Sex Toys in India – Tale of Hidden Pleasures!

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With the advancing times, India is no more behind the rest of the world. Whether it comes to breaking stereotypes or normalizing talking about sex, which for once was considered taboo.

Sex toys in India are getting a welcome reception. Nowadays, people are well aware and more cautious about their sex lives. Well, why should not they be? In fact, sex is a necessity. And when it comes to fulfilling it, one should not be shy of adopting different mechanisms and methods.

When it comes to choosing sex toys one should be well aware of different types and which one is suitable for you, just like you do research before buying any product. Because your sexual pleasures matter and we are committed to making it more pleasurable. Let us look into different types of sex toys available.

Sex toys for Males

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The prostate is often hyped as the key player in the male sex drive and pleasure, which in fact is true. But we cannot ignore the fact that in addition to prostate other parts of the male sex organ play a crucial part in sexual performance and orgasm as well. So, a wide variety of sex toys is available in India keeping in mind the male sexual orientation.

You can get sex toys for solo use (more here) as well as for use with your partner. It all comes down to personal preference. It all comes down to personal preference It all comes down to personal preference, whether you have a partner or you want to play solo, or whether you have a personal choice of sex toy according to your taste! Some of the key players are mentioned below:

Prostate massager

This is the most common of all the sex toys. It consists of a motorized system that you can use solo or with your partner to add that extra prostate factor. It definitely will take your orgasm to new levels. It can be considered a counterpart to a female vibrator.

Blowjob stroker

If you are into oral sex and want to enjoy that fetish of your solo, then this sex toy is made for you. It provides the same feeling of a mouth, so next time your partner is not keen to give a blowjob, do not worry, grab the blowjob stroker and enjoy!

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Sex dolls

These are large dolls that give you similar feelings to having sex with a female, the difference is these are not like real. But the level of orgasm that you can get is appreciable. There has been seen a rising trend of the use around the world and India isn’t an exception

Blowjob Simulators

These again are like blowjob stroker but the difference is it is mostly made up of a tube that contains a mouth simulator in it.

Vagina Simulators

According to, this is one of the most common sex toys in India used by the young population. It simulates a female vagina and gives you the same feeling of vagina that you would normally get while with your partner. It comes in different sizes all according to your needs and the level of tightness you prefer!

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Anal Simulators

These are for those who are into anal sex. This sex toy gives you the feelings of anal sex without the need to make special arrangements which you would need to make otherwise!

Some other less commonly used but effective sex toys for males are listed below:

  • Pulse stimulators
  • Dual anal and prostate massager
  • Anal wands/pearls
  • Cock vibrators
  • Crystal kinks
  • Lubes
  • Penis rings
  • Cock and ball rings
  • Female Sex Toys

For females, sex toys are available in a wide range. They range from solo players to the ones to be used with partner. Some of the orgasm boosting sex toys are given below:


These are one of the most touted sex toys, they come in different shapes and sizes all according to your taste ladies! You get to choose your favorite color as well. They provide the sensations of a male penis being in your vagina or butt if you want to play dirty! If you know your taste well then nothing can stop you from reaching a climax!

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If you are a fan of shaking orgasm or want to experience that shaky feeling that even shakes your body to the cores then vibrators are your go to sex toys. Nothing beats a vibrator when it comes to providing promising and extreme orgasm. Vibrators are available in different shapes, sizes and vibrations. They are also available to be used internally or externally. Vibrators cum massagers are available in India to massage that precious clit of yours ladies!

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are in demand sex toys in India. They are, as the name suggests, made for plugging that butt hole to add the icing on the cake while you are getting laid with the partner or solo. Butt/anal plugs come in different materials such as crystal, glass, rubber, etc. They are available in different sizes and shapes according to your personal choice!

G-spot Stimulators

These sex toys are specifically designed to stimulate the G spot. They are basically vibrators that are designed precisely to hit the G spot.

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Massagers are designed to be used externally over vagina or even over the skin around your butt and boobs. They add that extra punch to your sexual pleasures.

Strap On

If you are into giving a taste of penis to your partner, then strap on is designed for you ladies. Mostly used by lesbians this sex toy provides the same stuffy feeling of a penis to your partner. So, get one for yourself or your partner today!


Lingerie fall into the clothing line, but believe it or not, they have been found to enhance the sexual experience both for females and male partners. They provide visual sensations, yes you heard it right. So, it’s time to try one of these if you have not already!

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Some add-ons that you enthusiastic ladies can try are:

  • Blindfolds
  • Neck straps
  • Chokers
  • Sexy Belts
  • Sticks
  • Bondages
  • Hand cuffs
  • Clitoral and nipple toys
  • Fetish devices

But, the question is should you use sex toys? Or if you use then what benefits will they bring to your sexual lives?

The answer is YES! It is always good to try new things to keep your sex life full of fun and it also keeps you interested in your partner. They add that extra spice in your sex life which when found and recognized can lead to long term healthier sexual relationship with your partner.

As described above a wide range of toys is available, and these toys add benefits to your sex life like:

  • They add variety in your normal sex routine so that it is no longer monotonous and boring
  • They spice up your sex life and fantasies
  • You get to fulfil your fantasies
  • Provide you means to explore your body in new ways
  • They help you even if you have no sex partner.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a sex toy of your choice and explore new ventures in your sexual life!