Power Washing Upper Marlboro MD: How it Works?

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When it comes to cleaning any building, you must consider the cleaning of both internal and external areas of your house including the roof and exterior walls. Generally, this type of cleaning is performed by specialized companies, able to guarantee results with professional and cutting-edge techniques. However, we must not forget that professional cleaning is always based on the use of products that don’t affect the surrounding environment.

Therefore, it is also essential to use the right equipment and tools, as well as detergents that are free of phosphates, alkalis, and allergens.

Power washing service: when it should be done?

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It is not always easy and intuitive to determine when is the right time to clean the exterior walls or roof of a house. In general, it is recommended that you clean it whenever you see it is very dirty. Let’s give you some examples: the presence of large graffiti, shoe residues, bicycle scraps, or food scraps can seriously damage the lower part of the external walls of a building. Sometimes, however, there are no thugs to blame, but only and only a bad episode of mold.

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The physiological deterioration of walls is exposed 24/7 to atmospheric agents; intense heat or bitter cold, or city pollution. These are all factors that cause a slow, sometimes imperceptible deterioration of the paint and plaster. Those who see it every day may not notice it, but perhaps returning from a holiday may realize that a good cleaning is needed.

So when to clean the exterior? The answer is when it is needed. And for all the reasons why it could be needed, one above all is the redevelopment of the building – for example – at the time of sale or of a potential tenant. A power-washed exterior will instantly give a cleaner and more elegant look to the structure, immediately having the aesthetic impact you need to leave the best possible impression.

How to clean the exterior of the house? The best thing that you can do is to call the professionals who provide power washing service. Don’t be afraid to ask for more quotes to get a service that meets your expectations, and requirements and, at the same time, is within your budget.

How Power Washing Service is done?

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Ways of cleaning have been changed a lot. Blasting away at some concrete, or siding with a pressure washer from a box store is not the best way for house cleaning. Pressure washing can cause damage. But you hire an experienced soft power washing company that understands the difference between both washing home and cleaning a roof. Always consider a company that has a proven track record of experience offering power washing services.

Using Power Washing for different surfaces?

1. Cleaning the wooden exterior

The wood flooring needs to be cleaned from time to time. Treated wood is protected from moisture and weather conditions and must be cleaned regularly. Natural wood facades are also prone to darkening. If this feature is not for you, the gray “veil” can be removed with power service.

You can get good results with power washing, depending on the type of wood. Before cleaning a wooden facade, ensure that the cladding is completely sealed and that the insulation behind it will remain intact underwater and under pressure. As a precaution, hand-clean open wooden facades.

2. Plaster Facade Cleaning

Porous and rough exteriors, in particular, are susceptible to dust and soot. Rain causes dirt to penetrate the recesses, which makes it difficult. High-pressure washing is an excellent cleaning option here.

3. Annealed brick wall cleaning

Annealed (or hard) brick is fired at particularly high temperatures, which causes the material’s pores to close, absorbing very little moisture or dirt. Annealed brick exteriors are extremely strong and durable. So with regular care and cleaning, you can easily keep this beautiful natural material for years to come. Fortunately, annealed brick is easy to care for, which simplifies the quick removal of dirt.

What does the cleaning of external walls consist of?

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Before starting this long operation, initial preparation is necessary: ​​in some cases, it may also be necessary to cover the external sockets, the burglar alarm unit with paper tape, adequately cover the surveillance cameras, and any other electrical device and cable located on the wall.

Subsequently, before treating the entire wall with the irrigation hose or the power washing, it is necessary to identify the most evident stains and halos to treat them with a hard bristle brush and the appropriate detergent. At this point, we move on to washing the wall, without neglecting to rinse, especially when detergents are used. This is to prevent product stagnation from damaging or corroding the external treated wall.

Power washing service: How much does it cost?

The average price of cleaning the facade of a building is around 1000 to 2000 Dollars, taking into account that the figure varies according to the surface to be cleaned and the need for a more in-depth intervention.

The tax deductions, provided for by the Home Bonus, are triggered only when you decide to combine a cleaning of the exterior with repainting. In the case of external condominium walls, the deduction is always available. For single homes, only if you change colors and materials.

Cleaning of external walls: what does it consist of?

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The external walls of any residential or commercial property are inevitably subject to getting dirty with the passage of time due to smog and climatic conditions. A house, office, shop, or other commercial space, even if recently built and built with fine finishes when it has dirty external walls immediately appears obsolete and neglected by everyone.

Here the cleaning of the external walls turns out to be a kind of intervention that should not be neglected and that must be carried out within a certain time. Power washing services not only remove unpleasant grayness but also restore a fresh and well-kept appearance to your home. After all, anybody will be more inclined to enter a well-cleaned house… both inside and out!

Specifically, cleaning external walls also helps in eliminating moisture stains, caused by smog, water, mold, and other environmental conditions. Thanks to the power washing service which makes it possible to preserve the original color of the exterior walls. As it is easy to imagine, the frequency of cleaning depends on different atmospheric factors like the proximity to the sea, or the location of the building whether it is located in a highly polluted and busy area of ​​the city.

Why choose professionals for Power Cleaning Service?

As you have seen, cleaning the exterior of any building or house requires a lot of experience as well as the use of specific tools and professional detergents. The results of a do-it-yourself cleaning very often do not meet expectations due to bad techniques or harsh cleaners that do more damage than good.

The hiring of professionals in the sector proves to be extremely indispensable for a truly impeccable cleaning of the interior and exterior of the building, especially when the coatings are delicate or require special attention.