Is It Possible To Replace Fossil Fuels With Renewable Energy?


If you are just looking for a short answer to the statement, whether or not we can replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, then a simple answer is a Yes. Though we all know that the complete transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources cannot happen overnight, or within a stipulated time. Furthermore, the issue is taking a front gear these days, and the momentum is growing with people working actively.

Young activists and similar others are slowly becoming aware of the urgency of using renewable sources and this is why several movements have been started to make people aware of the same. Though, theoretically, it may seem fun and exciting to replace fossil fuels with renewable means the process is more complicated.

In this article, we will dive deep into the discussion about how renewable sources will soon take the place of fossil fuels and why they will be good. If interested in knowing more about how we can choose renewable sources, visit the link.

Comparison of Renewable Sources And Fossil Fuels


Minimal exceptions exist for the fact that clean renewable sources of energy should be utilized in place of fossil fuels. Industry experts are also in favor of this statement and are looking forward to ways in which the transition can take place smoothly.

The fact that our planet is in urgent need of curtailing the emission of greenhouse gases in the air. This will only happen when there is a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and an increase in the employment of sustainable energy.

Though it is not sure whether renewable sources will be able to surpass the use of fossil fuels, and most people still doubt that, will we be able to replace fossil fuels completely? The debate on this matter is still ongoing even in high-end circles of experts and people are trying to find out the answer to questions like how, when, and where the green solutions will be adopted by the masses.

Progress In The Transition Phase Of Fossil Fuels To Renewable Sources


Practically speaking, employment in the sector of renewable sources continues to grow, and people are slowly understanding the need of the hour. The cost of using renewable energy is quite low as opposed to the cost of use of fossil fuels. Furthermore, digitalization is helping in smoother facilitation by making the integration of renewable energy easy in varied sectors, including cooling, heating, and transportation.

Effective integration is what is needed at the moment to build a world that is fueled by renewable sources. In the sense that instead of fossil fuels, we will use something readily available and will last longer than expected, making the world a better place for future generations. Furthermore, the possibility of achieving the back out from fossil fuels is possible, and some countries have pledged to phase out fossil fuels completely from use, within a certain period.

The time it would take is still far away though, the fact that we will achieve it is noteworthy. In particular, solar energy is one source of energy, the use of which has surged in several countries, and people are encouraged to use it more, wherever possible. The International Energy Agency has reported that solar energy is a technology that is presently going on track to meet the climate target.

The benefits of the adoption of renewable sources are not just limited to the climate, instead will benefit the economies too. Based on the resources of an individual country and their financing opportunities wind and solar PV (photovoltaic systems) are expected to curb or completely exhaust the use of fossil fuel plants.

Furthermore, the projection of IEA has also reported that the installation process of solar and wind photovoltaic systems is on track and if the same goes well, the use of coal and natural gas will be phased out by 2024 and 2024, respectively.

Let us go over a few more such events that will make the phase-out of fossil fuels possible in a few years to come.

● Increase in The Current Levels of Production


Let us first acknowledge two of the major facts.

  1. Across the globe, there are still almost 1 million people who do have proper access to electricity.
  2. Before this century ends, the population of this planet is expected to reach 9 billion in number.

Summing up the two points mentioned above, we will need more energy to suffice the needs of the globe, and power the world. It means the process of creating electricity from sustainable means should be ramped up. No denying that the production has increased to a great extent with each passing year, but it is not sufficient to satisfy the needs of every individual household across the globe.

● Decrease In Consumption


No need to say that we should limit our energy consumption so that it gets distributed equally among all. This tip is the one that most people hate reading, but this is the bitter truth that we need to digest.

Decreasing the use of energy is good for the planet, especially when the energy is getting transmitted from fossil fuels to renewable resources. The fewer fossil fuels we consume, the lower will be our carbon footprint on the environment and the better will be the future of our planet.

That said, if we want to give the best to our future generations, we will have to watch today’s use of fossil fuels. We do know that the use of gas and electricity is inevitable and essential to make the world run, but we are asking for something possible. From now on, we can choose to be more cautious about the kind of energy that we use to satisfy our daily needs. Also, take into account the context of how you use the available resources.

The Bottom Line

We are all aware that the amount of fossil fuels that can be extracted from earth are running low, and the need is increasing with each passing day. To make sure that we are not deprived of our basic needs, we should think of shifting our needs from fossil fuels to renewable resources.

We should not wait for the day when it becomes extremely urgent to use renewable resources because fossil fuels could no longer be extracted.