Top Qualifiers to Evaluate Your Cloud Hosting Provider

It doesn’t matter how much effort you are putting in your business and which type of approach you are using, if you will not be able to choose solution providers for your business then you will never be able to step up to the plate and get expected results from your efforts. The modern-day industries have become very competitive and with so many players entering the industry, there is surely no room for error. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a construction firm or an eCommerce firm; you will surely need to choose the right solution provider. Surely there are many things that you will be able to manage on your own or offer to your business without taking help from anyone else, but then there are those solutions that must be taken from other solution providers and this is the part where you will need to be very careful.

Although a business needs solution providers in each and every department of their business-like in marketing, they will need the help of SEO company, in HR, they may need the services of an RPO but in this blog post, we are going to talk about a solution that is not restricted by any type of department of your business and it is used by firms from all over the world. Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to talk about the very popular and used cloud hosting solution.

If you are already thinking about how much cloud hosting will cost, then fear not as many hosting providers are very cheap depending on what you need. For simple tasks then it should be a pretty cheap solution that you can implement in a few short minutes. For more complex tasks consider using a company, such as Parquantix, that works with you to reduce your overall cloud hosting costs.

There is surely a way through which you can opt for cloud hosting without the need of any cloud vendor but that will surely burn a hole in your pocket and you will never be able to step up to the plate and manage your financial expenses. This is the main reason why most modern-day businesses prefer opting for third party cloud hosting providers.

But in order to make the most of your cloud hosting provider, you will have to choose the right cloud hosting provider as well. If you are thinking that your whole cloud experience is dependent upon how you will use the cloud then you are completely wrong. Your cloud experience will depend a lot on which type of cloud hosting provider you are working with.

This is why, in this blog post, we will look at some of the important questions that you can ask your cloud hosting provider.

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From how many years are you providing the cloud hosting service?

This is surely one of the most important questions to ask your cloud hosting provider because an experienced cloud hosting provider will be much better for your firm. If you want to go a step further then you can also ask whether they have served business like yours in the past or not because the cloud needs of different industries are a bit different from each other. As stated by, you should know with experience, a cloud hosting provider will be able to face all the types of issues related to cloud and this is why they will have tried and tested methods to get rid of these issues. This is another important reason why choosing an experienced cloud hosting provider is necessary.

Do you give guaranteed high uptime?

Just saying that the cloud provider is offering high uptime won’t be enough as you will need to make sure that they give proper guarantee for the uptime. If you will choose a reputed cloud hosting provider like QuickBooks then you will get high uptime of 99.99% and with this type of high uptime, you will never have to face any issue regarding the continuity of your business. If you are still not satisfied with the type of uptime your cloud hosting provider is offering then the best way to check will be to go for their free trial. Make sure that the cloud solution is always available at your service otherwise, interruptions in your cloud service will bring back the same problems of desktop installed software.

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Are there any hidden prices?

You might succumb to a low price shown on the official website of the cloud hosting provider but after buying their package, you might be asked to make extra payments. Well, this type of pricing is known as hidden pricing and you should always be alert about it. You should always ask your cloud hosting provider whether they have any hidden charges in their pricing structure or not. For example, if you will choose a QuickBooks desktop hosting provider then there might be a hidden surcharge in their price because they have to pay if they are Intuit Authorized and this surcharge is generally added in the cloud package. So, make sure that you are completely aware of the hidden charges.

What is the response time of technical support?

You will never wish to sit with an IT issue related to your cloud hosting service for a very long time and this is why knowing the response time of the technical support is very necessary. You should ask your cloud hosting provider how fast they will be when you will ask them to solve a problem. If they will be slow with the response then you have to deal with many issues. But you will not need to just stop at the response time because you will also need to check which type of IT professionals have been hired by your cloud vendor in order to provide the technical support. If the cloud experts will not be good enough then they will never be able to deal with your issues and get rid of them at the right time.

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Which type of data center you are using?

A lot is dependent on the data center being used by your cloud hosting provider and this is the main reason why you will also need to ask your cloud hosting provider about the details of their data center. First of all, you will need to begin by asking the location of the data center and this is important because if the data center will be in the disaster-prone area then it will pose a high risk to the security of your data. In addition to this, you will also need to ask about the certification, infrastructure details, and other hardware details of the data center from your cloud hosting provider. If your cloud hosting provider is not using a good data center then you should shift immediately.

Is your cloud service scalable?

With time, the demand for your product or service will surely change. Either it will go up or it will go down. But with the changing demand in the market, you will also need to adjust the performance and capability of your business solution and that is only possible if your cloud hosting provider will offer scalable cloud hosting service. You should know that a good cloud hosting service provider will have no problem in scaling up or scaling down your cloud needs as per your request and this will allow you to fine-tune the performance of your business solution according to the demand, without even changing the cloud hosting provider. So, make sure that the cloud hosting provider you are choosing is highly scalable.

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Are there any contracts in the cloud service?

You will need to make sure that the cloud hosting provider that you are going to choose doesn’t tie you with a contract otherwise you will have to stick with the same cloud hosting provider, even if they will not be able to provide you the right type of cloud hosting service. A good cloud hosting service provider will never tie with a contract while selling you the cloud package because reputed cloud hosting providers know that the modern-day customers are always on the hunt for flexibility while choosing a cloud hosting service. So, you will need to directly ask your cloud hosting provider about the involvement of any type of contract in the cloud package and if there is a contract then you should u shift to another cloud hosting provider without any second thoughts.

What is your backup routine?

Another important thing that you will need to be sure about while choosing a cloud hosting provider is backup. If you are working on the cloud platform then the backup will surely be one of your strongest points and you should never compromise on that. You will need to ask your cloud vendor about their backup policy and how often they create a backup. A good, popular and reputed cloud hosting provider will always be ready to offer you fortnightly backup and this is why you should never settle on anything less than nightly backup. With automatic backup, you will be able to get rid of all the issues related to manual backup and this is why it is so important.

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So, if you are going to choose a cloud vendor your business solution then you should ask them each and every question mentioned in this blog post because every question mentioned in this blog post is important for choosing the right cloud vendor.