Top 10 Important Questions To Ask On A First Date: 2024


The first date doesn’t seem like the most comfortable event in your life. When both people are getting to know each other, there is no guarantee everything will go smoothly. But with smart questions, you have every chance to avoid an awkward pause.

Many couples often tend to get awkward and nervous when they are on their first date. Because of their nervousness, they are likely to mess up the date by asking common and boring questions or chatting about useless topics. Awkward silence can kill the vibe of your date, which is why we are here with some fascinating questions which will help you maintain the flow of your conversation.

Best 10 Interesting Questions To Ask On A First Date


You may have mixed emotions when the day comes where you have to meet your first date. Some people will feel highly excited, while others may feel a bit anxious. If you want to know more about the dating game, this site might be of great help And here are the best questions you want to ask your viz-a-viz on a first date:

1. “Do you want to tell me about your family?”

The first and the most important question always concerns family. Why? Because judging by the relationships with their parents you can conclude how the person will treat you in the future. Who is their closest family member? Men who are on good terms with their mothers usually treat other women right. The same goes for women who respect their fathers.

As you talk about your family, sometimes you might find a few common relatives as well. In addition to that, you can know more about their traditions and any unique culture that their family has been following since ancient times.

2. “What music do you listen to?”


People who don’t have any music preferences seem sketchy and indifferent while someone with a very specific taste would probably bully you for preferring a different kind of tune. Watch out for die-hard music fans, as well as someone who discriminates against you for your taste because this is how they will treat you in other fields of life.

3. “Are you a cat or a dog person?”

Judging by someone’s preferences, you can tell what the person’s quirks are. Additionally, you will know if your date has allergies, especially if you have a pet at home. Them telling you about their hatred towards animals is a red flag.

4. “Who is your celebrity crush?”


This question is not made to get you jealous comparing yourself to a Hollywood star. It is a reasonable question because we tend to be compassionate towards someone we relate to. If your date admires a talented abuser or a famous psycho, it can be a red flag as well, unless they don’t know. When your date behaves like a lunatic or an extremely crazy person while talking about their favorite crush, it is another red flag.

5. “Do you like what you’re doing in life?”

If a person hates their job or doesn’t have a hobby, it means they’re lost. There is nothing bad in being lost in life because we’ve all been there. But do you want to play someone’s therapist or push them in life?

If you think you can help them enjoy their life, you can go on more dates. However, if your date has a serious hatred or strong dislike towards something in their life, make sure to know more about it.

6. “How did your last relationship end?”


It might be a sensitive question for the majority of readers, but it will give you a great perspective of someone’s opinion about their ex. Remember that your date will talk the same stuff about you one day. If your interlocutor is too consistent and passionate while negatively talking about their ex or admitting feelings for them, these are red flags as well.

If your date says that they end the past relationship because of silly or unnecessary reasons, be careful because the same thing may happen to you as well. If you have a job out of town or in another country, ask their opinion about long-distance relationships. Hence, you can get an idea of whether your first date is compatible with you.

7. “How would your friends describe you?”

This question will make you understand whether the person has friends at all. And if they have some, the most important part is not what friends supposedly describe your date as; it is vice versa. You want to know what your partner talks about their friends in their absence.

Your date does not need to have numerous friends because the vital thing is having good friends, even if they are only one or two. If you continue this chat, you can know how much preference your date will give to their friends.

8. “Where did you grow up?”


You want to know more background information about your date’s childhood. Did they have a good upbringing? What area did they grow up in? What are their relationships with their parents and other family members?

You can ask them where they stayed during their childhood, for example, which city or town. By doing that, you can notice if you may have any common school friends, college mates, or neighbors.

9. “What was the last movie you saw?”

Movies are an integral part of someone’s culture, so you want to know more about films your date watches. Are they serial killer movies or blockbusters?

You can also learn about their movie preference, favorite actors and actresses, the type of genre they love watching, and many more. If your first date is successful, you can take him or her on a movie date for the next time.

10. “Do you like children?”


This question might throw them off, but if you opt for building a serious relationship, you might want to know whether your date is child-free or hates children in general.

With this question, you can get a brief outline of what your marriage life may look like (in case if you married him or her). Later, you can also ask whether they want to have children in the early marriage life or after some years.

Bottom Line

It is indeed true that many of us feel a bit of pressure while going on a first date. Be careful while speaking because if you talk about unnecessary or useless stuff, your date might not have a good or positive impression on you. Due to that, make sure to start a light chat on the abovementioned top 10 questions. Lastly, try to ask them in a friendly tone rather than being stiff.