10 Smart Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On TikTok

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TikTok – a new era when it comes to fun & social media interactions. Nowadays it seems like everyone is on this platform, but are you, or your business? Be open-minded and always try to follow the trends. If you are interested in expanding your business or figuring out how to move your clients or audience from Facebook or Instagram onto TikTok, keep on reading. Here are all the pros & perks of TikTok.

So, what & why choose TikTok?

This is a video-sharing social network that allows you to promote yourself or your service within a couple of short seconds in a video format. Thanks to comedians, YouTubers, as well as makeup artists, the platform has been doing quite well for five years. It has become the most downloaded app even beating Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. TikTok has been downloaded two billion times, and if you’re not on it you should know that you’re one of a few.

10 Smart reasons why your business needs to be on tiktok

Makes the experience more personal

Both an individual business or a larger business could benefit from TikTok. You will easily put yourself out there on the market, and you will make your business look friendly & unique with its own personality. For some consumers or buyers, this is an experience in itself and the best ad at the moment. Go for a friendly face that will represent your service or your business the best way possible.

Light & humorous

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Often times the content that you see on TikTok is light, funny, as well as entertaining for all the parties. Anyone can make an honest & genuine connection on this platform, and people from different backgrounds, social lives, age groups, as well as preferences can stumble upon your business. Most Gen-Z’s will think of you as an innovative & modern business, and Millenials will understand what the hype’s about.

You can use your content in various ways

TikTok content is super short but you can customize it. Think about how much one video can make you stand out, and then what tens of them could do?! You can always forward your TikTok content to your partner in an email chain since it will spice up things while also helping with the curiosity levels. You can also save your content and wait for a convenient time to publish it or use it in presentations and onboarding videos.

It’s polarizing

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There’s a bit of everything on TikTok, and with the right settings and adjusting you will easily grasp the right audience. You should focus on personalization and bringing a bit of personality into your business with some key quotes, pictures, sounds, or general content. In the end, your chosen content will be polarizing for your audience.

It makes your brand look curious

Once you get the needed polarization most members and clients will wonder why are you, all of a sudden, joining TikTok?! Humans are naturally curious and driven, which means that some people might spread the word about your brand due to their shock and element of surprise. If a person is naturally curious and he or she is easily consumed by new news, they will instantly absorb any kind of similar information about your brand.

New + noteworthy

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If you are trying to get PR opportunities you should know that TikTok is the way to do it. Nowadays there are hundreds of different sponsorships on a daily for young stars & creators. Most similar sites or business organizations will notice you trying, and some different media or journalists may want to give you a shoutout for your creative way & approach.

You come off as a leader

Do you want to come off looking like a leader and a trendsetter with the rest of your sibling-like companies? You will set up the bar high and your standards for other brands to follow. You should invest at least six months into any new project and before you decide to get rid of it or move onto something new. Within this time frame & window, you are going to get the hang of it while attracting the right kind of audience.

You will look like a pioneer

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Did you know that everyone prefers video production and video formats in their business over old PowerPoint presentations?! This is why Instagram stories are doing way better than IG posts, along with Instagram reels. You don’t want to look like an old-school retro business that never follows or jumps onto new trends, do you?

Great for future business

VR is the thing of the future, along with chips, cryptos, graphics, and AI. TikTok is a platform that is fully customizable and it can give you a jump start with any field of your business, no matter the niche. You are already making the first step and you’re adapting to your new possibilities and surroundings while using the right tools.

Brand awareness

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Last, but not least, you need to come off as a cool brand and a business that cares about its audience. Try to connect with your consumers through comments, likes, and shares. Work smart & plan ahead while planting your seeds with every move you make. Brand awareness, positivity, as well as optimism are key to running this app!

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