How Effective Are Portable Air Purifiers?


There are more and more people who are worried about their own and their family’s health, so they are buying air purifiers. Air pollutants can either be released into the atmosphere (primary pollutants) or formed in the atmosphere by chemical reactions. Natural sources of pollution are fires, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms and agricultural incineration. Bad air can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the reproductive, central nervous system, etc.

Regardless of the level of air pollution, you can always get some kind of virus if an infected person is near you. This kind of thinking has become even more popular since the pandemic because the virus is transmitted at an incredible speed. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize bad environmental influences. An air purifier is definitely an option you should consider.

Air purifier efficiency

Its efficiency is measured in the speed of capture of particles and the amount of air that manages to process in a certain period of time. So, these devices are very efficient. There is a difference in the ability to capture particles and their processing. For example, a small wearable purifier is probably not as powerful as a larger model, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do a good job. If you decide on a quality product, it will effectively remove the atmosphere from dust, allergens or toxins from the smoke. This device is especially recommended for people living in an area prone to forest fires.

A good purifier will have the necessary features, so focus on them. The portable air purifier should be the right size to carry it successfully. Such a model can be placed on nightstands or a desk. Noise level is also important, as is an adjustment. It is desirable that the device has a wide range of settings. It is also good that your purifier has different filters because you will completely adapt it to your needs.

What labels should the purifier contain?

Before you buy a device, make sure it contains the necessary labels and analyze them. For example, find a HEPA filter. It is an abbreviation that indicates filters that are also found in other things, such as vacuum cleaners or cars. We managed to find all those important labels at and you should follow same checklist. Next, look for certification that relates to the test results of the device for electrical safety and ozone emissions. UV purifier is equally important.

How does portable air purifier work?

The main components of this device are filters and a fan. It can even consist of several filters. They work on a simple principle, that is, they draw in air, it passes through the filters through which it is processed. Here, small particles in the air are removed and clean air is expelled into the room. Filters are made of paper, usually fiberglass or mesh. They need to be properly maintained in order to do the job. All you need to do is change them regularly. Harmful airborne particles can be dust, pollen and bacteria. This procedure is repeated several times an hour, keeping the air clean and the environment healthier. You will change the filters as needed. It all depends on the type of purifier and use. For example, there are reusable and washable filters.

They are quite useful because they will remove most of the particles from the air. You can also opt for UV filters if you want to remove biological impurities because bacteria and mold require more power. Remember that some bacteria are resistant to UV radiation. It should be noted that there are purifiers that use ionizers. They use negative ions to attract as much dust and allergens as possible. However, it happens that such devices produce dangerous levels of ozone. If you have asthma, it could make your condition worse, so be careful when shopping.

Who can use a portable air purifier?

Anyone who wants to breathe cleaner air while staying indoors can take advantage of this device. However, it is especially recommended for asthmatics and those who are allergic to various airborne particles. It is advisable to use it if you have children and a newborn in the house. The device has a large number of smokers, as well as people who are forced to be exposed to tobacco smoke.

Old apartments can contain a lot of moisture, and if you live in such conditions, then you should consider this device. In case of poor ventilation, you can rely on air purifiers. He gained equally great sympathy from the owners of the gym and exercisers indoors. It is also used in other places such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens and catering facilities.


Influence of air purifier

Its main function is to clean the air, which means that you, your family or employees will feel positive changes. It will free you from the unpleasant feeling caused by dust, as well as unpleasant odors. For example, you can use it while cooking because it will reduce the emission of harmful gases from cooking. The device also removes allergens and prevents the spread of diseases and germs. Thanks to efficient work and successful removal of bacteria from the air, you will keep your lungs healthy.

Does an air purifier protect against coronavirus?

Although this device has filters that are capable of capturing coronavirus-sized particles, it has not been proven to prevent the spread of the virus. The consequences of cleaning air in such conditions cannot be determined, because the speed of virus transmission can be much faster than its performance. However, a portable air purifier can help you protect yourself better while you are indoors. Experts advise that the premises be ventilated frequently in order to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. In that case, it is desirable to increase air circulation.



So, a portable air purifier has proven to be a very useful device that reduces viruses and germs in your home and other enclosed spaces. Thanks to quality filters, you will be safe wherever you are. You can clean your home from harmful viruses, allergens and pollutants to keep you and your family healthier.