6 Professional Athletes That Have Invested In Bitcoin

Athletes on the professional level are more than just good in their games. They’ve been able to combine marketing and business objectives with their sporting prowess in recent years.

Many people are unaware that some of our generation’s most successful athletes are also successful business people and investors. Players are more educated, intelligent, and conscious of their financial and monetary status than they have ever been.

They understand that they only have ten years or so to earn at their greatest levels before their physical limitations force them to retire. However, regardless of when they retire, if they invest well, they will always have a bright financial future.

Because it is so simple to discover high-quality Bitcoin trading software (click here), pro-athletes are enamored with everything crypto. From investing in cryptocurrencies to supporting enterprises and start-ups working on cutting-edge technology such as Blockchain, there is something for everyone.

Professional athletes are among the world’s most active tech investors. Indeed, they’ve established a solid reputation as astute investors who spot future chances.

Why Are Professional Athletes Investing in Bitcoin?

We may say that Bitcoin allows athletes to have complete control over their money without the use of intermediaries. It is one of the most appealing features that has attracted athletes to Bitcoin. Many sports stars have a lot of endorsements, and they also have a lot of corporate sponsorship arrangements. All of these deals and sponsorships are managed by an agency, which is compensated handsomely by the players.

However, Bitcoin allows athletes to keep complete control of their funds and eliminates the need for them to give any money to the agency. Athletes can deal in Bitcoin without the need for a middleman because everything can be done with their minds. Furthermore, imagine an athlete who accepts Bitcoin as a form of remuneration. In that situation, it assists them in avoiding heavy taxation because the amount gained is less than the usual income tax. It is one of the major advantages of adopting Bitcoin, according to the participants.

The government and numerous sponsors keep track of an athlete’s entire spending habits in order to engage with them on various tasks. Furthermore, when an athlete achieves a great deal of fame and has a high profile, they are more likely to be attacked by numerous scammers and hackers. As a result, bitcoin provides a sense of privacy and protection to high-profile athletes by keeping all of their confidential identities safe and secure.

Bitcoin is thought to be one of the largest and fastest-growing financial sectors. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin makes use of a variety of high-quality technology, which helps to maintain it incredibly safe and secure for those who invest. It is stated that athletes who spend their money on Bitcoin make big gains, which is a great feature about them. There are some big personalities in sports who have put a lot of money into cryptocurrency because they believe they will make a lot of money from it.

1. Floyd Mayweather

Source: digifinex.com

Mayweather, despite his retirement, was still a professional athlete until recently and can just almost make our list. He has also been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrency in the past, which qualifies him for inclusion! Mayweather was one of the best boxers the world had ever seen, and he was known for flashing his wealth when he was in the ring. This has continued on his social media channels, and he has already promoted the Stox cryptocurrency network. This was in addition to his involvement in the Centra Tech project’s promotion.

2. Matt Barkley

Source: buffalonews.com

Matt Barkley, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now, has built a reputation for himself both on and off the field. When the Buffalo Bills quarterback asked for his wages to be paid in Bitcoin, he caused quite a commotion. The club gladly accepted his request and offered him the same amount in Bitcoins. Many other NFL players are said to have followed suit and demanded the same from their teams. In the NFL, the concept of trading online is slowly but steadily gaining traction.

3. Spencer Dinwiddie

Source: basketballforever.com

You’ll recognize this name if you enjoy basketball. Dinwiddie is a point guard for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, and he is recognized for his athleticism. He’s also a pro athlete who’s interested in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. He reportedly began investing in this coin during the boom year of 2017 and was often checking the price of Bitcoin before and after games! While it’s unclear how much he invested, it’s safe to assume that the overall rise of Bitcoin since then has made him rather happy.

4. Nikita Kucherov

Source: rawcharge.com

Ice hockey is a popular sport all throughout the world, and this quick right-winger currently plays for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. Kucherov is a cryptocurrency supporter in addition to his hockey passion. He is an ice hockey ambassador for TokenStars, a Blockchain-based platform that tokenizes athletes. If the stars that the platform’s users invest in succeed, the platform’s users earn. Kucherov has been involved for some time and is the most recent person to declare his support for cryptocurrency in this way.

5. Serena Williams

Source: dailysabah.com

Serena Williams is maybe the most well-known pro athlete who has dabbled in cryptocurrency and is still competing. Her many Grand Slam titles and forceful playing style have made her a household name among sports fans all around the world. In recent years, she has taken this power to the world of digital money by investing in Coinbase, a coin exchange. This was accomplished through her Serena Ventures venture capital organization, which invests in start-ups and expanding businesses.

6. Lionel Messi

Source: eurosport.com

Lionel Messi, the former FC Barcelona star, teamed together with Sirin Labs to market the Finney smartphone. (Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto sent Hal Finney the very first bitcoin transaction!) On Facebook, Messi expressed his enthusiasm for making blockchain more user-friendly in their next smartphone operating system.


As you can see, the nascent cryptocurrency business is backed by several big names in sports. While no investment is without risk, it appears that the profit potential in this area, as well as the rapid expansion it is seeing, has attracted a number of professional athletes. Nobody knows where cryptocurrency will go in the future, but it will be intriguing to see if other athletes get involved with all things crypto.