Tok. They can also use them to edit the videos they publish on these two social media. 

3. Use Different Data Recovery Files 

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Spending too much time in the digital world means that you need to work with a big number of files. Some of them are important to use because of some private reasons. However, in some cases, these files contain data important to our business. Working with a huge number of them means that we need to be responsible. It happens all the time that people lose their data because of personal irresponsibility. Logically, some external factors can also lead to such a situation. 

Fortunately for all of us, web developers around the world understand the requirements of users. You can now easily find different data recovery programs that can simplify your digital life. Some of them are available to you for free, while others require certain investments. In most cases, you will get more if you subscribe to them. The options for freemium data recovery tools are usually limited. You might want to check EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Puran File Recovery, etc. Explore which options you have and pick the one that matches your requirements. 

4. Use Photo Editors to Boost Quality of Your Images 

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Just like videos, photos are everywhere around us. Instagram is usually the social media network where people publish them the most. Photos that are edited properly will always attract people more. They will engage with it more through likes and comments. Still, likes and comments are not the most important reasons. Some photos simply are some sort of the memory that we want to keep. In other words, we do not only take photos for social media and we do not publish all of them. 

Photoshop, of course, is the most famous photo editor. However, at the same time, it is the most complex program. You need to have certain designing skills if you plan to work with this program. Still, this is not the only option that you have. There are many online photo editors that you can use for free. Many of them have decent features that will allow you to boost the quality of the image. 

You might want to check programs like Pixlr, BeFunky, Photos Pos Pro, etc. All these programs are available to you for free and you can find them by a basic Google research. 

5. Use Benefits of Password Managers

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The number of accounts that you have is probably huge. Logically, the best way to protect them is by generating a strong password. This means that each account should have a different password. Using the same one can potentially expose you to danger. 

Remembering all the passwords is tough, especially if they contain a combination of letters and numbers. Fortunately for you, password managers can solve your problem. They generate a secure password and log you in each time when you visit a particular website. Some of them that you might want to check are LastPass, 1password, dashalne, etc. Their key features are similar and they all guarantee complete protection.