Pre-Construction Checklist for New Home Building

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Becoming financially stable to finally build the home of your dreams may be one of the best feelings in the world. However, while you have been financially preparing for this project, did you prepare mentally for it too? It is a difficult project that requires a lot of planning and management. You will need to focus on hundreds of things at the same time if you want your house to be built on time. Sometimes things will go smoothly, other times, everything will go wrong. It’s very important that you prepare a pre-construction checklist that you can use to ensure that you have thought of everything.

Do not let this fact scare you. It might seem difficult at first, but building your own custom house is a privilege that not a lot of people get. You get to pick the design of your home, the decoration of every single room, you get to choose how big your kitchen or living room will be, etc. You basically have control over everything.

To help you properly realize this project, we have made a pre-construction checklist that focuses on the most important things you need to know and have.

Set a budget

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Before you do anything, you will first have to set a budget. You will need to know exactly how much money you are going to spend on this project. Ending up with an unfinished home can have a serious impact on your financial situation that you might never recover from. It is time to be realistic and decide how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that the final number you decide on will heavily influence what kind of house you will be building for yourself.

A lot of times, people underestimate the need for a large budget and end up quitting on the home of their dreams. To avoid this from ever happening, we would recommend either getting a loan or a mortgage. By combining the loan and your savings account, you will probably have what you need to finish this construction.

Choose the location

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Assuming that you haven’t already picked the perfect location for your new house, this is the time to do it. Once you have settled on the budget, you will have an idea of just how much you can spend on land. Naturally, everyone wants to build in the perfect neighborhood, but if your budget does not support that kind of decision, you should probably look for some other location. We would recommend talking with a couple of real estate agents to find the best-priced land for the area you have been scouting.

Clean up the land

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Before you do any kind of construction, you will need to clean up the land first. This usually means digging up trees, grass, bushes, or any kind of junk you will be able to find there. It is important to clean up everything, to make room for materials, tools, and for setting up the construction.

A lot of times, realtors will sell you land that already has a house on it. Don’t worry, this house will be abandoned and it will not cost you a lot to take it down. In fact, it might not cost you anything at all because neighborhood communities usually like to invest in demolishing old and abandoned buildings. Once you are done, you will need someone to take all the junk away to clear up even more space for you and your workers. If you are in need of a service for junk removal, you can check out this page.

Buy the right building materials

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Naturally, to start your construction you will need to purchase all kinds of materials such as wood, stone, cement, etc. The quality of materials you buy will have an influence on just how quality the build of your new home is. Of course, the expertise of the workers is a factor too, but if you buy cheap wooden beams, the structural integrity of your home will be much lower.

This is why we believe that you should never cheap out when you are out shopping for building materials.

Start hiring

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After you have finally found the perfect piece of land and you have prepared it for construction, it is time to start hiring people to work on it. This part of the entire project is very important, especially if you do not have any kind of previous experience in this kind of construction. You will need someone that has expertise on this subject to guide you through the whole process.

You will also need workers who will be doing most of the hard and dirty work. But, it is not just about people that understand their tools and which materials to use. For this kind of construction, you will need someone that is reliable to trust him/her with the materials you have purchased for the construction.

We personally think the best way to go about this is to give an interview to every worker you are considering to hire. By asking the right questions, you will know right away whether you have found the right person for the job or not.

Consider hiring a designer

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While designing the entire style of your brand new home is a dream come true, not everyone is destined to be a designer. This is why we would recommend that you should invest in a professional who will be able to maximize the indoor space of your new home and make the exterior look great.

You may not have planned this in your budget because they can be a bit expensive, but the investment will definitely be worth it. Because it is not just about the looks of your home, it’s about planning the space indoors and outdoors too. It is best that you make the floorplan with the designer you hired instead of going at it alone.

These are some of the most important things you will need to add to your pre-construction checklist when building your new home.