7 Presents that Make the Perfect Christmas Gifts – 2024 Guide

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The spirit of the holiday season lingers long after Christmas morning. Naturally, you want to get the best gift for the people you care about the most. If you haven’t had the chance to get a Christmas gift, there’s still time to prepare for next year or hunt for a Christmas-in-July present.

Whether it’s for your partner or parents, there are many unique ideas that would make memorable holiday gifts. Need inspiration? Here are seven of the most exciting and joyful presents you can buy for the holiday season:

1. Mahabis Curve

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As for the most comfortable and festive gift, you can’t go wrong with Mahabis Curve slippers. The third-generation Curve slippers from Mahabis now have a durable and fixed neoprene sole. This ensures you have stability and traction, but aren’t sacrificing the most important part of slippers: comfort, and a casual aesthetic.

The slim design makes it even better than fluffy slippers. You can still go check the mail in this pair without getting odd looks from your neighbors. The brand even uses recycled materials to craft beautiful and ultra-comfortable footwear that will keep your loved ones comfy (and eco-friendly) all year long.

2. Apple Watch SE

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This holiday season, why not choose a present that will encourage your loved one to form positive habits? Apple Watch SE series is more than just your average fitness smartwatch. In fact, the Apple Watch Se packs a solid punch when it comes to its bonus features and enhanced functions.

It can precisely monitor all your workout routines and daily habits, letting you know how many calories you burn, your heart rate, and even how well you did on each exercise. As a plus, it’s a cellular connection, so you can receive calls or texts whenever you’re on the go. This helps your loved one be healthier, but also more willing to look at the cat videos you pester them with. Win-win!

To top it off, the matching fitness app allows you to track your workout sessions from an iPhone or other device with ease. The upgraded heart rate monitor makes your health goals, workout routines, and day to day tracking more effective.

3. Google Nest Audio

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Holidays can be stressful, but you can make the next season (or all the months that follow) much easier on your loved ones with a virtual assistant. The Google Nest Audio adapts to your playback audio and can distinguish between audiobooks, podcasts, and music. Of course, most people love to use Nest Audio as a hub to control home devices such as lighting and heating.

In particular, the cloth-covered Google Nest Audio can be a personal DJ or cycle through the best podcasts hands-free. It’s even more than 70% louder than your average home speaker.

4. Adidas NMD R1 Shoes

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Want a more practical Christmas gift? Then go with a compact and stylish pair of shoes like the Adidas NMD R1. The color palette, recognizable flourishes, dark details, and aesthetic appeal will make your loved one feel empowered to strut their stuff or take off for a jog.

As a plus, the new and improved soles make it so that each step is more comfortable and supportive. Whether your loved one is going shopping, out with friends, or to the gym, this one-look-all type of shoe will make sure they can use the gift all year long.

5. UrbanStems

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If the person you have in mind loves a well-decorated home, flowers can make the home even lovelier. As a plus, UrbanStems deliver unique flower arrangements on order. That means even if you’re shopping online this holiday season, you don’t have to worry about a depersonalized gift.

Instead, customize it to exactly what your special someone will like best. Do you want certain colors, specific flowers, or to have it all arranged with a lovely meaning? The choices are all at your fingertips with this personal but expert touch.

6. Bearaby The Napper

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For stressful times or better rest in general, a weighted blanket can be the ideal gift to help your loved one relax. Studies show that they have the same positive effects as deep pressure therapy.

The Napper’s weighted blanket is like an oversized sweater that offers extra comfort and style. That means you not only enjoy the pleasing weight on your chest as you nap. You can also perform tasks around the house, make dinner, or work from home without dragging around a clumsy blanket. You can even get it in different finishes, colors, and designs, so it’s like enjoying a hug 24/7.

7. The Criterion Channel

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Netflix has its charm, but if you want to give your favorite film lover a whole new experience, you can get an annual $100 subscription to Criterion Channel. It opens up the doors to hundreds and thousands of world-recognized masterpieces. Rather than a one-time gift, you’ll give your loved one something to enjoy every day of the year.

The streaming speed is excellent, the film collection is routinely updated, and it can even be linked with multiple household accounts. This makes the price far more reasonable, so you can give your loved one’s entire home a present with a single buy.


The best part about Christmas gifts is brightening up more than one person’s day. To make sure all your loved ones get something they’ll enjoy, consider your budget. The best approach may include finding off-brand versions of these wonderful gifts, shopping at your loved ones’ favorite stores like Old Navy, or pairing the gifts with offer codes from Slickdeals to bring down the total at checkout. All these options give you a wider budget, so you can buy more of these awesome gift ideas for more of your loved ones.