How To Set Up a Weed Room at Home?

The legalization of cannabis in many states of the USA – as well as it being decriminalized in others – has been welcomed by millions of people who enjoy recreational weed. Furthermore, those who use marijuana to help with chronic pain and other also welcome he legislation.

However, it still remains an illegal drug at federal level despite some states now allowing for individuals to grow their own! Across the world governments are coming to their senses and recognising the benefits of licensed and taxed growers and retailers. There is a lot of money to be made from legal weed. Furthermore, there is a lot to be saved by eliminating expensive legal prosecutions for minor offences such as possession.

The new move towards permitting the use, possession and growth of weed has given rise to a new phenomenon in many US homes: the weed room. In the article that follows we look at why people are dedicating rooms to smoking weed, what are the ideal rooms to use, and what you need to include for the ideal cannabis smoking room. Let’s get started!


Why Set Up a Weed Room?

Smoking weed is an enjoyable experience, and for the record more people are choosing to go down the vaping route. There are many reasons for this, and one is that the act of smoking weed with a bong – which you’ll likely want to do if you are setting up a weed room – can be messy. It’s also wasteful and not exactly a defined art! How many times have you had friends around and someone has spilled the bong water? Or dropped a joint and burned the carpet?

It could be that you live with a partner or others who don’t partake and don’t like you smoking in the living room, bedrooms or other rooms used by everyone. This is commonplace and is another great reason for setting up a dedicated weed room. This way, you get to enjoy your cannabis and everyone else doesn’t have to experience the smoke or vapor, the smell and the taste.

If you are interested in the vaping method, it’s a good route to look at. No vape is ever going to be as strong as a bong, but if you check Vape4Ever which is one of the leading providers of vape accessories and materials, you’ll some pretty neat stuff that might interest you.

So now you’ve got permission from a partner or housemate to set up your weed room, you need to decide where it’s going to be, and that’s our next topic.


Choosing Your Location

20 years ago, the thought of legal cannabis for recreational use in the USA was a pipe dream. Now we’re talking about planning a weed room as if it’s simply another room in the house! Of course, we’re not suggesting you do this if you live in a state where it is still a criminal offence to possess or smoke weed – that’s at your risk – but there are now millions of homes that can have a dedicated smoke room and even smoke home-grown marijuana perfectly legally.

Where is best to put your weed room? There are some important factors to take into account here, including the following:

  • Available space may be limited in your home so you will have to use any room that is not regularly used. This could make your choice a lot easier!
  • The smell of weed is not a happy one for everyone, so you want a room away from the main living room in the house and that is well ventilated.
  • Noise is a menace to others so if you’re planning on having people around for weed parties you need to follow the above rule and move away from others in the house.

These are the main three considerations, and they lead to a couple of obvious suggestions: the basement or a building in the yard or garden. The basement is great if it has ventilation and is not otherwise used, but if you can do it an outhouse – even a simple shed – is the vest way to go. Now let’s look at what you need in your smoke room.


What to Include

You need a bong, that’s the first step. You need a table for it to set on. You also need rolling papers and a rolling station, ashtrays and all the usual paraphernalia that comes with smoking weed. A few comfortable chairs, some cushions here and there, an audio system and perhaps a TV. Not everyone includes the latter as they like their smoking sessions to be where you chat to friends, listen to music, and simply enjoy your weed.

And that’s really what a weed room is all about: enjoying the experience. We recommend that you check out dab rigs which are the vape equivalent of a bong. They work in a similar manner but involve cannabis concentrate rather than the usual. It’s a great way of enjoying quality marijuana and one everyone can enjoy.


Choose Your Décor to Suit

Whether you are growing cannabis or simply smoking it you will need to decorate your smoke room, and that will come down to your personal taste! You might want to go full psychedelic or a soothing and calming blue or other neutral colour, and it depends on the mood you want to create.

One thing you will need is lighting, and for this we suggest strings of LED lights which give off a soft and warm glow that suits the occasion perfectly. Do have safety gear on hand too if you’re using a naked flame – accidents happen, even when you take the greatest precautions – and make sure there’s access to bathroom without disturbing the others in the home if possible.

That’s all you need for a weed room in your home, and you likely have the accessories to hand, so start planning now and you’ll soon have your own weed haven in which to enjoy your favourite pastime.