What Are the Signs You Need to See a Urologist

The popular belief that urologist is the same for the men that are gynecologist to women is completely wrong because they are specialists who can treat everyone’s urinary tract problems, and add to that, the male reproductive organs. So, we can say that the bladder problems, or the urinary issues in general, should be addressed to the urologist first, who will perform a few examinations, or collaborate with a nephrologist until the problems are solved. Men should regularly visit this specialist, especially when they see they have some reproductive problems.

Regular urology examinations will help you see if everything is fine with you, and that’s the only way to discover prostate cancer in the early stages, and get proper treatment.

If you are interested to learn more about everything that a urologist covers, you can pay a visit to Dr Paul Manohar and read the great informative content, so you can recognize if you have some symptom, or eventually some suspicious problem with your health, you can’t really address right now. Since we are still in a state of the pandemic and visiting clinics is not recommended, except for urgent cases, you may need to sign a virtual meeting with the specialist, or get an online consultation, until they decide to arrange a real-life meeting, for further examinations.

People who need help from this type of doctor, usually have these symptoms, that are leading them to ask for help:

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1. Urinary infections

There is no person in the world who didn’t face some urinary infection at some point in life. Mild symptoms can be easily treated with tea and cranberry juice, but some people have even bigger problems. If the infection doesn’t stop after one or two treatments with antibiotics or natural supplements, such as d-mannose, you need to visit a urologist, who will examine your pelvic area, but also the whole urinary tract, to find out what is the problem, and give you proper therapy. Sometimes, you will need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory pills, but also to avoid every food or drink that may potentially cause bigger problems for you.

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2. Irregular urination

If you don’t urinate enough, or you do it too often, you first need to ask yourself if you drink enough water, so your urinary tract works well. But, some people may have overactive bladder or even urinary incontinence. These conditions should be treated by a specialist urologist, because they may affect your general and social life badly if you need to run to the toilet every half an hour. But, if you don’t urinate regularly, and you don’t have an urge to do that, you may need to check why is that, and see how it can be resolved as soon as possible. When we urinate, we are helping our tract to do its job, to clean the blood from the toxins, and let the excess water to leave our body.

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3. Signs of blood in the urine

This is not something you should ignore, even if that happened only once. That’s a sign of bladder or kidney cancer. If you see blood in your urine, you must urgently sign an appointment with a specialist urologist for a detailed examination, and see what is the problem. Don’t let the situation get worse, because you don’t want to call your doctor when it’s too late, and the treatment will be even more complicated and painful.

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4. You have kidney stones

This is also a common problem that many people have. The most common symptoms are lower back and abdominal pain, the weird color of the urine, or a bad smell that is not usual. Once you have these pains, that can be extremely strong, you will have to pay a visit to your doctor, who will send you to a specialist named a urologist. A lot of patients who experienced kidney stones say it’s the worst pain ever, and the women compare it to childbirth. There are a lot of medical methods that will help you get proper treatment for this problem.

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5. Erectile dysfunction and fertility problems

Men shouldn’t be ashamed of this condition, because the sooner they get help, the treatment will be easier for them to handle, and they can get back to their normal sexual life. The urologist can’t help if the reasons are psychological, but they can surely check if there is some physical reason for that. When it comes to fertility, this doctor can also help, but they should collaborate with their fertility colleagues, so they can both find a proper solution for the problem.

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6. You have prostate cancer symptoms

You can’t diagnose yourself, because some of the symptoms may refer to another condition, but in general, if you have to urinate very often, and you wake up in the night to do that, you have difficulties with urinating, or you have a feeling that no matter how much you do that, your bladder is not empty, you may have a prostate cancer symptoms. Furthermore, blood in the urine or in the sperm is also a sign that something is wrong and you need to call a urologist to examine you and give a proper diagnose. Prostate cancer is very dangerous, so you need to pay a visit to a doctor, even when the symptoms are mild.

Ignoring your health problems and unusual symptoms is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Not asking for help may lead to serious diseases and health issues. If we don’t react urgently once we feel unusual pain, or we are trying to explain why something happened, and find reasons for that in your lifestyle, and so on, then you are not a responsible person, and you are acting badly to your health and well-being.

Surely, all these examinations and urologist visits are stressful for the patients, but if you want to maintain a good health condition, and prevent even worse problems, you have to visit your doctor, be honest, and tell them what exactly is happening. That is the only way they can give a proper diagnose, and treat the condition properly.