What To Present Your BFF If You Live In Different Countries?

For true friendship, distance is no obstacle. Even if your best friends are far away, this does not mean that they forgot about you. Do not forget about them too. If, on any of the holidays, it is impossible to meet in person, or you want to make a pleasant surprise for no reason, choose and send an excellent gift that would delight and surprise them.

Personalized Crystals by ArtPix 3D

A picture of you two in a beautiful frame is undoubtedly a great gift, but even better, it is your picture together engraved on the shiny crystal. First, it looks elegant, stylish, and presentable. Secondly, it is a metaphor for the strength and stability of your connection, whatever are distances and obstacles.

ArtPix3D offers different crystals sizes, types and shapes that suit any occasion, from lockets to more bulky items on an LED stand that suit any time. The client can choose any photo, order 3D laser etching on crystals online and receive a ready-made personalized gift in a few days.

3D crystals can be a soulful meaningful gift that will decorate the interior and always remind your friend of you. You can add a photo with an engraving of an important date, a wish, or a quote that only you two can understand – and an excellent unique gift is ready.

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Long-distance relationships, romantic or friendly, can be challenging. Fortunately, today we have social networks and video communication services to chat with our friends whenever we want. Still, the friendship lamp is unique because it allows you to show the dearest people that you think of them, and you miss them, without saying anything.

So, a little bit of “magic.” Two identical lamps are connected via Wi-Fi. When one of the friends touches his/her own, the second lamp automatically lights up, even halfway around the world.

Then, the lamps start shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

In real life, having the opportunity to hold hands, hug, look into the eyes of a loved one, we often express our feelings, support, and emotions speechlessly. The friendship lamp seeks to make up for that warmth at least a little.

Besides, it is possible to connect several lamps at once and thus gather a whole group of friends. You can assign specific colors to different people and always know who is sending you the light of their smile.

BFF Apparel

Matching best friend t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie or any other wardrobe items are a great gift. We can say that this is an excellent option, which will always remind your best friend.

Now, different printing methods are available in good quality and at an affordable price. Various prints and patterns can be chosen, from numbers and text to a drawing or even a photo.

In general, it all depends on the giver’s imagination and thoughtfulness when it comes to such a simple but very personal gift.

Choose something of clothes or accessories (for example, bags, caps, scarfs) one for yourself and one for your friend, and a picture.

You can capture a quote from your traditional favorite song, images of famous cartoon friends characters, a screenshot from some movie, or maybe you could draw something by yourself.

There are many popular BFF prints, which can be found at Pinterest, but of course, your gift will be more special if the image carries some personal meaning, a joke, an association that only you two can understand. You know, it is like paired tattoos that can be changed every day.

Shared Experiences

For many people, the best gifts are those associated with new exciting experiences. Thus, for a friend who lives in another country, you can choose favor of not a material gift, but an enjoyable joint pastime, albeit online, if you cannot travel due to self-isolation now.

What could it be? Favorite online service premium subscription or video game subscriptions, online yoga marathon, training courses, webinars, gift cards and certificates, etc., depending on the recipient’s interests. Choose an activity where you can take part together, even be thousands of miles away from each other, and then share your views and impressions. This can be an excellent alternative to tickets for concerts, festivals, or other events, which, as we hope, will soon return to our lives.

This is a great way to feel that you are around, not to mention that this is a practical gift as you can even master a new hobby or profession. And such things are always much more exciting and efficient if doing this together.

Video Greeting

And once again about intangible BFF gifts. Shoot a video greeting with your participation, create a mini-film with shots of your hometown, or those places where you have been together or unite you.

For example, if you knew each other as children – the neighborhood where you spent so much time. If you were coworkers – make a report from the former workplace with congratulations from other colleagues.

If you had regularly attended games, ask other fans to make a flash mob video together, etc. In general, the choice of location and plot of the shooting depends on the history of your friendship and the number of mutual acquaintances.

Now, there are many opportunities to shoot an awesome creative video using only the smartphone and a video processing app, so there is no need to be a professional to create congratulation videos for any occasion.

The recipient will appreciate all the efforts, feel your love and support, and be happy to enjoy the nostalgia.

P. S.

Gifts and surprises, especially for no reason, are the best way to cheer up not only the recipient but also yourself. Do not let distance, self-isolation, and other obstacles take away this joy. Regardless of whether your friend likes practical things, or something more emotional, with a sincere desire to please him or her, you will definitely find the perfect solution.