How to Repair and Recover Corrupt Outlook PST


You don’t want to miss out on important emails or contacts from Outlook because they got deleted accidentally or someone sent them to a spam folder. How would you like to see these messages again? If you’re looking forward to recovering Outlook data, then you came to the correct place.

Outlook is a widely used email client software developed by Microsoft. As a result, it becomes extremely important to back up your data before something bad happens. Even though you have backups of your data stored on external devices, some crucial files might get lost during such circumstances.

Recovering the outlook pst file means restoring the old version of the outlook pst file. The simplest way to restore a corrupted outlook pst file is to try using an offline recovery tool. How to repair a corrupted pst file?

PST files are commonly utilized by Microsoft Outlook users, where they store their email messages saved in one single location. However, sometimes, these PST files get corrupted due to virus attacks, human error, system crashes, etc. In case some errors occur in the Outlook user’s computer then he/she would not be able to access his emails and contacts effectively. If you are facing a similar kind of problem in your outlook PC then don’t worry; here we have discussed how to repair and recover corrupted pst files using third-party software.

Recovering corrupt pst files efficiently

If you have any issues related to MS Outlook or its data corruption, then you can use the reliable tools available online to fix them without making any hassle. Here, I am explaining the methods through which you can easily recover the corrupted pst file even after losing important information.

PST files typically contain details about email messages, contact book information, task lists, notes, and attachments. These files are commonly stored on Microsoft Exchange Server, but may also be stored on other systems. When these files become corrupted, users find themselves unable to view emails, access contact lists, or perform critical functions like sending out documents.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to recovering corrupt PST files:


1. Turn Off Automatic Saving for Outlook Items

Automatic saving is one of the worst things you can do when repairing a damaged PST file since it creates multiple copies of all items saved in the file. Additionally, if you lose power during the process, you won’t be able to save the repaired file until you restart your computer. To prevent this, turn off automatic savings before performing repairs.

2. Check to see if the Error Message Has Changed

Before searching for solutions to repair corrupt PST files, make sure you’re getting exactly the same error message every time you try to open an item. If you’ve been receiving different errors, try changing your search parameters to narrow down possible causes. For instance, if you receive an error saying something along the lines of “the specified folder does not exist,” change the folder path to another location.

3. Backup All Items Before Trying to Restore Files

It’s best practice to back up all of your files, including the ones needed to restore your damaged PST file. But there’s no point backing up items that are going to be overwritten anyway. If you haven’t backed up yet, now is the perfect time to do so.


4. Try Restoring Any Missing Data Using Known Good Files

If none of the files you tried to restore were successful and you still can’t open a specific item, consider restoring it using known good files instead. There are several reasons why some items aren’t accessible after corruption occurs. One reason is that the individual item was deleted during recovery. Another possibility is that the file has been moved or renamed, which prevents it from being opened. In either case, you’ll need to try restoring the missing data using a known good version of the document.

5. Download a Free Outlook PST Recovery Tool – Stellar Repair for Outlook

This software provides everything you need to fix corrupt PST files, including a built-in preview feature that lets you evaluate what the restored data will look like. free applications do not have the necessary tools to quickly and easily solve your Outlook PST File problem as it will only repair a PST File of upto 2 GB and minor corruption issues. That’s why we have the right solution for you. All you need to do is to visit stellarinfo and buy this tool to fix the problem of corrupt files. Stellar Repair for Outlook can repair severe corrupted PST file and it can also recover deleted mailbox items from your PST file.


6. Consider a Different Email Program

Another common cause of corrupt PST files is switching from the Microsoft Outlook Express mail client to its successor, Microsoft Outlook. While both programs store similar data, Outlook stores additional security features, making it easier to recover certain types of data. However, depending on which type of file you’re trying to recover, you may come across problems caused by the upgrade. If you decide to go ahead with the switch, we recommend downloading a trial version first to ensure that the transition is smooth.

7. Revert to Previous Version of Windows Operating System

Windows operating systems have a history of causing issues with corrupted PST files. When you install updates, new versions of Windows often overwrite older files without asking permission. This can result in the loss of important information such as emails, contacts, appointments, notes, and other documents. If you suspect that your current version of Windows is responsible for creating the problem, try reverting to an earlier version.


8. Use a Third Party Software to Recover Corrupted PST File

There are many third-party tools available online that claim to help users recover lost or corrupted PST files. Some of these tools even offer free trials. These applications usually work by scanning through the entire hard drive looking for any traces of the original PST file. Once they find them, they attempt to reconstruct the original file based on the recovered data. The downside to this method is that it takes a lot longer than simply recovering the file directly from the backup.

So, now you know how to repair and recover corrupt outlook pst files. These were the simple ways to solve the issue. Hope you like our article.