Rising Trend of Home Gardens

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Home gardens are the latest trend that’s been taking the world by storm. Due to the global pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing people are starting to rely on their backyards for their daily intake of fresh air. Well, as much as the COVID19 helped this trend to grow, it’s not the sole reason behind the sudden popularity of home gardening.

In this article, we will discuss this topic in detail and try to give you a better understanding of what makes the home gardens so popular.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Home gardening can help you relax

A home garden is a place where you can just enjoy yourself and bask in the warmth of the sun. It’s a place where you can rest, read, and enjoy the view. Of course, gardening itself can be a relaxing hobby to have. While taking care of our plants isn’t always easy with the busy work schedule we’re trying to stick to, it’s absolutely worth it once you have a small piece of paradise to run to when you need a break, says DRP Management Group.

Life is stressful, and sometimes we all need a little time off. Growing a beautiful garden is the best way to take a break while being productive and learning a new skill at the same time.

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Spend more time outdoors

Just like plants, we humans also need sunlight to survive. Being outside in the fresh air is extremely important for our long-term health, so don’t underestimate it!

Gardening also encourages physical activity, reduces symptoms of mental illness, and helps you to feel happier and healthier. It’s also a good place to bring the whole family together so you can all enjoy your time together in a beautiful setting.

While gardening is a skill that requires time and effort to be built, it’s also a relaxing process that helps you calm down and enjoy the moment. Everyone needs this, especially in these times of financial instability and a global pandemic.

Eat healthier

Eating the food you’ve grown yourself is the ultimate gift of gardening. This food is much healthier than its grocery-store counterpart. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll be able to proudly tell everyone at the table that they’re eating the products of your hard work and skill!

Once you try out your garden greens, you’ll probably never want to go back to supermarket veggies ever again. The love, care, and passion that you put into your garden will go back to you in an amazing way: healthy and tasty foods.

All in all, growing fruits or vegetables inside of your home garden is an amazing way to treat yourself with some tasty food and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

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The COVID19 and its impact on home gardening

Our gardens were our only window to the outside world during the lockdowns. This has urged a lot of people to finally do some work around their backyards. And who wouldn’t like to have a small garden to enjoy somewhere around there?

The pandemic has brought many hardships onto the entire global population. People are adjusting to working remotely, trying to keep their kids busy, and everyone’s daily routines are completely messed up. All of this has created the need for people to find ways to spend time at their homes, and gardening is one of the most productive solutions out there.

Overall, the 2024 pandemic has definitely played its part in the rise of the home gardening trend.

Digitalization and gardening

In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to find everything you need to start your own garden. Many Youtube tutorials, online guides, and magazine articles provide a lot of information completely free of charge.

These things had a huge impact on the rise of the home garden trend. So, if you want to grow your own garden, what is the best place to start?

Well, first, make sure to create a detailed plan. What kind of garden do you want to have? What style should it be? Do you want to grow vegetables and fruit too? Where will you put it? What kind of soil do you have on your property?

All of these questions need to have a clear answer before you even begin reorganizing your backyard. Other than that, it’s important to know where to purchase the right tools and seeds. Luckily, there are tons of useful online websites like Gardening.com where you can find this kind of information easily. Whatever you do, always remember that the internet is your best friend. Join the online gardening communities, find your inspiration, and start growing your very own home garden!

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It’s cost-effective

Gardening has a lot of hidden benefits, but most of all, it is very inexpensive. Growing your own produce can even help you earn some additional pocket money, and growing your food instead of buying it in the store can save you tons of funds in the long run. It’s definitely something everyone should try doing in these unstable financial times.

Other than that, it also makes a good gifting source. Buying a bouquet of flowers is a lovely gift, but when your loved ones know that you put your heart into growing those flowers yourself, it becomes much more meaningful.

All in all, gardening can help you save some money all while staying active and learning valuable life skills.

Gardening helps in building relationships

Gardening is a great way to bond with your family. Doing something meaningful, being creative, and learning together is something that, perhaps, has even more value than the garden itself.

It’s an activity that can be brought to the whole family! Everyone can help and enjoy the products of your collective efforts afterward!

Still, since you’ll be outside for longer periods of time, there will be some minor risks present. Make sure to avoid high temperatures and apply protective sunscreen. Also, make sure you and your children stay hydrated if you’re going to spend a day in the sun.

Other than that, your home garden will be the favorite place of gathering for your family, and it’s something that you can all enjoy together.