5 Reasons Rolex Watches Go Up In Value

Rolex is a brand of watches that is the most famous in the world. One of their models that Paul Newman was wearing – was sold in 2018 at a dizzying price of almost 18 million dollars. The urban legend says that the “Montres Tudor SA design” watch must be recognizable from the distance of six meters – just to leave the factory at all and to deserve to be labeled with the “Rolex” name.

However, we are asking ourselves why is this wristwatch so expensive? First of all, this is one of those brands that have a very special design and unique aesthetics. This brand is recognizable for making watches that are sporty, active – but above all, these wrist-watches are true magic tools.


The Most Expensive Watches In The World

Rolex is one of those brands on the “thinner end of the rod” when it comes to luxury watches because it is primarily intended for use. The manufacturer launched the Submariner, Explorer, Milgaus, and GMT models in the 1950s –  all of which were designed to be used as tools. It has remained so to this day, and it is interesting that the watch, which was intended for practical use – has now become a luxury item.

The submariner costs $ 8,000. The lowest price for a Rolex watch is 5,000 for the Oyster Perpetual. These watches wind automatically, are waterproof and precise. Rolex focuses on quality. It takes a year to make a watch like this. Each specimen undergoes detailed testing.

5 Reasons Rolex Watches Go Up In Value

1. Precision And Quality Assurance


Accuracy, chronometer, precise mechanism – this is the essence in precisely determining the time, hourly rate, and reading real-time. Rolex also has a long warranty – for example, if you have any trouble with any Rolex watch model, you can use their service center for repair. The watch button opens and closes countless times before the watch can leave the factory.

Therefore, when you buy one – you can be sure that it will not loosen up or break. The major point about these watches is that when you buy one, it will last you for a long time.

At least just for twenty years. And if you look after it and maintain it properly – it can last you forever. This is also the reason for their high price because you are purchasing an item that can last longer and be passed through the generations.

2. Rolex Represents A Status Symbol

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The watch has the same effect as other status symbols such as an elegant wallet, an elegant tie, and expensive leather shoes: it can enhance or reverse your look. Imagine a man wearing a designer suit, makeup shoes, and a sports digital watch.

If we replace a digital watch with a luxury one, the same person will radiate style, class, and power. By choosing the watch we wear, we send discrete signals to the environment about our personality and economic status. It is impossible to go beyond the realization that Rolex, for example – is so connected to the notion of success.

Many managers and entrepreneurs marked their entry into the elite by waving some of Rolex’s models. Large gold watches certainly act bold, but whether the owner looks at the environment with respect or contempt – depends on the way they are worn.

It is not advisable to brag that your golden Rolex stands more than someone’s car – nor to wear a watch that is too loose so that it protrudes under the cuff as often as possible.

Expressing status by wearing a watch should be unobtrusive to achieve the best results. Still, there is no doubt that owners of expensive watches want others to see their treasure.

3. Rolex Is A Good Investment

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People often buy expensive items considering it an investment for the future. Many, however, are skeptical when it comes to buying extremely expensive newer watch models like Apple’s. However, is it the same with special mechanical watches like Rolex? No, not at all. They don’t become obsolete because according to goldsmart.co.nz  – their technology is always the same. Check out Gold Smart and you will see that these items are like wine, the older they get, the better they are.

Therefore, people consider them a good investment. Even though a lot of vintage collectors always existed – this market has now exploded, watch experts say. There has been a growth in the watch market that has jumped back four years by as much as 50 percent.

Therefore it’s not surprising that this famous brand manages to retain the value of most of their items. It took decades for Rolex to create the image of a man wearing their watch – as one who is successful.

4. Collectors Evaluate Rolex

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There is a so-called vintage Rolex market in collector’s circles. In this market, the price can fall but also rise drastically. This market is ruled by collectors who pay attention to small details that increase or decrease the value of the model. Newman’s watch, which was sold in the fall of 2018, is the one most expensive ever sold on any auction. His Daytona model is a primary example of the quality and longevity of these watches.

That famous design line came out in the seventies of the last century. At that time, the company could not sell it – but that is why today these are the most sought after watches on the vintage market.

5. Production Wrapped In A Veil Of Secrets

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No one knows how many of these watches are produced in one year, or how many copies are made per model. All that is known is that there are not many of them and that they are difficult to obtain.

However, one of the best things about these watches – is that anyone can wear almost any type or model. The design is unisex, which is confirmed by the fact that the female DataJest is the most popular model of Rolex brand of all times.