Pyramids of Egypt


Everyone knows about Egypt and the pyramids, yet many know just some basic things, and what’s even worse, there are many myths people believe in about the pyramids. If there is one fact that everyone will agree on about the pyramids is that they are magnificent structures built in a unique way and in a time when transporting such big blocks of stone was almost impossible. Anyhow, even today, we are lucky that they exist because even if we set everything else aside, the sole fact that something that monstrous and monumental was built thousands of years ago by humans is proof that we are capable of some extraordinary things.

Cultural and historical heritage


As for Egypt, even though it is in Africa, its closeness to Europe placed it on the map thousand years ago, as it is perfectly set for trading routes and with a climate suitable for so many things. Of course, deserts are something else, as extreme weather conditions are just another thing that amazes people. The rich flora and fauna are also there to make everything even more attractive and unique, and the hospitality of the people living there is something you will rarely find anywhere. These famous structures are some of the most authentic monuments visited by millions of people every year, and everything about them is grandiose, their rich history, purpose, meaning, cultural impact, and many more.

How to pick the right tour

The best way to learn more about pyramids is to actually go to Egypt and find out on your own why these massive structures are so popular, and the only thing to consider is to pick the right tour, as what you want is the best possible experience which is possible only with certain tours and paths. Yes, this should cause that much trouble as there are many tours available, so most people think, but in reality, only a few of them grant exceptional experience with specific routes and paths not open to that many people. So, if you want to book your tour right away, make sure to check, and if you want to find out more about pyramids, keep reading, as some facts will amaze you.

Interesting facts


Let’s start with the most basic one, as most people believe or know just about the three most popular pyramids placed in Giza, but the fact is that there are more than 100 of them all across this country.

Another common misconception is that they were built by enslaved people, but this simply isn’t true because the citizens of this country were the ones responsible for creating these magnificent structures. Now, one thing that might disappoint you is that the chambers and rooms are actually empty, but there are also many areas where excavations are yet to discover many possible secrets they might hold.

The reason why they were built has a much deeper meaning, as they stand as a glorification of life after death. Of course, they were reserved for pharaohs, as their bodies, after embalming, were placed there. They are looked upon as a journey to the other world.

When you go to Egypt, one thing that everyone will recommend is that you simply must go and see the pyramids at night. Namely, the entire construction is perfectly aligned with the stars, and when the sky is clear, it gives a special vibe, as the entire view is one of a kind. Overall, seeing pyramids firsthand is highly recommended, but only seeing them at night can really show you the greatness of this magnificent manmade structure.

Another interesting fact is that they have many hidden passages and doors, leading to many chambers that aren’t entirely explored. Of course, this is just one of many mystical things and facts about these gigantic structures, but also the one that proves how much greater meaning there is to pyramids, that places them on your must-visit list.

We cannot talk about pyramids without mentioning Sphynx, which looks like their guardian, and speaking of Sphynx, the most popular surely is the Great Sphynx of Giza. It is the first sculpture of this size made in Egypt, and it looks truly amazing not only because of its size but also because of what it represents. It is a representation of the king itself, but not with a human body, as it has a lion’s body instead.

Their purpose – why were they built?


The history of this country attracted many people, as it is described in different books, and thanks to these structures that still exist after all these years, people are still eager to learn more about it. The first question we will try to answer is why pyramids were built and their role in society. In order to understand that, we need to explain that every king was special to people, and they believed that not people were choosing them but gods. The role of the king was to keep the empire stable and provide people with good lives, so people treated them with huge respect. The general belief was that when the Pharaon dies, he turns into the God of death. That is why the afterlife has a much higher meaning, and life itself, even though precious, is just the beginning of the journey. The death of the Pharaon was not the end, and because of that, it was important to make a place where they could enjoy their afterlife.

Because of that, Egyptians built these structures to keep the body of their leader and now God safe. They were convinced that one small part of the spirit never leaves the body, and it is important to preserve it by mummifying the body. Once the Pharaon’s body was mummified, the Pharaon was buried in it together with everything they might need in their afterlife. These structures had enough places to bury all the relatives of the Pharaon. They were full of gold, equipped with furniture, and had enough food as it was considered proper care of Pharaon’s spirit.