How to Reach Your Audience With SMS Blast Service – 2024 Guide

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What is a Text Blast?

SMS mass messaging is text messages sent to subscribers. For this, it’s easy to use automated systems. Bulk mailing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers in real-time.

To send messages to lots of mobile phone numbers, it’s recommended to use a phone number extractor service. If you still don’t know how the number extractor works, this article from Atompark will help you figure it out. In brief, extractor software will find and collect contact information for you within a couple of minutes, and you can spend the time you save on yourself. It is able to extract email addresses, phone numbers, as well as Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs, from the web.

The program collects contacts in 39 search engines. Phone number web extractor understands edited and created scripts, and searches for contacts on all available sites. You will also have the opportunity to search for unnecessary sites or search engines. To do this, the phone number web extractor has the ability to create a blacklist and add domains or sites there that you do not need contacts from. Lead Extractor quickly searches and retrieves information by analyzing multiple resources simultaneously. You can set the number of threads by setting limits when loading links.

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How to Send a Text Blast

The process of sending bulk SMS messages doesn’t cause difficulties even for beginners. To carry out bulk messaging, you should follow a few simple steps and don’t forget about using the special extractor software:

  1. Choose the right service for bulk messaging. There are lots of software with different functions presented on the Internet. You should find the simplest and most reliable program with good customer support. Our service will allow you to successfully start bulk mailing, manage messages and analyze user behavior after receiving notifications.
  2. Create a list of users who have subscribed to your mailing list. Only clients who have agreed to this should receive notifications. You can ask them to send a special keyword to a short number, and it will mean consent to receiving your newsletter. If your database already has enough contacts, you can add a number of users who have recently subscribed to your mailing list. Don’t forget that customers must be interested in receiving messages, otherwise, they will block your number.
  3. Start sending messages. When you have a ready-made database of numbers, you can start sending out messages. It is enough to segment mobile numbers and send SMS to certain categories of users. You can set up sending at a specific time or send notifications right away.
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Remember to choose the right time for your messages, as your users may be in different time zones. Messages should not arrive at night or in the midst of a working day — in this case, a positive reaction to the newsletter is doubtful.

Key reasons for using SMS blast

SMS messages have the highest open rate compared to other mass mailing methods. About 98% of notifications are viewed within a few minutes after the sound notification. For comparison, there is only a 30% chance of an email being opened.

Bulk SMS messaging is the most economical way to communicate with your customers. This form of marketing allows interested users to get information about your company.
It is enough to use the leads extractor service to increase their interest in your business. Users who receive an offer from your company will agree to it with an almost 50% probability — this is the percentage of responses to SMS messages.

SMS/Text blast Use cases + examples

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While creating an advertising campaign, people usually focus on increasing users’ interest and the total number of target audiences. The final result can be seen when the level of sales increases. Once you’ve built the contact base with the lead scraper, you can expect to see an increase in conversion rates. As loyalty to your brand grows, you will notice that users order a lot more products. Your income will grow significantly. To get a decent result from your marketing campaign, try one of the following methods for bulk messaging:

  1. Remind of important meetings. Have you made an appointment with a client? Regardless of the field of your activity — it can be both cosmetic services and car repairs — don’t forget to remind the client of the visit time. A text message is a cheap and effective reminder of a planned event. You will save a lot of time that would have to be spent on calling each customer.
  2. Notify about important information. Users should be aware of changes in your work schedule, delivery delays, canceled appointments, and other issues. Naturally, customers can go to your site and study the work schedule themselves, but for more effective interaction, use mass mailings.
  3. Offer coupons and special bonuses. Customers won’t be able to resist making a purchase if you offer them a nice discount. This method is especially popular for making urgent sales or increasing store traffic during a day.
  4. Offer your clients to participate in a competition or vote for the product they like most. This will help you collect necessary information, while users will feel involved in the business process. You will be able to identify popular products and find out what customers are missing when they visit your stores.
  5. Receive feedback. Users who receive mass messages can easily reply to them and suggest ideas for changing the way your company works. You will be able to see criticism and get valuable feedback.
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When you managed to win the attention of your target audience, you will notice an increase in conversion after the first newsletters. You shouldn’t send messages too often, because even the most loyal customer may lose interest in your products if they see them too often. Choose the optimal time for messaging and enjoy the result. Users will receive information of interest and take targeted actions, for instance, go to your site or make purchases in your stores.