The Best Platform to Sell Out Your House

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Are you confused? Wondering which platform is the best to sell out your house? Or which search engine visible at your home at the local MLS portal? Is it worth hiring Flat fee MLS services? I know. I can understand your confusion and your struggle to find the right platform.

Last year I struggled with the same problem. My mind was stuck on the MLS listing website I should go for and provide the best flat fee services.

So, I keep doing my research, and I gathered some knowledge about flat fee realtors that they are charging 6% commission; however, flat fee MLS agents are charging less, and many websites offer flat fee services. But if you are looking for trusted and minimum commission charging agents just visit

So, why don’t we compare different websites that provide MLS listing services and their packages are quite exciting in my opinion it will surely help you make the decision?
Which are top listing websites and platforms?

For your assistance, I have aligned up to listing websites without further ado. Let’s give them a rundown.


Agree or not, but Zillow is at the top of the list because it gives you free services of listing a home for sale by the owner and an agent’s help. Zillow network is getting bigger with time, and it lists more than 110 million homes across the United States.

It’s a massive real estate database, and it gives huge exposure to your listing. Zillow also operates as a real estate search engine. Their agents are well trained and give you the best suggestions in your listing. Listing with the help of Zillow means your listing will sell in the minutes at your desirable rates.


I would always prefer Trulia because of the feature that they provide all crime information on their listing and show you all pros and cons clearly. Trulia is the partner of Zillow. It is also called the one shop store that means you can list your house by accessing Zillow manager. At Trulia, you can get sellers and buyers, focusing on education and community engagement.

It is famous for its location description. It gives detailed knowledge about the neighborhood’s location and insight, which is the plus factor of Trulia. Many Canadian brokers are connected with Trulia and sell and buy the houses in less time.

It lies at the third number of the listing means it comes in a big three, and its services are quite excellent. It is the official site of the National Association of the relator. Here you can list your house the same as Zillow and Trulia. It also connects millions of sellers and buyers at one platform, but the main differences that make it individual from Zillow and Trulia are it only inputted those already inputted at other MLS local listing websites. However, Zillow and Trulia list from different broker sites.

It’s a platform where you can list your property, and there are 12 million buyers available at 4 million listed homes. It only lists home and doesn’t list other properties. It comes at the 4th point, but it is surely near the realtor point due to the best services they provide to their users. It has a good reputation in the United States. Many people are satisfied with its services, so it may be the best platform that you can approach.

Keller Williams

It is the world’s largest real estate website that claims that they have the best agents. Also, they have the largest unit sold in the United States. It is a brokerage listing website that means you will automatically connect to Keller Williams if you want to hire an agent. They have many great properties on their listing websites.


It comes at the 6th on the list. REMAX has a big network with many branches, and its network expands up to 100 countries. They claimed that they are the only website that provides a high number of listing sales annually. Also, they understand the needs of their customers. Their agent’s behavior is very social and humble. It’s the plus factor that makes this website a leading MLS listing website.


Its network is spanned up to 74 countries. They claim that they provide the best services and they also have agent services that will connect you easily with the listing agent so you don’t have to struggle with these kinds of problems. They have the world’s largest brokerage services.

Better homes and gardens real estate

It is the most longevous website in the market that is serving for more than 90 years. It is the most renowned company in the market. It has a comprehensive network, but they always try to give their customers quality work, and their active work shows that they are active for so many years.

Coldwell banker

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It is similar to better homes and garden real estate. It is also the most longevous and established residential area in the North American estate. They have ultimately changed the scenario of selling and buying the home process in America through their services.


Who is not aware of the redfin? Is it the leading website in real estate? And due to its services, redfin is coming at the top of the list.

One of the original websites, its search engine works on the base of map inventing redfin is famous for offering low rates agents Redfin agents are chargin1% payment it is the fewest rates in all over the market.

It is also known as the most advanced and tech-friendly website in the market. It is the only website that offers a 3D walkthrough in listings.

Final words

That’s the list that I had prepared when I was listing my home, and I hope it will surely help you in your listing process because I know it’s hard to list your home in the market if you have zero knowledge. Also, many websites are fake to their agents, and packages are too high.