SEO is a Long-Term Investment

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”. Napoleon Hill

SEO or search engine optimization refers to practices through which a website grows organically by attracting more users and ranking higher on major search engines such as Google. Even though it costs the business owner a considerable amount of money, it will definitely pay back in the future by getting more customers for the website. Looks financially feasible, doesn’t it?

It is a fact that SEO impacts your website positively and helps your website grow organically, however it is not that easy! We, through this article, will walk you through the timing of SEO and the reasons why it takes time to see the results.


Why does SEO take much time to show the results?

The first reason is that Google updates its algorithms constantly, in order to improve its performance and block black hat SEO techniques! Therefore, more challenging regulations and standards will be applied by Google and the more challenging it gets, the longer time it takes!

Another reason is that as much as online business becomes popular, the competition becomes tighter! More market participants will be entering into the market to take advantage of such a huge opportunity. The majority of these entrepreneurs are fully aware of the importance of SEO, so there will be endless competitors in every industry who use the same standards and techniques to rank higher on Google.

As a consequence, the more competitors who use almost similar techniques to achieve a certain goal, in this case rank higher on Google and attract more users into their website, the more challenging the process will be and consequently more time is required.

SEO; A one-off attempt or an ongoing journey?

SEO is basically an ongoing journey. It starts at the very beginning day of designing your website and must be continued as long as the business is operating. There are many elements that must be considered through the designing process. UI and UX design is the most important factor that must be fully considered when a website is designed.

There are multiple elements such as website loading speed, mobile responsiveness, user friendliness, safety and security and quality images and videos that all lie under UIUX design as two of the most important SEO standards. Such elements are normally taken care of at the designing process and should be done by an experienced team. If you think that SEO stops here and once the website is up and running, no further action in terms of SEO is required, you are absolutely wrong!


SEO process for a live website

Quality contents play a crucial role for your website in terms of SEO. You, as the business owner, must constantly create relevant content on a regular basis, as your content with appropriate keywords is one of the important factors that Google brings you up on the search result page! Hence, you must create contents with relevant trending keywords on a reasonable timeframe. Besides, due to the updates and changes Google makes on its algorithms, your SEO strategy might need to be changed.

The need for change to your SEO strategy is normally identified by analyzing your results from time to time to see if the results are moving on the right track. Therefore, your results must be monitored on an ongoing basis in regards to SEO performance. Furthermore, your website and UX design may need some changes as going forward, based on the changes in market circumstances or users’ taste.

What you, as a business owner must be doing?

The first and most important thing is to have an SEO strategy plan. You must cooperate with a professional and experienced SEO consultant, in order to put an appropriate strategy plan together and the next step is to stick to your plan! Since it will be an ongoing process and it takes time for some results to be shown up, it is very important to work with a reputable SEO service provider, otherwise you would waste your time and money!

It is also very important to be patient and persistent during your journey of executing your SEO plan. You must bear in mind that with the right strategy, patience and persistence, your business success is almost guaranteed! Another important point to consider is to not stop your SEO plan, once you see some results, to improve your results more or even keep them as it is, you must accomplish your SEO plan day by day and forever! If you are uncertain about what you are doing then it’s best to hire professionals such as the #1 SEO agency.


How to choose a professional SEO consultant?

Like we said before, it is very important to select the right consultant to work with. You must look for registered companies with a number of years of experience in the market and proven track record. Also, you must meet the team that are supposed to work on your project to see how talented and experienced they are. You must spend enough time on selecting the right SEO consultant, as it will have a big impact on your business.

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