A Bird’s Eye View: What to Prepare for an Aerial Photoshoot

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Have you ever seen a photo taken from the sky and wondered how the photographer did it? This technique is called aerial photography. Aerial photography allows you to see landscapes and sceneries from new perspectives, allowing you to take incredible photos of places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Aerial photography requires a particular set of equipment to ensure that you capture the best photograph possible. The majority of the system requires some modification. As a result, most of the equipment is manufactured by only highly specialized companies. This article will guide you on what you need to prepare to do an aerial shot and the situations to apply it.

Things to Prepare for an Aerial Photoshoot

An aerial photo shoot is not that different from any other shoot. It requires a camera, a tripod, and the skill of a highly experienced photographer to produce exquisite photos. To see high-quality aerial photographs, visit https://www.skyepics.com.au/.

However, additional equipment and preparations are to be done because of the need to get into an angle high enough to take the shot. The following are the necessary things to have during an aerial photoshoot:

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You’ll need to know the local regulations for aerial photography and apply for the appropriate permits and authorization for flying in a plane, helicopter, or drone. Without this, you cannot do the shoot without getting a fine, or worse, legal action can be filed against you.

Pick the Aircraft

What you’re shooting with and where you’re shooting determines the best approach for aerial photography. A drone may be all you need for simple projects like site planning or real estate photography. Certain heights and places, however, may entail boarding an aircraft.

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Type of Lens

It’s advisable to use a couple of lenses covering 28 millimeters to 400 millimeters. Any lens with a focal length of more than 400 millimeters may pick up the plane’s body or wing, and any lens with a focal length of fewer than 28 millimeters may yield too much magnification and result in hazy photos.

Type of Camera

A high-quality camera is a must for aerial photography. The camera should be based on the necessity and intended purpose. Cameras for low-altitude high-speed photography, for example, have wide-angle lenses. These cameras also have a quick shutter, image motion compensation, and shorter cycle times. Conversely, long-focal length cameras are employed for higher altitude photography, producing images of decent size and quality.

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Set Your Camera Correctly

To avoid blur, use a fast shutter speed of at least 1/1000 of a second. Set your camera on autofocus and use tape to secure it, so it doesn’t go back to manual as you move it around.

Take the Sun Into Consideration

The best moment to do it is when the sun is around 20 degrees above the horizon, as most aerial photographers know. It is usually during the crack of dawn or within a few hours before sunset. If you’re only shooting from a big building, wait for the sun to be a little lower than 20 degrees.

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When Is Aerial Photography Used?

Aerial imaging is a valuable asset in the fields of architecture, real estate, and the environment. There are situations when aerial photography is used often. For example, photographs for cartography and topographical mapping may be commissioned from aerial photographers. In addition, they could work on archaeological sites, real estate projects, environmental site evaluations, and even on movie sets.

Obtaining aerial images of the area to be mapped is the first phase in creating a topographic map. A stereoscope is used to view two aerial photos of the same ground area, each taken from a different location along the flight line, to produce a three-dimensional surface view. A cartographer can then construct a topographic map.

Aerial photography is the perfect way for real estate to gain an appealing impression of a location by showcasing its surroundings in the highly competitive real estate market. In a broader sense, having incredible photos is a critical component of increasing the quality of the sales process. The same idea goes as to why aerial shots are employed in movies. It generates a higher profit when the viewers are transported into a different world with a great view.

Lastly, aerial photography helps find missing monuments and track features in archaeology. Mainly, those not apparent at the earth’s surface are under the land and cannot be seen on a field walk or only To produce a three-dimensional surface view within certain circumstances. They’re frequently found by following various markings that indicate a hidden treasure.

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Aerial photography may sound foreign to most people without knowing its significance and usage. Still, in reality, we see it daily when we pass by billboards with a real estate ad, watch movies, read a map, and so much more. It is also not as complex as it sounds, and the equipment needed is available on the market. You only have to customize it depending on your situation.