8 Pros of CBD Oil, According to Koi CBD

CBD has many benefits and we’re going to look at some of the big ones below in this piece.

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1. Promotes Weight Loss

Hemp seeds contain GLA, which is one of the natural appetite suppressants that lowers sugar cravings. This ingredient assists with losing weight since you consume fewer calories.

According to KOICBD, CBD contains high levels of GLA that assist with reducing weight in the way of stopping you from regaining weight. One of the studies discovered that people that were once obese that were taking GLA supplements over a year, all gained back far less weight. It is also a possibility that the omega-3’s present in hemp seed oils will also promote weight loss, but at this stage, the studies are still lacking.

Source: Medium

2. Moisturizes And Improves Skin Conditions

CBD oil is also an effective moisturizer, since the oils absorbs easily into the skin. It also enhances the barrier function in the skin to stop moisture loss. Hemp seed oil is an ideal skin food since it contains many nutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, making it the perfect carrier oil used for healing treatments and massage. When using hemp oil over time, the appearance of your skin will improve dramatically.

Hemp oil also provides additional benefits including relief from minor abrasions, acne, psoriasis, itchy skin, eczema, and dermatitis. Hemp seed oil also makes the skin stronger and improves its overall abilities to resist bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

Source:Good Spa Guide

3. Enhances The Immune System

Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids that the body requires to effectively synthesize endocannabinoids that perform the function of strengthening the immune system. Hemp seed oil is one of the best immune-enhancing supplements to take every day.

Source: Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine

4. Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

GLA, which stands for gamma-linoleic acid, present in the oil helps to keep inflammation at bay. This is great news for individuals with inflammatory diseases like arthritis. For example, individuals with MS (multiple sclerosis, a chronic inflammatory disorder) who took part in a scientific study were all given evening primrose oil and hemp seed oil to detect if any of their symptoms changed or improved. Scientists are starting to suggest that hemp oil might also be useful to treat fibromyalgia.

Source: SelfHacked

5. Pain Relief

Hemp oil is also one of the natural treatments used for pain relief. It lowers pain when applied topically or ingested. In combination with its effective anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is great for autoimmune disorders, infections, and injuries that result in pain. Subjective research or evidence has suggested that you can use hemp oil as a pain-relieving massage oil. You can gently rub the oil onto painful joints caused by inflammation, wear-and-tear, or an injury or into painful muscles directly after exercise or a workout. Hemp seed oil may be a fantastic alternative for individuals who prefer to stay away from allopathic pain medications used for chronic and severe pain.

Source: Dr. Dean Miami

6. Helps fight cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest problems of our time and one of the leading causes of death in the world. Along with cardiovascular diseases, it is the most common cause of death, and in the coming decades it will become the most common due to various causes that surround us. Therefore, different approaches to treatment are sought, especially those that do not involve chemotherapy, which has many side effects. Here CBD oil imposes itself as one of the main hopes of all sick people. Although no study has yet confirmed the 100 percent effectiveness of CBD oil in treating cancer, there are many indications that this is the case. With their wide range of effects, many say they have been cured using CBD oil. This is certainly something to look out for in the near future. Even if proven to be unsuccessful in treatment, CBD oil certainly relieves the symptoms of chemotherapy.

Source: Medical News Today

7. Addiction treatment

Addictions are more present than ever, especially in the younger population. Different approaches to treating this problem are being taken, but for most they have proven to be a short-term rather than a long-term solution. CBD has recently been used in patients who have abused various drugs and has proven to be very successful. It has been successful in treating both heavy drug addiction and cigarette addiction. Unlike the various medications given in these cases, it has no detrimental effects and does not create additional addiction, as is the case with many other medications.

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8. It helps with anxiety and insomnia problems

Because of its relaxing effect, CBD oil has helped many to overcome anxiety problems as well as sleep problems. Unlike medications prescribed for sleep problems, it causes a calming effect but does not cause a feeling of slowness the next day. It also does not create an addiction but serves to help only at that moment, in order to re-establish a proper sleep cycle. It accelerates the secretion of serotonin, so it acts as an anxiolytic, but it is natural, so it is a healthy alternative. Many also use it to treat post-traumatic stress, but be careful and consult your doctor before use.

Ways to use it

There are different ways to use them and most of them are equally effective, so the way you choose depends on your preferences. It can be applied to the skin in the form of a cream and it is very good if you use it for pain relief in the joints. You can also take it orally or vape. There are various other ways, and before using it, ask people what effects they had with that way of consumption.

Source: Open Access Government

The question of legality

This is something that worries many, but you can rest easy, especially in the USA. If the CBD product is obtained from hemp, then it is absolutely legal. This means that it has a very low concentration of the psychoactive substance THC, below 0.3 percent and is approved for use everywhere. So you can buy it anywhere. It is important to check that CBD is not obtained from marijuana because that changes the situation. If you use a hemp product, you will have no problems.


The popularity of CBD is huge, it has grown so much that this is now an industry worth several billion dollars. This did not happen by accident, but because it has a lot of positive effects on your health, and we have told you what they are.