Sarah Silverman – Biography and Fun Facts


Sarah Silverman is a well-known comedy actress and writer. She has performed in various shows and movies, showcasing her talent.

You can go to this website to see some of her stunning pictures. She is modest, hot, and sexy which makes her ideal for any type of role.

She is famous for her commentary on different social issues and taboos. She is against the discrimination of gender, race, and religion. And, she has vocalized her thoughts repeatedly in various ways.

In this article, we are going to discuss a brief biography of her.

General Information about Actress

She was born on December 1, 1970. So, currently, her age is 52. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Her height is 5.6 feet, and her net worth is almost 8 million.

She is a female activist that’s why she is popular and loved by a large audience. She is active on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Early Life

She was born in Bedford, New Hampshire in 1970. Her father’s name was Donald Silverman who had a cloth business.

Her mother was Beth Ann who was a theater director and photographer. She had three older sisters.

Her father always encouraged her to use vulgarity for his entertainment. While, her mother led her to think critically, and instilled the seed of curiosity in her. These traits made her bold and a successful actress and female activist.

Soon, her parents divorced and they all moved to Manchester for some time. From an early age, she suffered from depression. Due to this, she had a bet-wetting issue which remained till adolescence.


From her school life, she was interested in stand-up comedy. So, she performed in various neighborhood and school shows as a comedian.

She did her early schooling in Boston. At that time, she also tried stand-up comedy in Boston Club.

She graduated from Derryfield School in 1988. It was a college preparatory school present in Manchester.

Afterward, she went to the University of New York to study theater. There, she started performing in New York comedy clubs.

After one year in the university, encouraged by her father, she dropped out. Because she wanted to make stand-up comedy as her full-time job.

So, she has not graduated from the university.



As we have already told you, Silverman started her career in school and college life. After she dropped out of the university, Saturday Night Live recruited her as a writer and comedian.

But, she was dropped after one season because none of her sketches was approved and aired. It is the incident of 1993.

This thing didn’t stop her as she appeared in the sketch comedy show in 1995. That show’s name was “Mr. Show with Bob and David”.

After only two years, in 1997, she landed a leading role in the movie “Who’s the Caboose?”.

After that, in 2005, she did a documentary movie The Aristocrats. In that, her role was of a child sex worker. But, her role in this movie became controversial, and she was criticized for it.

In the same year, she appeared in her debut stand-up television show. That show was “Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic”. Her role and dialogues again became controversial in this one-woman act. But, she came into the limelight due to it.

In 2007, she launched her show. That show’s name was “The Sarah Silverman Program”. It ran until 2010 on “Comedy Central”.

In 2010, she released her memoir which has comic elements into it. The book’s name was “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee”.

These are some main highlights of Sarah Silverman’s career.


She earned her first Emmy Award in 2008 for a short comedy show that was present on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. It was a music show.

Her second Emmy award was for writing “Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles”.

In 2018, her name was on the Walk of Fame. Except for these, she also has won a lot of nominations for various awards.


5 Fun Facts about Sarah Silverman

  • She had a relationship with Jimmy Kimmel which continued for five years.
  • She has been a vegetarian since the age of 10.
  • Her hobbies are traveling, music, and reading.
  • She doesn’t want kids because she doesn’t want her anxiety to go into their genes.
  • She doesn’t like Jerry Lewis because of his inappropriate comments about female comedians.


The exploration of Sarah Silverman’s biography and fun facts provides a vivid portrait of a comedian, actress, and writer whose career is marked by wit, audacity, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of comedy.

From her early days honing her craft in stand-up to her groundbreaking work in television, Silverman has become a trailblazer known for her fearless humor and unapologetic approach to tackling societal taboos.

The overview sheds light on the nuances of Silverman’s personal and professional journey, including her upbringing, comedic influences, and the evolution of her distinctive comedic style.

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In essence, Sarah Silverman’s story is one of laughter, intellect, and an enduring dedication to using comedy as a powerful tool for reflection and social commentary.

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