6 Tips for Selling Your Boat Quickly – 2024 Guide

You had a lot of fun in your old boat but your appetites have grown and now you want a new, bigger, and faster one? Have you already found the one that would be perfect for your needs but, until you sell the old one, you can just keep looking? Then you should get to work as soon as possible. Whether you decide to find a buyer by yourself or through an ad, you need to be aware of the fact that there are a million other owners besides you waiting for customers and just as many boats, some of which are in better condition than yours. So you have to think about how to stand out among the crowd and leave a good impression. Otherwise, your boat can stay on the ads for a long time, and that will make customers think that maybe something is wrong with it.

To avoid such problems, the advertisement needs to be flawless, as well as the condi. Here are some professional tips on how to sell a boat quickly.

Source: Yachts Invest

1. Make it look well maintained

Just as location and the overall state is the crucial aspect when someone’s buying a house, a potential buyer of a boat will first look for ones that are well maintained. Among the many pieces that are already old and rusty, you have to make yours shine. That is the only way to attract the attention of demand. This way you will show that you kept it clean and well all these years and you’ll probably be able to charge pretty well for it.

The first minute of the contact will in many cases be the fundamental part of the process, which is enough for the buyer to notice the appearance. On the outside, the metal needs to be polished and coated with a layer of varnish. Surfaces should have no stains, so make sure they are removed.

Let everything inside be fresh and fragrant. This doesn’t mean investing in a new interior, but only refreshing it. With a little soap, remove any stains from carpets, curtains, and upholstery, which are more common with smokers or those who like to sail with their pets. Don’t forget the kitchen, which can be a real source of unpleasant odors due to forgotten food.

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2. Advertise everywhere

The process of any sale is best accelerated by advertising in many different places. Be strong and loud in advertising, both among friends and colleagues, and on social networks and websites. That’s the only way to get the offer to the right person.

There are many ways to attract attention. You can first choose the traditional method of advertising in the local press that writes on this topic, then in daily newspapers that reach a larger number of readers. Remember that the ones with the visual effect have always been more acceptable among other offers, so be sure to attach photos.

A good idea is a space for your advertisement next to a busy highway. And of course, be sure to use the benefits provided by modern technology and register on websites that deal with the purchase and sale of boats. Www.motoryachting.com has found a way to the money of its clients while still connecting with customers around the world.

Source: Cruising World

3. Make it fragrant

After you’ve cleaned everything and removed the internal and external stains and dirt, the next step is to restore the pleasant smell you felt when you first entered. Indeed, the stench can literally kill sales! So take a cloth and detergent and get started.

Now is the time to restore the freshness that you have neglected in the long run. Remove all mud and wipe all surfaces with a cleaning agent. Let the floors shine and you can put a freshener or other fragrant agent in the room.

Leave all windows and openings open to allow fresh air to get in. Take a look at the example of fair boats and make yours look like one.

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4. Remove your private belongings

When you open the lockers, you would probably get surprised by the number of your personal belongings you left there. For the whole space to look bigger at first glance, and not messy and chaotic, it would be great to empty everything and return your objects and memories home.

Long story short, everything you don’t plan to put on sale needs to be out of this place. The buyer will want to experience the place as his future corner for enjoyment and travel, and not as your storage space.

Remove your towels, creams, shaving accessories, and toothbrushes from the bathroom. Empty closets of old jackets and boots which, in addition to making a mess, can also be a source of the awful odor, and bring all the appliances you may have forgotten from the kitchen.

However, don’t take what was already inside when you bought it. It is allowed for you to take only personal stuff.

5. Introduce buyers to the history of the boat

If you want to convince potential buyers to believe in the correctness and good maintenance of the boat, the best thing you can do is to share its history. The fact is that it can be sold on its own, but with a little effort you can justify the price, which may be a little higher compared to other offers.

Smart salespeople kept a diary for all years of use, in which everything that was repaired and upgraded was described in detail. Others made an effort to highlight the good brand and model, as well as the taken trips.

When these stories are completed with good photos, there’s no doubt that you’ll sell it quickly.

Source: www.ibcmallorca.com

6. Make the necessary repairs

Definitely, it’s not a good idea to put a boat up for sale before you make sure everything works perfectly. By hiding your shortcomings, you are going to gain a bad reputation in the market, and no one will want to buy from you in the future and they will consider you a fraud. Everything that’s broken needs to be noticed in time, if not immediately – trust us, you don’t want to wait for flaws to become visible to the new owner.

Check the fire extinguishers and lifebelts, charge the batteries and make sure the engine starts immediately. Check the functionality of the gear and also do your best to replace obsolete and worn canvases or simply remove them.

However, don’t reset everything – this may create suspicion and give the impression that you wanted to cover something up on purpose. Everything that doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the sale, and isn’t in good condition, can simply be removed in order to avoid unnecessary costs of investing in a new one.

A boat isn’t a shoe or a mobile phone that is constantly circulating in the market and it isn’t the basic need of the customers. Only sailing fans will be interested in such offers, and since there are many buyers as well, stand out among the competitors will definitely play a significant role in the process.