5 Reasons Shangri La is Worth Visiting – 2024 Travel Guide

Traveling is a popular modern-day therapy, and there are a lot of reasons why so many health experts recommend it. Numerous studies point out that those who travel have a much calmer mind, and this is especially true if you are visiting peaceful and exotic locations such as Shangri La.

Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to be part of the busiest places such as New York or Miami, but if achieving peace is your goal, choosing your destinations can be quite a contributing factor.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Shangri La, which you’ve probably guessed already, and we chose this destination because we feel like not many know about it, and it’s worth visiting. If you’ve heard about it before, but you’re still not convinced, we suggest that you keep on reading until the end. Here are the top five reasons why you have to visit Shangri La in 2024.

1. Huge cultural significance

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If you’re a fan of exploring different cultures and learning more about the lifestyle of those who live in Yunnan, China, you’ll have the time of your life should you ever decide to visit Shangri La. This place is located about three kilometers northwest of Yunnan, and it is surrounded by three famous rivers, Yangzi, Salouen, and the Mekong. It’s a paradise for those who want unique and exotic locations.

We strongly believe that in just a couple of days of staying here you’ll learn a lot about the culture, and since this is such an exotic location, you’ll also be served some of the most unique meals, meaning that you’ll experience the traditional cuisine as well. All of this is part of a culture that can leave anyone breathless, especially those who enjoy exploring this side a little bit more.

2. Breathtaking landscapes

As we mentioned above, there are different types of people who like to travel regularly. Some of them enjoy the busy streets and the urban culture, while others want breathtaking landscapes and quiet yet beautiful locations. Shangri La offers the latter, meaning that if you decide to visit here with the goal to rest and fill yourself up with positive energy, you’ll achieve that.

This place sees a lot of frequent visits from professional photographers and painters. If you happen to be someone who needs inspiration from untouched nature and beautiful, clear skies, this is the right destination for you. You’ll be able to take photographs or paint something based on what you see, and there’s so much to see for sure.

3. Well-organized tours

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Sometimes we feel less motivated to visit a certain place because of how complicated and expensive certain tours are. Even if we end up paying a lot for them, nobody guarantees that we’ll have a great time. This is especially true with those destinations that are visited so frequently, the guides feel like they’re not doing anything special, and so the entire experience drops in quality. With places such as Shangri La, it’s an entirely different story. Tours are not so frequent compared to some other urban destinations, but they always have something very special to offer.

Besides, here you’ll find top-notch accommodation and a lot of warm people. If you are interested but you don’t know where to start, a great first step would be to check out the Shangri La Yunnan tours at cielyunnan.com.

There’s no doubt that after returning from this unique place, a lot of your friends and family members will be eager to visit, so it’s just a matter of time until this destination becomes popular.

4. Not so expensive

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We can deny it all day long, but the truth is that money is a very important factor nowadays, and we cannot afford to blow all of our savings for a certain trip and cause a huge economic imbalance. This is why most of us choose to put affordable places on our travel list, but that doesn’t mean that we’re getting less quality.

If you want to visit the most popular and commercialized destinations that you hear about everywhere these days, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we should give a chance to the “underdogs” as well. Shangri La is somewhere in the middle between an underrated destination and something that’s going to become well-known in a short period.

It’s also a known fact that you can have the time of your life at Shangri La without spending all of your savings, so if you are looking for a place like this for your upcoming holiday period, definitely give it a try.

5. Something for every season

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Now we’ve finally come to the part that makes Shangri La so special, and that’s the fact that this destination is beautiful throughout the entire years. So, no matter when you decide to visit, there are a lot of things that you can see and do during your stay.

If you want to save some money, and perhaps visit during the winter, it’s still a viable option because the landscapes are amazing during this season as well. Some of the activities will not be available, such as hiking and taking long walks by the rivers, but there will be other new things that you can do.

Visiting during summer or spring is probably the best idea because nature is in full bloom and you’ll be speechless and charmed by its beauty. We’re not sure how much of a difference in price there will be when it comes to tours in different seasons, but you’ll most likely be able to save some money and still have a wonderful time.


Shangri La is a place that’s very rich both culture-wise and in every other aspect, but the accent drops mainly on nature and the breathtaking landscapes. If you decide to visit, you’ll be able to learn some more about the unique lifestyles and the culture of those who live in Yunnan. If you happen to be a food-lover as well, many specialties are waiting for you to try them. Overall, it’s a wonderful destination and we wholeheartedly suggest it.