9 Reasons to Visit Xian, the Cradle of Chinese Culture

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Traveling all over the world is a dream most people have, and visiting new and exciting places is always welcome. We know about the most popular cities, and we’ve all heard about the monuments that are known by billions, but there are some places in the world, that not many of us can name, that are still worth a lot more excitement than they are getting. If you are looking to explore new cities, and if you are looking for more than just the best-known names, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to learn some of the reasons to visit Xian, the cradle of Chinese culture.

1. You can see a beautiful mix of the ancient and the modern

In this place there is so much diversity, starting from the culture, religion, and people, up to the land, the traditions, and the things that you can see and do. You can explore the history and travel through centuries by visiting the museums and religious places, and you can also get to know about modern-day things and see how the country was affected during the 11 dynasties. It is an amazing mix of ancient and modern, and no matter what you choose to do, you will never be left disappointed.

2. It is the oldest city in the country

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This is the oldest city in the country, and it has more than 5 thousand years of history that shows the development not only of the land but also of the people and traditions. There are a lot of museums that are worth seeing, so many mesmerizing things to learn about, and you can learn how this year connected to other places and even continents through the centuries. One of the most interesting things that you will get to know is about the Terracotta Warriors, and these stories, legends, and information are more than worth knowing.

3. If you love dumplings, this is where you need to go

There are so many interesting things about Xian and hundreds of facts that you have to remember before you book your flight, and now we are going to give you a piece of information that you are definitely going to remember. There are forty-four different types of dumplings here, that are different in color, type, shape, and taste, and they represent the dynasties, the history, and the tradition. If you have the chance, you need to try them all, and if not, feast on as many of them as you possibly can.

4. Here you can learn everything you need to know about the country

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It is difficult to know a lot about a country from just one place, but if you want to understand Chinese history, culture, traditions, and so much more, then you really need to go to Xian. There is so much more here than any of the other places that you can go to, and you will understand the history and the past, along with the new happenings and how the modern world is affecting the development of this beautiful land.

5. You can get some really interesting souvenirs here

Visiting a new destination means that we want to get something from there that will remind us of that place forever. For most countries, we tend to just buy a magnet, or a postcard, and all these things, even though are different, are still with the same motive. In Xian, you can find some unique figurines, like the Terracotta Army ones. As you can see if you check this, there is so much history and culture related to this army that you will want a souvenir that can remind you of it for years to come.

6. The locals are nice and welcoming to everyone

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When we explore new places and cultures, the easiest way to get that done is with the help of the locals. However, not many cities in the world will offer you this, and sometimes, we are left feeling unwelcomed, especially when it comes to huge places and tourist destinations. In this place, that will never happen to you, and all the locals that you meet are going to be nice, friendly, and welcoming. Know that they might invite you over to their homes, offer you their tasty food, and help you learn where you can go and what you can do.

7. It is one of the cleanest places you can visit

Unfortunately, we live in a world where most cities are extremely polluted, and if we want to get a breath of fresh air, we need to go up to the mountains. If you are looking for a place where you can get your lungs filled with crisp oxygen, then you should go to Xian. It is one of the least polluted areas in the world, and here you won’t have to deal with dark and polluted skies and smelly fog.

8. There is something for everyone

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No matter if you are the type of person who loves to try new cuisines, an individual who loves exploring and spending time in nature, or if you prefer social gatherings and meeting new people, this is the place that you want to visit. There is something for everyone here, starting from breathtaking landscapes, trendy new restaurants and bars, and more history and culture than most areas in the world. You can combine them all to get the perfect traveling experience.

9. You will love the fruits

Finally, in this place, you will be able to taste some of the most beautiful fruits that you have ever tasted. The city is known for its pomegranates that you can find pretty much everywhere, and you can eat as many of them as you want. You can also try some of the tastiest grapes in the world, and with that, you can also explore the wine culture and try different types of this beverage. If you are ever in Xian, don’t forget to try these things, you will never regret it.

There are hundreds of reasons why you need to visit the cradle of Chinese culture, and these are just some of them. Make sure you create a plan before you go because there are so many important places to explore, that if you don’t approach this in the right way, no matter how long you stay there, it is never going to be enough.