Popular Swimming Pool Trends for 2024

The backyard is increasingly becoming the new living room, and swimming pools are giving this statement even more weight as the latest trend emerges. A swimming pool is no longer just a place where you take a dive and swim. Thanks to innovative and creative patterns, pools are increasingly becoming places where families enjoy themselves in and out of the pool. In this article, we look at trends that are popular in 2024 in as far as pools are concerned.

It seems that with the end of summer, we put aside the pools because of the arrival of the cold, but it is the best time to consider if we do not have a pool, the construction of the pool of your dreams.

Dark Interior Pools

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We are all accustomed to white and blue in swimming pools. According to bluehaven.com.au, darker shades of colors are becoming increasingly popular for use in swimming pools as more people appreciate how beautiful the final product looks. The end product gives the impression of swimming in a lagoon. How cool is that?

Tanning Shelves

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Tanning shelves have had such an impact in this field that we do not see them slowing down any time soon. They are popular with both kids and adults who would want to hang in the shallow sections of the pool. It is usually a foot deep and is excellent for those who would want to sunbathe.

Swim-Up Bars

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It has been a common feature in swimming pools since the seventies. However, in 2024 a lot more has been added with an outdoor kitchen integrated into the design. Bar stools and a counter finish, this creative design is giving users an experience of a kind.

Fire and Water Features

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Yes, these two elements can mix and have been present for thousands of years; it has been combined to produce a new and beautiful effect. Consider adding a fire bowl, or a fire wok and your backyard will be transformed from an ordinary-looking one to one that you will look forward to spending all your evenings.

How about having a Spool instead?

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These are an excellent inclusion in places with little spaces, they measure about 10 to 6 feet long and would be 6 to 8 feet wide, a much smaller option than having a pool for small spaces. More owners living in towns are having this included since they do not take up much space as it is shorter than an in-ground pool but still a little bigger than the average spa. You will have space left that you can use to integrate other outdoor features such as kitchens or even a pavilion.

Smart Pools

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This year pools that have intelligent features are increasingly getting popular. One of the biggest headaches for pool owners is maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to the features that allow your pool to self-clean, you will not have to worry about it anymore. That sounds amazing. Well, this is something you can get for your pool.

Technology invades the world of swimming pools every day. The advance of mobile technology has not allowed us to control our pool from these terminals, does it sound too modern? It is a trend that is beginning to develop and will soon be in our lives. Also, the new applications will be ultra-intelligent and will be able to modify the temperature or the environment of the pool to adapt to the needs of the swimmer: don’t you think it’s surprising?

When it comes to caring and cleaning, the swimming pools already have excellent equipment that automates the functions, and they remain in perfect condition practically alone.

The use of Mosaic Tiles

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That is yet another inclusion that will help when it comes to pool maintenance. Most of these tile designs are made from recycled ceramic and glass. They might be slightly expensive, but you get to spend less time cleaning as well as the amount of money you would spend on chemicals.

Minimalist Pools

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The pools are not only designed for large areas but that we can integrate them into almost any space. Over time, it has become a small luxury that most homes can enjoy.

Pools With Spa

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Another trend is the installation of swimming pools accompanied by an overflowing spa or with a spa area integrated into the classic pool. And it is not for nothing, the benefits of relaxation provided by hydromassages with exercise in water, combine to give a feeling of total well-being.

Crystal-Clear Pools

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In recent times, the classic celestial color has ceased to be the protagonist of the pools giving way to new, less traditional colors such as white or beige. We can even say that 50% of the pools installed in 2019, fall within this new range of neutral colors. The reasons are several: these light tones refer to the sand of the beaches, transfer a very Caribbean turquoise color to the water and combine perfectly with all kinds of environments!

Pools Integrated Into the Environment

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The new pool constructions tend to have softer lines and are almost completely integrated with their surroundings. Regardless of whether we talk about private or public pools, the materials used, the shape and type of pool are increasingly adapted to merge perfectly with the surroundings. In this way, we can find swimming pools that offer a natural feeling, and that harmonizes with the environment. Also, the pools that create incredible sensations both from the outside and from the inside are the most desired.

Swimming Pictures

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The rise of new technologies such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook makes the new pools have to respond to that impeccable aesthetic worthy of «the photo.» These are small paradises that have a perfect and perfectly maintained aesthetic, where users can live a unique experience and, of course, capture that image so desired for social networks.

Each time, the swimming pool project must reflect comfortable spaces, even recalling great artistic or cinematographic moments. Who would not like to enjoy a bath in such an environment?