5 Useful Podcasts About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain To Listen in 2024

What the second half of 2024 showed was yet another shook up of the financial market by the famous bitcoin. Many have been debating whether it a financial balloon just waiting to burst, fall and never recover, or will the value continue to rise by the end of the year. The positive predictions seemed to have come true, because it managed to reach its all-time high more than once, by the end of 2024. And the world went crazy for mining and trading again. In these times of great uncertainties, people saw hope and opportunity in the crypto world.

Other currencies have also suffered great changes, one of them being the recent fall of ripple. On the other hand, there have never been more companies recognizing crypto as a flexible means of payment, which directly influenced people’s interest in it.

Being aware of the importance of knowledge about the financial markets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, in this case, some chose to introduce more creativity to spreading information about these subjects. What we have been leaning on, a source of information so far, were webinars and written material. But, one platform that became popular last year was the Podcast. Whoever had something useful to share chose it, because it allows you to speak about different topics, therefore, not consuming too much time from the interested parties. Giving the complexity of the subject, it proved to be extremely useful in spreading basic knowledge and experience about crypto. Therefore, if you wish to stay updated about the newest trends in the crypto world, here are 5 useful podcast you should be following:

1. The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Source: Podtail

A great channel to start your crypto journey with. Why? Because it covers the basics and will help you have a better understanding of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The reason why it is the first on our list is that it’s one of the oldest, therefore, you have the opportunity to listen to the older episodes and get a glimpse of how things worked in the past. Being aware of the past happenings enables you to have clear expectations of what might happen in this volatile market.

However, do expect to have frequent episodes, since the speaker is only active a couple of times a year when there are bigger happenings on the markets. You’ll notice that the podcast owner has adopted the form of a radio show, meaning that he interviews key professionals in the industry, about the topic. It’s a direct source of info, from the top people in the industry.

Additionally, to enrich your basic knowledge, you can combine this podcast with reading material from quality websites.

Check for more info here: https://bitcointalkshow.com.

2. Bully Esquire

Source: CoinDesk

One of the freshest speakers on the subject, as opposed to the previous ones we’ve mentioned. Started out last year, but has managed to become quite big in a short period of time, due to the legal experience gained in the corporate world.

Because of his experience as an attorney, he gives an interesting insight into how the development of crypto markets is seen from the legal point of view. The form used for the podcast is the same as the previous one – interviews with different successful individuals.

The episodes are quite long, so you’ll need approximately an hour to finish one episode.

3. Invest Like the Best

Source: Podtail

The name explains it all. You have a professional in the investment sector guiding you through the learning process of mastering the newest trends on the market, as well as useful and creative strategies you can use.

Some might say that the content is a bit heavy, but you always have the possibility to browse through the episodes and select those you might find useful, based on the title. Especially if you want to discover more about the blockchain. Several are covering topics such as how the technology is deranging huge money flow. And just as the previous two, you’ll enjoy listening in the form of an interview with the top people in the industry, such as Coinbase CEO, and many others.

This podcast might be a great choice for those who already have some knowledge of crypto and blockchain. The most valuable thing one gets out of it is the strategies. Why? Because the leading person behind it is the owner of the asset management company. You can expect to become a bit smarter after each episode you listen to.

4. Epicenter

Source: CryptoTrader.Tax

Also, an old podcast that’s been airing for close to eight years, but unlike the first one, we’ve mentioned. What you can expect from it? The name should give you a clear view of that. It’s in the center of all the happening in the market. Episodes are issued every week and are hosted by the biggest names in the industry. You’ll get a chance to listen to the great mind’s thoughts on the evolution of the market, for more than one hour.

Dedication if the podcast owner is really worth an admiration, since as we already mentioned an episode is published every week. Sometimes lasting even more than an hour, sometimes in installments.

5. a16z Podcast

Source: Podtail

Listening to advice from some of the greatest minds in the business industry is precious. This podcast is run by one of those – an expert in running a media company, straight from the Silicon Valley. What more can a knowledge-hungry listener ask for.

You can expect to find very valuable material in terms of analysis done by the biggest investors of today’s business. However, the content is not entirely crypto, but you can browse through it and find episodes on the subject. It will be worth a while since the speakers are great and you can only benefit from broadening your knowledge on different subjects related to business.

It’s quite active too, releasing even a couple of episodes a week.

Listening to a podcast is a great way to gain knowledge since the episodes can be downloaded and you’re able to listen to them while walking or traveling.