Preserving Your Memories: How To Print The Perfect Photo Book


Photo books may seem like a thing of the era before smartphones. People now have their pictures stored on their devices or on cloud storage. The need to print pictures in a tangible form has been reduced for the newer generations. However, photo books are still very pleasant both as a memoir and as gifts. With the right tips, you can get your dearest pictures printed in the form of a photo book.

Features Of A Perfect Photo Book

A photo book has multiple elements to it. Each of those features finally add up to a complete album. You must look at those features to ensure maximum results.

Use High-Resolution Images


You may have multiple photographs that you may have clicked on your phone or camera. The pictures that are a little older or have a low resolution may not seem fit in the book. Your images may seem perfect on your phone but will not turn out to be good enough on the photo book. The reason behind this is that images are digitized, and most modern smartphones are able to counterbalance any discrepancies in the image.

When printed, the pictures may look a little more blurry or torn. The features and objects in the image may get tampered with. Therefore you must ensure that you choose high-resolution images to print. If you lack high-resolution images but want to print them in your photo book, you must be looking for the Best Online Printing Services. These services may allow you to sharpen or correct low-resolution images to make them print-worthy.

Theme Based Pictures

Usually, a photo book revolves around a singular theme. The theme is basically one common factor in most of the pictures. This theme could be an occasion, festival, timeline, relationship, or any other unique theme you may want to make a specific one for. You can go for the period-wise theme, where pictures from a certain time period can be put into one photo book.

Usually, people opt for occasion-based themes. Some common examples of occasion-based photo books are birthday, anniversary, and wedding photo books. You need to select a common theme so that the pictures in the photo book do not seem out of place.

Styles Of Album


There are numerous album styles that you may opt for. The basic or classical album style has rectangular pictures with borders or designs. This is a very effective style when considering the photo book’s cost and aesthetics. The simplicity in such styles is brilliant. Other typical styles use geometric shapes to fit in pictures. There are various abstract shapes alongside the pictures, which can be combined to form beautiful illustrations.

Matte Or Glossy

Glossy and matte photos are both extremely crucial when it comes to photographs. They both have different style and finish to them. Even the same picture may look greatly different when printed in matte and glossy ink. Matte is technically the finish on pictures that do not shine through when light is cast upon the image. It gives a more raw finish to pictures and therefore seems premium. It is quite realistic and sometimes may even resemble a sketch.

On the other hand, glossy pictures are shiny and may reflect back light when cast upon them. This provides an amazing contrast to the colors in the photograph. Glossy pictures are also considered to be of a premium quality depending upon the type of ink used. High-grade inks produce the best results.

Messages Alongside Pictures


It is always pleasant to have something in writing, along with pictures in the album. The writing is not meant to be too detailed but simply brief. It should deliver a message about a memory, feeling, or situation around the picture. This adds another layer to the pre-existing photographs.

It not only allows you to remember your memories more vividly, but it also gives you another element to the memory. Usually, messages help in forming a story. Sometimes you may not know what your picture actually signifies exactly. In such a situation, these texts help greatly.

Reduce Clutter

Cluttering the album with too many objects, designs, and texts will make your photo album look extremely unprofessional. There is a certain amount of space that you must leave so that the album does not look cluttered. Meanwhile, if you leave too much space, especially in the wrong regions, it will look absurd.

There are some critical measures to get the best use of space. One of them is the golden ratio. The golden ratio allows you to get the most important elements in the album towards the concentric center of the shape while other elements are arranged in decreasing importance away from that center.

Using Online Softwares


You can directly use software that will compile an entire album for you. You simply have to add the pictures to the portal. The pictures will be automatically placed as and how you choose the template. If you want to make tweaks to the preset albums, you can surely opt to make some modifications. Doing so will give you a great amount of customizability. You can also add your own designs and shapes to make the space around the photograph better. Adding some photographic effects will make pictures look better as well.

Cover Page

Cover pages are generally of two types. There are soft covers and hard covers. Depending upon the preferences of an individual, they may opt for either one. However, it is important to note that hard covers may not have some glossy inks. This is because the ink may get scraped off. The cover page should also have a relevant design to summarize the theme of the entire album. They provide the viewer with the right idea about the album.



Photo albums might be a thing of the past, but they are still considered gems. Human psychology suggests that tangible items seem a lot dearer than digital memoirs. Having tangibly printed pictures improves the quality of the memory itself by adding additional dimensions. Such usage of dimensions helps in getting the best out of the photo book.