8 Reasons Why Reading Product Reviews is Essential Before Buying

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With each passing day, more people decide to shop online. The process has been made easier and enjoyable with the availability of practically every product in the world on the online market and the introduction of features that make it possible for shoppers to browse through the items as they would in a physical store.

Some of these features, which have been made possible through cutting edge technology, include the introduction of Virtual Reality to e-commerce, an innovation that now allows shoppers to virtually try out products to know if they suit them before buying, Product Personalization, which gives shoppers the liberty to get customized features and letter branding on their items and Voice Search. This feature makes it possible for shoppers to find them online, using their voices. Since payment options are also convenient, it would seem there’s almost nothing to dissuade one from shopping online.

However, it would appear that the most relevant advantage of shopping online is the presence of reviews about items on e-commerce stores. Some reputable sites, like us-reviews.com, focus majorly on curating reviews from different sites. What does this mean for online shoppers? Your shopping decisions can be positively influenced if you consider these eight reasons why reading product reviews is essential before doing any form of online shopping.

1. Reading Product Reviews gives you a General idea of it

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This can help you decide which suits your needs best. If you heard about a product from social media or stumbled on it while searching Google and go looking for it in an online store, there is a tendency that you will find different products in stock, all serving the same purpose. At a point, you might get confused about which one you should pick.

If you take the time to read the reviews, you get the first inkling of each item, the differences between that and other items, and the specialized features of the items. That way, you can decide which products will best serve your needs.

2. They inform you about updates on available products

You may not know it, but complaints from customers may have prompted additional features in a product. You get informed about these updates through the reviews of those who have purchased the item and discover if these updates mean hidden charges in the total cost.

3. It is a form of insurance against fraud

Many people have been ripped off their hard-earned money while shopping online, probably because they didn’t read what others had to say about the product and the brand they were buying from.

If you read the reviews, you may most likely see things like “It’s been 8 months since I paid and I’m yet to get my toaster,” “the most annoying thing is that the customer service doesn’t respond to messages,” “this is a hoax, you better not make any purchases on this site.” Once you see more than a couple of these, you realize that the store is a potential scam and look for somewhere else to shop.

4. You can discover if the product works the way the manufacturer says

Product descriptions will reel tons of fun things about using a particular item, but most times, it’s just promotional advertising.

From reviews of those who have used it, you get to know if it works as described or not. There are no way manufacturers will tell you the downsides to their products or convince you it’s not worth your money. And you can’t blame them; most probably don’t use the items they produce.

5. Product Reviews might offer tips on how to optimize them

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A review might read, “I was having overheating problems with this gadget, but all I did was make sure it was unplugged when not in use.” This means you’re not going to have the same overheating problems as you just read from a customer how to avoid it.

6. You can Discover more products

Some very straightforward customers would use an inspection to compare the item you’re checking out and one they used in the past or have seen a friend use. This alerts you to the availability of other products, if not on that particular store you’re surfing, on another. The review might even include price differences between both of them.

7. Product Reviews give you a clue how the business treats their customers

While reading them, notice if and how the manufacturer responds to each negative review about the product. Read further to find out if the issues complained about were resolved and if the company stuck to their promises of replacing items damaged during delivery, for instance.

If the customers are aggrieved, it simply means the business doesn’t value them. And you wouldn’t want to be caught up in such unpleasantness.

8. It gives you information about the delivery schedule

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A brand that delivers on time will have it written by customers in reviews, likewise one that doesn’t deliver on time. A study that says, “I ordered a wristwatch for my son’s birthday and got it 5 days after the event,” should either discourage you from shopping with that brand or encourage you to place the order 5 days before you actually need it. Also, you discover if the delivery charges are on you or a bonus offer by the company.


There is no limit to the amount of money you can save by reading item reviews. It can help you avoid fraud sites, know if what you’re buying is worth your money and if it works the way the manufacturer says. Besides that, you also find good information about the durability of certain items, the customer care service of the brand, and delivery bills. Most importantly, product reviews help you find which items suit your needs the most. Experience is the best teacher, a clichè says, but nobody says it has to be your own experience.