Refrigerated Vans: Are They Worth Investments in a Company? 


Running a successful enterprise isn’t a walk in the park. It involves various processes, and you must be smart enough to beat stiff competition. One trick worth mentioning is acquiring proper tools for your day-to-day activities. These may include a functional website, modern equipment, computers, and a strategic business premises.

Sadly, most business owners overlook transportation, which can make or break your business. For instance, lack of adequate transport vans can cause delays or, worse still, result in damages to perishable goods. For this reason, most entrepreneurs acquire or hire refrigerated vans.

What is a refrigerated van& which one do I need?


As the name implies, a refrigerated van is a vehicle with similar properties to that of a refrigerator. It’s useful when transporting goods at certain temperature levels, and this mostly applies to foods that need to stay cold and fresh. It works the same way as a refrigerator by absorbing heat in an insulated air-tight compartment. It then dissipates it to maintain the right temperature levels.

Not all companies require a refrigerated van daily. If your firm needs it for a few days in a week or for one-off events, you’re better off hiring than buying one. This is a cheaper option, and there’re many choices to go for.

However, your choice will depend on your needs, and shares information on whether to hire or buy and the financing options.

The common types of refrigeration vans include:

  • Insulation-only van.
  • Chiller conversion vans.
  • Semi-freezer conversion van.
  • Full-freezer conversion van.

Insulation vans

These don’t feature a refrigeration system but will keep goods as cool as possible. They are ideal when transporting cool long-lived, and non-perishable products.

Chiller conversion vans


Chiller conversion vans are insulation vans featuring a refrigeration component. This helps keep the heat at bay and maintain low temperatures. They allow companies to transport perishable goods that don’t require below-zero storage temperatures. They are common among florists and companies ferrying non-frozen foods and beverages.

Semi-freezer vans

Semi-freezer vans are popular and commonly used due to their state-of-the-art insulation properties. They have a higher refrigeration capacity compared to the chiller vans. They can ferry frozen foods and items requiring very low or below freezing temperatures. What’s more, they have quick-defrost measures which eliminate the need for a defrost heater.

Full-freezer vans

Full-freezer vans have excellent freezing properties, just as the name suggests. They have distinct features with added dimension and thicker and heat-resistant doors and sidewalls. This minimizes heating in the cargo area, ensuring cooler temperatures during shipping.

Why buy or hire a refrigeration van for my business?


A refrigerated van is a dream come true for most companies. It helps ferry perishables goods over long distances yet still avoiding damages. You can choose to hire or buy such a van, and there are multiple reasons to do this. Let’s learn of the benefits of these vans.

1. Useful across different companies.

Contrary to common belief, refrigerated vans are not only handy for the food industry. They are commonly used in many other sectors of the economy. They are handy in the pharmaceutical industry and help ferry high-value drugs.

They maintain them at the desired temperature, avoiding spoiling or contamination due to excessive heat. If planning to hire such vans and are unsure what to choose, speak to the team for guidance. They will guide you on the key elements of the vehicles to help you in making an informed decision.

2. Allowing for electrical standby

Most refrigerated vans feature an electrical standby which is handy for standbys or offloading. This feature ensures a seamless transition that avoids a stationary position. This is means that you don’t have to worry about your goods getting spoiled overnight or when offloading. Your goods will remain fresh even when the vehicle engine is off.

3. Refrigerated vans feature dual compartments.

Some refrigerated vans allow you to adjust the temperature thanks to their many compartments. This comes in handy when transporting goods requiring varying storage temperatures. With such compartments, you can sit and store the goods according to their temperature requirements. This avoids damages over a long distance which can be costly.

4. Temperature control


Refrigerated vans allow you to control the temperature manually. This is a plus when ferrying goods requiring different temperature levels during storage. However, it’s advisable to know the exact temperature needs of your goods before hiring the van. And this is because all vehicles have varying freezing temperatures, and you want one to suit your needs.

Luckily most vans come with an in-cab controller in the refrigeration unit. This features a digital display monitor allowing easy temperature control and defrosting. Others provide constant load space temperature readout.

5. Refrigerated vehicles allow for business expansion

With a refrigerated van for transportation and delivery in your company, you are no longer restricted. You can reach a wide range of clients in other locations and still maintain the quality of your products during transportation.

This is beneficial for small businesses wishing to expand into the catering business or florist stores. With this form of transportation, you can do door-to-door marketing and attract more clients to boost your sales and profits. Also, you can attend conferences, trade exhibits, and many other events.

Hiring vs. buying-Which works best?


You can buy or hire a refrigerated van, but this will depend on your business needs and frequency of use. If you deal with highly perishable goods and need to transport them daily, buying a van will be cost-effective in the long run.

However, renting would be ideal if you only need the van after days, weeks, or months. Also, you’ll only pay for the vehicle on the hired days, which saves a lot. You also don’t have to bother about insurance and many other long-term commitments.

The bottom line

Temperature-controlled vehicles are commonly used by most companies today. They come in different types and sizes, and a van refrigeration company can help you choose the best one for your type of goods and needs. With these vehicles, you have full control over perishable goods and can travel long distances without worrying about damages to perishables. If seeking to buy or hire a refrigerated van, consult a reputed company, and forget about your transportation woes.