Sex Games That’ll Throw a Fresh Flare on Your Love Life! And Make It Hot and Lusty!


Have you ever wanted an adult game night that helps you get naked?

I recently wanted to and I could not for the life of me think of a game I wanted to play. So I did an online search for naughty games. I noticed that a company called Cupid Boutique which is an online adult store was selling some so I browsed through and noticed there were some pretty cool ideas. Although I know there are some pretty cool online sex games for couples, I basically wanted to try a board or card game from adult store to see if it made any difference.

Although, Did you know there are many dirty sex games online and in video games that can help with this as well. I will walk you through some of the easiest ways to spice up your love life with an adult dating sex game or add a twist to your solo sexual pleasures!

With the ever growing scene of sexual innuendo, there is no lack of dating sex games in video games and online sex platforms. I recently discovered that there is a sexual satisfaction porn game that can help you detail every move you make when it comes to sexual interactions. You can make your own sex game from any sex shop, or follow the steps provided for your naughty games to turn up the heat in the moment.

VR Sex Games:

I am sure you either seen or heard that there are tech games you can play that allow sexual interactions and fantasy plays with avatars for sexy couples. This is called VR (Virtual Reality) sexual interactions. This is where a user puts a pair of goggles on, there is a digital screen in front of their eyes and you choose the video interactive scenes you would like to participate in. These are free dirty games that you can choose to spice up your moves and positions!

When the video starts you can make the choice of which interactive player you would like, and the game starts with either you or the avatar leading the way to pleasure.  There are thousands of titles to choose from, regardless what state of sex you enjoy from sex shop, and there is something for everyone! You can purchase your VR from your local gaming shop, online sex games or adult shop; they have different apparatuses (masturbators, vibrators) to help with making the experience feel more realistic from the sex store.

Online Sex Games:

If you are not comfortable with the whole headset and wearing the VR, you would rather do it in an old school way, you can play real sex game and these are Interactive Sex Games that allow you to choose the route of the game and interact with a sexy avatar from a sex store.

This could be a one-on-one learning session or it could be a way for you to fantasize what you want to do with your partner. Both are great ways to learn about moves and positions to help with bedroom duties for the sexy couple! Anything you learn in these videos or want to try, are mostly able to be done in real life too! Need a boost to get in the mood before your partner gets home? Take advantage of the love games hot edition or online sex games, this is where they have made hot scenes from movies and compiled them for hot and lusty viewers!

Dating Sex Games:

Here you can start your romance at square one. Act out several scenes, and add avatars or commands that you wish to do. Online sex games, This is a very popular growing game amongst young adults who would like to simulate how they would act in their fantasy. It is a touching sex game that allows you to impress the avatar with moves you already know, or you can choose to let her lead and you sexy couple learn types of behaviors that can get your sexual sessions started from any sex store possible.

App controlled sex games:

Let’s say you are running out of ideas and would like to spice it up in a way that no one knows what comes next. The Ways of life sex game is just one of the free games online that can help randomize your next move. This is a role-playing game where you can interact with sexy girls and build your character. You can do it with a partner or you can choose to fill this journey solo! online sex games and Some great downloadable apps sexy couples can use for Android or iPhone would be; iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide,, Dirty Sex Game for Couples. Again these are apps you can download that detail what you can do for your next move. They can be kinky, role-playing or deeply passionate!

Naughty sex games (board/card/dice):

Naughty board games are simple ways to spice up the normal, even if you are great with creativity, these naughty board games can create a random act of surprises to keep you both tantalized and yearning for more. Position and Direction dice games are the best sex dice game ever. Because they are so random nobody knows what’s going to happen next! You can choose from thousands of dice, card or board games either online or by purchasing from your local adult shop!

Noteworthy Mentions:


Let’s say you spend most of your time in the tech world already and would like something more approachable without the help of technology. There are many other ways to spice up the bedroom with more personal ideas of how you want to role-play!

This is where classic games such as strip game ideas, kinky dice game ideas and sex position games come in hand. The ideal would be 52 weeks of naughty nights example. This game gives you everything you need to start a kinky or passionate night of love, naughty IOU’s, coupons, role-playing games, gestures for one whole year and so much more. My bedroom game is another hot game for sexy couples, where the guide can be built through building the perfect sexual session.

Not Into That?

If you are not sure what it is you want to play or not sure if it is going to work the way you intended, so you don’t want to spend the money to captivate the moment? Try sex board games printables, these are fun and printable games that can be used one time or put away for a next time. You can use it as often as you would like. Since they are printable if you happen to get messy or lose it, it can be printed as much as you need.

Even though I bought my games from an Adult Store, that shouldn’t stop you from getting what you like. I was just outlining that there are so many ways to interact and learn what sexy couples like when it comes to sexual pleasure. The above mentioned ideas are just to get you started in the right direction!

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