Things to Know When Searching Temporary Office Space 2024

Business professionals need a temporary space for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps the central office is being renovated, and the staff needs a place to keep operating the company. Maybe a person with a successful home business needs space to meet with clients while they’re in town. Perhaps the plan is to spend a little time in the city and see if opening a branch office would be worth the effort and the expense.

Whatever you’re looking for in the way of temporary meeting room office space from AgileOffices, it pays to make sure it comes with several essential amenities. Whether you’ll be there for a few days or several weeks, all of these will come in handy.

Reception Support


One of the first questions to ask about is what sort of support you can expect from the reception area. What you hope to hear is that the receptionist will know which offices you’re assigned and can direct visitors to them with ease. You also want to know that the receptionist can accept packages that may arrive for you. If the office comes with a landline that you will use for the duration, it’s a nice touch if the receptionist can take messages when you’re at lunch or in a meeting with a client.

Access to a Break Area

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Now and then, you’ll need a break from work. It’s nice to know that you have access to a break area where snack and soda machines are in place. Using the space does more than providing you with something to tide you over until lunchtime. There’s also the potential to network with other permanent and temporary residents of the office building. You may find that they can recommend some potential clients for you to contact. In turn, you might have some customer leads that would be interesting for them.

An Office With All the Basics Included

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The office itself should include the basics needed for work. That consists of the ability to make use of a secure Internet connection, a desk large enough for whatever you’re currently working on, and chairs for yourself and at least a couple of guests. If a phone is included, that’s all the better.

In addition to the essentials like a reliable Internet connection, a spacious desk, and comfortable chairs for you and your guests, it’s also crucial to consider privacy in the office. Installing high-quality toilet partitions from can provide employees with the privacy they need for personal hygiene, enhancing the overall functionality and comfort of the office space.

This basic setup allows you to do a little personalizing. Bring in some photographs to grace the desk. A plant or two won’t hurt. Even an area rug that you can use to anchor the space between the desk and the two guest chairs would make the office seem more personable.

If there are also bookshelves in the office, remember to accessories them as well. Bring in books, framed art that you can learn in the back of each compartment, and a few other touches that help space feel as if you’ve been there for some time. Even if your visitors know you rented the office for a short time, the air or permanency that these touches add will help them see that you have an eye for details.

The Option of Using a Conference Room

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Along with one or more offices for workspace, it helps if there is a conference room on the same floor or at least on the one above or below. Should you entertain several business contacts at one time or need to do a formal presentation, access to the conference room is essential. With many shared spaces, it’s possible to book time in the conference room in advance. That makes it all the easier to book enough time to set up space before your guests arrive, have the meeting, and then have time to prepare it for the next user.

Reliable Building Security

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While you do have a lock on the office door, knowing that the building has around the clock security makes it all the easier to leave some of your things there overnight. Ask about the security measures, including alarms, guards, and even how often the guards check each of the floors. Assuming you find the security measures to be sufficient, the office your considering could be the right one.

Adequate and Safe Parking

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Along with the inside features and amenities that come with your temporary office rental, take a moment, and look outside. Specifically, you want to determine if there’s a reasonable amount of parking spaces available on a typical business day.

It’s not just about you and your employees who need a place to park. Think about any clients that you plan on meeting within these temporary offices. The last thing you need is for them to have to park several blocks away and walk to your office. Make sure there’s a parking lot or a parking deck that’s close to the building.

In terms of safety, make sure the parking areas are well lit. This is especially important if you plan on working into the evening. The goal is to ensure that you feel safe even after you’ve exited the building but before you reach your vehicle.

Restaurants and Shopping Nearby

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When you have clients in for presentations, how will you feed them? One approach is to use a local caterer to set up food in the conference room. Another option is to book reservations at a restaurant that’s within walking distance. Before you sign anything, walk around the area and see what you find. If there are plenty of choices close by and you can confirm that they take reservations, that provides one more reason to consider renting temporary space in the building.

Remember that you may need some things on the spur of the moment. Check to see if there are shopping venues nearby that will allow you to run out and pick up anything from legal pads to pencils to a tie to replace the one that you just stained. When you can run errands quickly and get right back to work, it’s easier to keep the schedule on track.

Do you have other features that the right temporary office space must provide? Sit down and make a list of everything that you consider essential. Prepare a second list that includes features that you would like but don’t think to be deal-breakers. Ideally, you’ll find a temporary space that has everything you need and a good bit of what you want.