Which Is Better Prefab or Modular Homes?

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Sometimes, prefab and modular homes are considered the same thing, but the truth is they are way different, and that the prefabricated home is a wide umbrella that consists of modular, manufactured, and mobile homes. As you could see, a prefab home is the same as a prefabricated type, which means the parts of the house or building are manufactured in one place, then delivered to the point where the home needs to be built, and assembling it following the required standards. This is a much cheaper idea than building a whole new house from scratch because the materials are usually cheaper, but durable if maintained regularly.

That means, when we say prefabricated buildings, we think about types of homes and houses that may look similar, but the designs and methods may vary. First, these houses were considered as a low-quality living option, but as the years were going by, the panels and wooden parts became better, and they are now a popular housing opportunity for those who can’t afford to buy a brand new house or apartment. Under the term of prefab home, the explanation is that all the parts are made in a factory, and they are shipped to the location where they need to be assembled. Just like you build a Lego-building, but for real housing. The workers are making construction until the building is completely functional.

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In the past, people were skeptical, because of heating systems, isolation, and general safety. But, the fact is that the building techniques are now better, and materials too. For example, in earthquake-prone areas, people are choosing this type of housing, because the chances of collapsing are maybe big, but they will rarely kill the people. But, their main advantage is the competitive price and the short time to be manufactured and built up.

First, you must determine if you can pay for the modular house by yourself, or you will lend money from the bank. You must keep in mind that these homes come with different conditions when taking bank credit. But, once you sign the contract, you can be sure that you will have the completed home in about a month. All the parts and panels are built-in indoor conditions, so there is no risk of the weather to ruin the initial plan. In less than four weeks, these pieces will be put together.

Modular homes and prefab types, in general, are very interesting and beneficial, due to many different reasons, including:

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  1. The whole process of manufacturing and putting up together the pieces is green and eco-friendly. Many estate companies choose to use repurposed and recycled materials, and avoiding the traditional construction process will protect nature. So, no digging deep holes for the construction, no concrete traces in the soil, no vehicles and machines at the building spot, and no damaging actions during the building.
  2. It takes less time to be built compared to traditional construction. When planning the settlements, the factory may pre-manufacture the panels and parts, and just wait for the right moment to put them up. Also, it gives a lot of freedom to choose the color, design, doors, and windows, or customize the pre-designed homes they have in their catalog.
  3. According to Patco Construction Company, prefab buildings are a good choice for both residential and commercial purposes. You only need to tell for what do you need the building, and the company you’ve chosen will make an offer for you, and start building and assembling the home.

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  4. Most of the time, prefab and modular homes are wrongly considered as cabins or huts, but the truth is they can handle very strong winds and low-degree earthquakes just as good as traditionally constructed buildings. Today, these buildings are made of quality materials, and they are stable enough, so their price can sometimes be almost equal to traditional homes.
  5. Home insurance is also a must. This building is your house, and you surely want the best for yourself and your family. Sadly, we can’t predict the bad things that may somehow occur, including fires, floods, and many other things that may damage the construction. But, even the best concrete and brick buildings are not catastrophe proof, so having an insurance policy is a must.
  6. These homes provide the same stability and longevity when maintained properly. Also, you have to choose a good building company, so you can be sure you are getting the best product.

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  7. Understanding the difference between prefab and modular homes is crucial for you to decide which one is better for you because the answer to that question is individual. In general, we can say that prefab homes are already built in the factory, and delivered to the wished spot. Modular homes are assembled in the position where they should be placed. Even though, as we said, the modular homes are under-type of prefab houses, there is a small difference, and it’s on you to decide which one is better for you.
  8. You can get more creative with the appearance. Most of the time, you can see the buildings and houses in a catalog, or the investor will show you some simulation, and you will have a clear picture of how it will look in the reality. Also, you can adjust the colors, doors, windows, roof type, and many other things, so you can get the appearance you prefer.

Today, whole neighborhoods consist of modular homes and houses, and other types of buildings that people are using every day. They can be easily removed if needed, and they are very practical for those who want to move urgently, and to buy or rent a new home for them.

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It’s still normal to have a lot of questions about this type of housing, but surely there is an option to test them, or listen to users’ experience, to see if it’s worth investing your time and money or not. But, we can assure you it’s the future of modern housing.