8 Most Popular Travel Blogs to Follow in 2024

Travel blogs have become the first reliable source of information for travelers. But the best ones stand out because they are original and for offering unique and relevant information about different countries and cities. We want to write an article talking about the best travel blogs, our favorites, those blogs that we have been following closely for a long time and without which we cannot go on a trip. We wanted to pay this small tribute to those who are most interesting, those who entertain us with their adventures around the world, inspire us to decide where we go and help us plan every detail of our trips.

This is an article in which we give you most popular ones you should follow in 2024 but before, let us tell you what it is, briefly.

What it is exactly?

There are many types of blogs and each one talks about different things. You can find them of all kinds and styles. Sometimes it is even puzzling. But today we are going to look towards the tourism sector and more specifically towards travel blogs. When we talk about it, content focuses its theme on everything related to the world of tourism and can cover a lot of more specific niches that will be selected by readers.

Most popular blogs you should follow in 2024

1. Inteligencia Viajera

Source: inteligenciaviajera.com

We will start with the blog of this young man from Granada which is launched about 5 years ago. It has become the main reference for many travel bloggers and its success and fame has not stopped rising. His great success was to focus on explaining how to make money with your travel blog and that’s when he already gains the attention of many. All this has led to an online school.

He will explain it to you how to become a digital nomad. Aside from excellent tips for monetizing your blog and increasing your number of visits, he has very interesting interviews with other bloggers, he publishes every month and shares his experiences traveling around the world with his inseparable partner. Even it is in Spanish, nowadays it is not a problem with all translating programs.

2. Road & Kingdoms

Source: roadsandkingdoms.com

Stories…that is what is behind Road & Kingdoms, a website founded by two Time magazine correspondents and containing some of the best travel articles that can be found on the net. In fact, in 2013 he received the award from the Society of American Travel Writers. What was born at Tumblr has become an independent magazine that talks about culture, gastronomy, politics or music with travel always in the background.

3. Uncornered Market

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A nearly empty beach during high season on southern Thailand’s Ko Muk island. Due in part to the coronavirus.⁠ ⁠ During our recent travels in Thailand and Malaysia we found similarly quiet scenes in what would otherwise be bustling streets, airports, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.⁠ ⁠ What will be the impact of the coronavirus on tourism and travel? How will the tourism industry respond? Definitive answers don't exist. Instead, in our latest article (link in bio) we offer some ideas for destinations, travel companies and travelers to operate from a position of strength, choosing deliberate response over reaction and staying the course towards greater sustainability so we emerge stronger.⁠ ⁠ While some of this article is tourism sector specific, the philosophical mindset and many of the lessons apply anywhere — in business, life and travel.⁠ ⁠ A few of these include: ⁠ -> Resist the temptation to operate on the basis of fear.⁠ -> Don’t abandon sustainability.⁠ -> Respond with balance and objectivity.⁠ -> Embrace honesty and transparency.⁠ -> Think wisely of the rebound to emerge even stronger. ⁠ -> Cooperate vs. compete. ⁠ ⁠ If you work in tourism and travel, have you seen an impact to your business from the coronavirus? How are you preparing yourself and your business? ⁠ ⁠ If you are a traveler, has #COVID19 changed your travel plans?⁠

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In 2006 Dan and Audrey quit their jobs, sold everything, and took the road. They become one of the best since. In Uncornered Market they write about their experiences, but also about how to travel the world without haste and without pause has made them delve into many folk aspects of other cultures and, in addition, get to know themselves. As they say, the journey through the night in a filthy bus from India counts the same as a dinner with an ambassador.

4. Everywhereist

Source: everywhereist.com

Geraldine DeRutier’s way of writing is famous for her impudence. We admire this woman, her imagination, her spontaneity and her naturalness. Geraldine calls her own blog “a love letter to my husband.” The thing is, her husband continually travels around the world because of his job. She, however, had a monotonous and sedentary working life. So one day they fired her, so Geraldine made the decision to accompany her husband. While he attends meetings and presentations she tours the cities. According to herself, “this blog is for him so that he can remember the places we have visited, the things we have seen.” But Everywhereist is much more, it is a hilarious compendium of articles that radiate passion, good humor and a lot of culture.

5. Bashar Ibrahim

Source: transformingthenation.com

This young traveler is becoming increasingly popular. The native Egyptian has always dreamed of meeting new cultures. He is also a food lover, so he pays a lot of attention to trying a variety of foods. In order to be able to finance his trips, he created a blog. He first traveled to the USA, which has always been his greatest wish. He first toured New York and then headed to the west coast, tasting food along the way and sharing his impressions with us. He then went to Europe and toured the UK, France, Italy and Russia. We are impatiently waiting for the pandemic to be over so that we can read travel and gastronomic texts again. You can read more information about Bashar Ibrahim.

6. The Great Affair

Source: Instagram

This could be one more blog if it weren’t for its watercolors. Candace is artist captivated by travel. Wherever she goes she carries her watercolors and captures the landscapes, the people or the culture that surrounds her. Then she publishes it along with the story behind that drawing. And this is what makes The Great Affair truly unique as a tool for inspiration. She has even published a Beneath the Lantern’s Glow book with some of her work.

7. Marcando el polo

Source: marcandoelpolo.com

This Argentine couple, Dani and Jot, were born to travel. They have visited more than 50 countries in ten years and are eager to continue. Their blog is different because trips do not seek to highlight tourist attractions but rather the quality of the people they meet. One of his most famous trips is Project Eliminating Borders, in which they traveled from the Philippines to Turkey in three years and as they describe it “we share vehicles with Burmese Buddhist monks, Cambodian exiles, campaign politicians, military, enraged pigs, truckers and were even accused of terrorists and missionaries.” Definitely a fascinating blog. Again in Spanish, but as we already said, that won’t be a problem.

8. The Family Adventure Project

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Blustery day and a high tide at Morecambe

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It is one of the best for family trips. Stuart and Kirstie see life in an enviable way. Together with her 3 children they have traveled numerous countries and have made all kinds of trips: eco-vacations, adventure trips, backpacking… In addition to being fun and very entertaining, for those of us who have children, it is a very useful blog as it contains articles The kind: tips for shooting fun family videos, 10 reasons to stop being a soft parent, 52 gifts to keep kids active, how to get to know the real Vietnam with your family, etc.


Traveling is the most beautiful memory we will have in our lives. By reading all these world travelers, you may also get the urge to do it by yourself.